15 Best Gift Ideas for The Handyman

  • January 25, 2018


Handymen deserve gifts, too! However, the unlimited number of choices may confuse you. To make your gift-searching easier, we’ve compiled the best 20 gifts you can give to a handyman.

  1. Filson Utility Apron
    This workshop apron is perfect for any handyman since it’s customized to fit all body types. With its pockets, tools are easily accessible. It even has a flapped repository that protects valuables. This apron will protect the handyman from sparks and grit in the garage or wherever he’s working.
  2. Red Wing Heritage Classic Work Boot
    This functional but stylish pair of boots is absolutely the dream for most handymen. The tough leather insole protects them from tools that might accidentally fall from their hands.
  3. LED-light Beanie
    A handyman will find this useful when he needs to work late at night. It will make their job easier and will help them find whatever is wrong with what they need to fix!
  4. Hat Lamp
    If you think the handyman doesn’t need a beanie, then you can get him a hat lamp to go with his existing hat or cap. This lamp will clip right to the hat no matter what size the latter has. It’s even great for camping and hiking as well.
  5. Stanley Barflex Work Light
    This work light can stand on its own or can be hung. Thanks to its 3.6 Volt 1.3Ah NiMh battery packs, it can stick with the handyman for a long time. Its flexibility makes the handyman job easier.
  6. Trusco Tool Box
    Every handyman needs a tool box and they would appreciate if they won’t have to stick with one for the rest of their lives. Get them a durable one from Trusco and you’ll be seeing their smiles often.
  7. Wrench Set
    This set will surely make the receiver’s eyes huge! He’ll never stop thanking you.
  8. Stanley Fubar Demolition Bar
    This baby can dig, cut, and lever. It’s pretty serious about being a handyman tool. It’s a dream come true for handymen who needs to destroy some things. It’s precise and comfortable to use.
  9. Magnetic Wrist Band
    This is one of the most useful gifts a handyman can have. It’s ideal for keeping the bolts, screws, and nuts accessible.
  10. Retractable Reel for Extension Cords
    This will help the handyman keep the cord rolled up properly when not in use.
  11. Worx Electric Jawsaw
    This portable tool will help the handyman cut off easily thanks to its extendable handle and tight gripping end that reduce kickback and protects him from injury. The JawSaw can even cut branches that are four inches long. Sure, it’s expensive but the safety it offers makes the price worthwhile.
  12. Tracker Wire Tracer
    Save him from being shocked when he’s dealing with outlets and wires. It’s perfect to keep him safe.
  13. Gearward Keychain Duct Tape
    Who knew duct tape could be so handy? The keychain is made of brass or stainless steel and has a matching key ring. It’s made in the U.S.A. and comes with 18” Gorilla tape.
  14. Wood Glue
    If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider this. Wood glue is perfect for fixing broken frames or furniture legs. It’s a handy tool for the handyman.
  15. Hand Cleaner
    Because you couldn’t buy baby wipes for the handyman, get its manly version instead—the Fast Orange Hand Cleaner. It’ll be easier for him to clean his hands and easier for you to hold his. It’s a win-win!

About the Author Adam Davis

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