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Best 10000W Portable Generators 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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A solid generatorIf you are in the market to buy a portable generator, there may seem to be a plethora of options. Whether it be for emergency power, recreational use, or a job site, generators have many features and options that will make life easier.

Generators have significantly evolved since the first Watt steam engine was created in 1781. By the early 1900s, popular companies like General Electric and Westinghouse were manufacturing generators. Now they come in varying sizes and power.

We will focus on 10,000-watt portable generators in this article, reviewing the eight best and discussing the pros/cons of each. The buyer’s guide offers tips and considerations to keep in mind when buying a generator.

A Quick Glance At Our Favorite Picks

ModelPriceWarrantyEditor Rating
Ai Power SUA12000EC
small Ai Power SUA12000EC
Best Overall

Check Price
4 Years4.90/5
Green-Power America GPG10,000EW
small Green-Power America GPG10000EW
Best Value

Check Price
2 Years4.65/5
All Power America APGG10,000
small All Power America APGG10000

Check Price
2 Years4.60/5
Pulsar Non-CARB
small Pulsar Non-CARB

Check Price
3 Years4.45/5
Gentron GG10020
small Gentron GG10020

Check Price
90 Days4.35/5

The 7 Best 10,000W Portable Generators

1. Ai Power Gas Powered Generator – Best Overall

Ai Power SUA12000EC

Once running, this generator boasts 9,000 watts of power and is easy to start with the keyless, one-touch button. It is great for backup power for a house, since it can practically run all your home appliances at the same time.

The engine is 459cc/16-HP and has a high-output alternator that allows it to start with ease any time you are ready to use it. We like the seven-gallon, all-steel fuel tank that has a built-in fuel gauge. You won’t go through fuel too fast, since it has an average runtime of seven hours at a 100% load.

The Ai Power is louder than other generators, running at 78 decibels from 23 feet away. On the positive side, it comes with a built-in DC adaptor plug and DC charging cables for the batteries and a USB adaptor. Luckily, the 12V maintenance-free battery is also included. The 9.5-inch wheels are designed to handle the weight of the generator and to assist with mobility over rough terrain.

Even though it weighs 221 pounds, two physically capable people can lift it into the back of a pickup. It also comes with a weatherproof cover and the required engine oil. There is a two-year residential and one-year commercial warranty with the Ai generator.

  • Easy push start
  • 9,000 running watts
  • High-output alternator
  • Efficient runtime
  • DC adaptor plug
  • USB adaptor
  • Large wheels
  • Heavy
  • Loud

2. Green-Power America 10,000 Generator – Best Value

Green-Power America GPG10000EW

The Green-Power is the best 10,000-watt portable generator for the money. It offers many great features while still being a well-made machine. It has 7,500 running watts, using 10,000 to start up. When running at a 50% load, it will continue to run for nine hours with a full tank of gas.

In the event of a disaster, the Green-Power will easily supply power to many needed appliances. The engine is 420cc/15-HP and starts with a simple turn of the key. It is quieter than the Ai Power, running at 75 decibels. It comes with 10-inch solid wheels and fold-down handles to allow for easier maneuverability and weighs less at 180 pounds.

Other nice features include a low-oil shutdown, fuel gauge, lithium battery, and chrome muffler. There are six AC outlets and one DC outlet equipped with weatherproof covers. We liked that this generator is user-friendly and well-made.

It is EPA approved and comes with a two-year warranty. This generator has less wattage than the Ai Power, which is why it is number two on this list.

  • Affordable
  • 7,500 running watts
  • Quieter than others
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Many features
  • User-friendly
  • Lower running wattage
  • Oil not included


3. All Power America 10,000 Gas Generator

All Power America APGG10000

This is another great option for when the power goes out, as it has a 420cc, 15-HP air-cooled engine that will produce 8,000 watts once running. The tank will hold eight gallons of fuel and run for 11 hours at a 50% load. It was similar in noise level as the Green-Power generator.

There is an electric start button with a backup manual recoil start. It is not as compact as the Generac, but it does have a wheel kit and handles to assist with transporting. For added durability, the generator is coated with an anti-corrosive layer and comes with a NEMA L-14 socket that can deliver up to 240V and 30 amps of power.

This generator is easy to use and straightforward, though it doesn’t appear to be as durable. It is EPA approved with a two-year limited residential warranty and a 90-day warranty for commercial use.

  • Large engine
  • 8,000 running watts
  • Push start
  • Protected with anti-corrosive
  • NEMA L-14 socket
  • Larger
  • Durability

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4. Pulsar Non-CARB Fuel Portable Generator

Pulsar Non-CARB

The Pulsar is unique in that it can be transitioned between LPG and gasoline fuel sources while it is operating, this nice feature will give provide added confidence in a natural disaster situation since you have a backup fuel source. The engine is 420cc, 15-HP with 8,000 running watts with gas and 7,000 running watts with LPG. The gas tank holds 6.6 gallons, and we found the runtime to be approximately 12 hours at 50%.

It is easy to push start (with a recoil backup start) and comes with the battery, extended oil funnel, and a regulator with a hose for the propane. On the downside, the outlets have no weatherproof coverings for added protection, and the outlet panel is flimsy. The wheel kit and handle work well for transporting the 209 pounds of this unit. There is a plug for the NEMA 14-50, which is nice if using for an RV.

The customer support is top-notch, as they are willing to help with minor to major concerns, seem to stand by their product, and want you to have a good experience. It is EPA approved and comes with a two-year limited warranty.

