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Welding 101: How To Stay Safe While Welding

welding safety

Welding can be said to the activity that involves fusion of given materials; metals to be particular. This is done by use of high temperature rate respective to the melting point of the type of metal being used. The activity poses numerous health and environmental hazards to welders and this calls for safety measures to […]

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How a TIG Welder Works & How to Use One

TIG (Tungsten inert gas) welding is the most preferred form of welding there is now. It delivers neat and clean weld results. The equipment for TIG welding is considered expensive and it is not as easy to learn as other forms of welding. This one requires a lot of control, technique and practice in order […]

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MIG vs. TIG welding: What’s The Difference?


Welding is one of the major joining ways of getting separate metal parts attached together. Welding uses electric rods to attach the two or more parts. Depending with the metal work you will definitely decide which method suits best. When doing the outdoor work and metal joining you will definitely be recommended to use MIG […]

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How Does A Welding Helmet Actually Work? Is It Even Needed When Welding?

a welding helmet

Whether you are in your personal space, i.e. your garage, or on a job site, a welding helmet is essential. Mistakes happen and being prepared for those in advance will protect you from any harm that could take place. Putting yourself at peace with added protection is worth the investment. How To Use A Welding […]

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How A Framing Nailer Works & How To Use One

Framing nailers are available in two types – pneumatic and cordless. The pneumatic nailer must be attached to a compressor which turns a piston to the nail into the wood. The cordless nailer has a disposable compressed air canister which fits inside the gun or a rechargeable battery to power the piston. The choice of […]

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What Is An Inverter Generator And How Does It Work?

An inverter generator is the type of generator that works by connecting to an efficient alternator.The alternator produces the alternating electricity whereby a rectifier is used to convert the alternating current power to direct current. Note that one is expected to use capacitors to smooth out the converted direct current to a given degree. Also, […]

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Conventional Generators vs. Inverter Generators

Inverter Generators An inverter also known as a power inverter is a unique electronic circuit or device that can be used to convert direct current into alternating current. Broadly speaking, the frequency, voltage and the power handling of the devices are influenced by the design of the device as well its circuitry. Also, the inverter […]

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5 Skills a True Handyman Must Have

Sink drain

Are you sure you’re a handyman? A real handyman is one that is licensed, knows the tips and hacks that will help him get by, owns the right tools and of course, must have these five abilities: Repair a toilet’s tank If the toilet’s tank seems to refill water continuously, it shouldn’t be a problem […]

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How To Prepare For a Power Outage

preparing for power outage

Do you have a backup plan if a power outage occurs? Most people don’t. We highly recommend that you have thought about the scenario. Will your life be fine if you’re without power for hours, days, weeks? Most people don’t even think about the possibility of a power outage in this modern world, but they do […]

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When to Do-It-Yourself and When to Hire

DIY home improvement

Carpenter When to hire: If you need to make a book shelf or fix one and you have no idea about it all, then hire a carpenter. He will know what to do. With his tools, he can get the job done without requiring you to do anything. The cost, of course, will depend on […]

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