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Backpack Sprayer vs Garden Sprayer: How To Choose?

backpack-sprayers-vs-traditional-garden-sprayers-which-to-pickDo you have a weed problem that you need to take care of quickly? If you have that need, you are probably well aware of the fact that you do have options when it comes to this matter.

Should you go with a backpack spraying system or the classic garden sprayer? Today we will take a comparative look at both options to see which is right for you.

The Traditional Garden Sprayer:

garden sprayer

The traditional garden sprayer is the most basic and probably the most popular option for this buying decision.

Using a traditional garden spray is pretty simple: take the bottle twist the cap and spray away.

These options are technically effective, but they are also slow and lacking pretty substantially in power.

If your garden or outdoor area is small you shouldn’t have any trouble with the traditional garden sprayer. Otherwise, you are probably going to find it at least a little bit frustrating.

The Backpack Sprayer:

backpack sprayer

The backpack sprayer is the mack daddy of weed treatment. It is extremely powerful, wildly efficient and it is optimized to empower you to treat your entire property in one sitting.

The backpack sprayer is, of course, going to be more expensive than your standard garden sprayer but for those with a serious problem or a sizeable space that they need treated, the difference is truly night and day.

The choice

So which of these two options is going to be right for your situation? Well, it’s mostly going to depend on what you are looking for. If price is your primary concern the decision is probably going to have to be the traditional garden sprayer.

This option is more affordable and at the end of the day, it will be at least moderately efficient at treating your outdoor space.

However, you do have to understand the results are going to be spotty and at times frustrating.

On the other hand, if the best of the best is what you are after there really is no beating the backpack garden sprayer. It’s powerful, efficient, and capable of taking care of your entire space.

Now you may be wondering which type of backpack sprayer you should pick? There are both piston and diaphragm models. However, we’ve got you covered! We have written a dedicated guide to finding the best backpack sprayer. This article is really popular among our users.

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