  • Dual fuel source
  • Push start
  • 8,000 running watts
  • Great customer service
  • NEMA 14-50 plug
  • No weatherproof coverings
  • Outlet panel flimsy

5. Gentron Gas Powered Portable Generator

Gentron GG10020

This generator has a 420cc, 15-HP engine with 8,000 watts of running power. It was easy to start with the push-button, and it comes with a backup recoil start. The gas tank holds eight gallons of fuel and it will run for 11 hours at 50% load.

The wheels are smaller and don’t appear strong enough to support the 220 pounds of this generator. There are seven receptacles, but no protective covering for these outlets. It also seems to vibrate more when in use, and there is no option to use a 50 AMP plug with this unit.

The Gentron is EPA certified and comes with a two-year residential warranty and a 90-day commercial warranty.

  • 8,000 running watts
  • Push start
  • Large gas tank
  • Seven receptacles
  • Small wheels
  • No outlet covers

6. DuroStar 10,000 Portable Gas Generator

Durostar DS10000E

This generator has a running wattage at 8,000 with a quiet exhaust and built-in spark arrestor. It will run for 10 hours at 50% with its 8.3-gallon fuel tank. The engine is 457cc and housed in a protective metal frame that is partially covered, making it difficult to reach the battery.

The wheels are large and the carrying handles are easy to use, though this generator is on the heavier side at 260 pounds. It comes with an oil funnel, spark plug wrench, toolset, and DC cables.

It starts up easily and runs a bit quieter compared to the others on our list, so it would be a good choice to take camping or to a job site. There are five receptacles with no protective coverings. There is noticeable shaking when on concrete floor, which makes it louder time. This unit is CARB compliant, so it can be sold in California (many others on our list are not CARB compliant). It is also EPA approved and comes with a limited three-year warranty.

  • 8,000 running watts
  • Large gas tank
  • Quiet muffler
  • Large wheels
  • CARB compliant
  • Heavy
  • Battery not easily accessible
  • Loud on concrete

7. Firman H08051 Fuel Portable Generator

Firman H08051

The last on our review list is a compact dual fuel generator with 8,000 running watts. It has an efficient 439cc, 13.5-HP engine with a Phoenix Fat Head Block. The whisper series muffler makes it run quieter at 74 decibels.

There is an easy-start push-button and an eight-gallon gas tank that will provide a 12-hour runtime at 50% load. It comes with a 5.5-foot propane hose, engine oil, oil funnel, and tool kit.

We liked the U-shaped handle when lifting this 221-pound generator, and the large wheels helped with maneuverability. The instructions are listed on top of the generator, and the outlets come with protective coverings. On the downside, it does seem to run more efficiently on gas than propane.

It is CARB compliant and EPA approved and comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

  • 8,000 running watts
  • Quiet
  • Large gas tank
  • U-shaped handle
  • Instructions on top
  • Heavy
  • Runs better on gas

Buyer’s Guide

Portable generators are great for home emergencies when the power goes out, for the job site to power tools, or for camping and tailgating. It is important to consider the many features of a portable generator so you are aware of what is available and what can meet your needs.


Power output: How much power a generator has is measured in watts. The higher the wattage, the more appliances or lights they can run at once. Approximately 7,000 watts will cover a typical home if you keep it minimal.

Electric start: Some models offer a push start, which is a nice alternative to a pull-start, though they may still have a recoil start as a backup feature. Push starts typically cost a little more.

Alternative fuel: Most run on gasoline, but some have the option to run on propane. This is a nice option for someone who wants a backup in case one fuel source runs out.

Low-oil shutoff: This is a common feature. When the oil level gets below the minimum level, it will shut down to prevent damage to the engine.

Runtime: This describes how much time the generator will run at a 50% or 100% load with a full fuel tank. The larger the tank, the longer the runtime will be.

Control Panel: When the outlets are covered, it will protect them from water, dust, and other debris. Four or more outlets allow for the best wattage use because the load is spread out.

Wheel: Many portable generators will come with a wheel kit, making it easier to maneuver the unit to different locations. Generators are heavy, and it’s not easy to move them on your own without wheels.

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Tips and Considerations When Using:

Remember Safety: Portable generators emit carbon dioxide, so never use them in an enclosed space. Run it at least 20 feet away from your home, AC condenser, or window AC, and direct the exhaust away from your home and other structures.

Check It Regularly: Start your generator on a regular basis to make sure it operates correctly. If you add a gasoline stabilizer to the fuel, it will prevent the fuel from deteriorating.

Let It Cool Down: You must let the generator cool down before adding more fuel, as this will prevent a fire if you accidentally spill fuel onto the hot engine.

Never Backfeed: This is when you plug your generator into one of the wall outlets in your home. It puts your home at risk by bypassing built-in safety devices. Instead, have a professional install a manual transfer switch.

Get a Warranty: Most will come with a limited warranty that may require you to use approved services for warranty repairs, so it is wise to know the details of the warranty before you purchase a generator.


A large generator, such as those listed on our review list, will provide plenty of power to run most of your appliances during a power outage. Prices will vary depending on the quality and how many watts they produce.

First on our reviews list is the Ai Power generator, offering plenty of power with efficient runtime. The Green-Power is our best value for the money. Even though it has a lower running wattage, it is designed for home and recreational use at an affordable price. Our premium choice was the Generac — with its highest wattage and durability, it is a good option for those who need a serious generator, though it comes with a higher price tag.

Purchasing a portable generator to fill a particular need can be difficult with so many options on the market. Our review list was developed to help you make an informed decision so you can buy the best one that will fit your requirements.

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