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5 Crucial Considerations When Picking Your Backpack Sprayer

man using backpack sprayer

Are you in the process of buying a backpack sprayer, but struggling to identify what you need to look for?

Finding the right backpack sprayer can be hard but with a little bit of knowledge, the process becomes a whole lot simpler.

Fortunately for you, knowledge is exactly what we have to offer today.

In this article, we will be exploring five buying considerations that will help you get the best backpack sprayer for your own unique needs.


The first thing that you will notice is that price can vary pretty significantly when it comes to this purchase. There are a lot of things that can affect the cost of this equipment. Tank size power levels and pump types are all components that go into determining the price of a certain unit.

The good news is that higher price does not necessarily correlate with better quality. Just by understanding your needs you can save lots of money.


The ease with which this piece of equipment can be maintained can vary to a pretty significant extent. With some units, access to the high maintenance parts (such as the inner-workings or the pump) requires only the removal of a couple of screws. With other pumps, it can get a whole lot more complicated.

Most casual users will probably prefer a system that is easy to take care of.


What sort of chemicals are you going to be using? The answer to that question can play a very big role in which sprayer is ultimately going to be the best fit for your situation. For example, pretty much all sprayers are going to be able to handle the standard weed/insect killers, but if you are considering working with more corrosive chemicals, you are going to need to choose something specifically designed to handle them.

Most casual users are going to do just fine with standard sprayers. However, those that need more versatility at their disposal will find that the diaphragm pump is much better suited for handling a variety of chemicals.


Do you want to make sure that your sprays have a little bit of oomph? Extra power is not critical, as every sprayer is designed to reach large or difficult to access areas with ease, but the added power can help make the process even more expedient and efficient.

Generally speaking, piston pumps can deliver a little bit more power than their diaphragm equivalents, though at the end of the day both do their jobs of dispensing relief from weeds quite well.


At the end of the day, what all of these matters come down to is what sort of pump you want to go with. There are pros and cons to both the piston and the diaphragm pumps, though most casual users find that the piston is sufficient for their needs.

As you may recall, this is the pump that packs more power, is easier to maintain, and is the most affordable.

The diaphragm pump also has its own base of fans for the fact that can handle a wider range of chemicals. If you need versatility, the diaphragm pump is pretty much mandatory.

Note, that we have a much more in-depth guide on this topic where we also show you the top models on the market right now.

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