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Best Air Compressor Hoses 2020 — Reviews & Top Picks

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Air Compressor HoseThe right air compressor hose will give you a great deal of flexibility around your worksite. However, the frustrations associated with subpar tools are numerous and infuriating.

We scoured the market to find hoses that perform consistently well over long periods of time. After sampling hundreds of different options, we narrowed down the selection to 10 products.

All the hoses on our list are high quality, and we made a point of catering to many different budgets.

So, let’s get right to it. Read on for our air compressor hose reviews!

Comparison of Our Favorite Products

ModelPriceSizeEditor Rating
Good Year 12674
small Good Year 12674
Best Overall

Check Price
50 ft. x 0.7 inches4.90/5
Campbell Hausfeld PA121000AV
small Campbell Hausfeld PA121000AV
Best Value

Check Price
25 ft. x 0.5 inches4.80/5
Hitachi 115155
small Hitachi 115155

Check Price
4 ft. x 0.5 inches4.75/5
Estwing E1450PVCR
small Estwing E1450PVCR

Check Price
4 ft. x 0.5 inches4.45/5
TEKTON 46137
small TEKTON 46137

Check Price
50 ft. x 0.7 inches4.35/5

The 10 Best Air Compressor Hoses — Our Reviews

1. Good Year 12674 Rubber Air Hose — Top Pick

Good Year 12674

The Good Year is the best rubber air hose featured on our list. It earns this distinction by having a durable build that can easily stand up to job site wear and tear.

It has 50 feet of reach, high-end brass fixings for enhanced durability, and synthetic yarn reinforcement that keeps the hose flexible while still being super tough.

We have observed, however, that the hose twists up easily. The flexibility that allows for the twisting is in some ways a virtue, as it makes the hose easy to work with on a job site. However, the knots can still be frustrating.

  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Brass fixtures
  • Twists up very easily

2. Campbell Hausfeld Recoil Air Hose — Best Value

Campbell Hausfeld PA121000AV

For budget buyers, we have the Campbell Hausfeld. This recoil-style hose is durable and can operate in a wide range of temperatures, between -40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is compatible with a PSI rating of 120 and can work with a range of different Hausfeld Campbell tools. Its fixtures are made of a durable stainless steel for prolonged use.

The hose itself, however, lacks durability. The rubber tends to swell and split over time, which can eventually render the hose unusable. Still, for the money you save, the risk may be forgivable.

  • Affordable
  • Can work with a variety of different temperatures
  • Stainless steel fixtures
  • Not very durable

3. Hitachi 115155 Polyurethane Air Hose

Hitachi 115155

The Hitachi is a lightweight, flexible hose that is easy to carry around a worksite. The durable material can work with high-powered air compressors with a PSI rating of up to 300, making it good for contractors or people who do high-volume work.

There are a few shortcomings. For one thing, it’s on the pricey side, which means it may not be suitable for buyers on a budget.

The brass fixtures also feel fairly loose, which might be cause for concern pertaining to its durability. There is no guarantee that you will run into problems, but it is a possibility.

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Can work with high-powered air compressors
  • On the pricey side
  • Fixtures feel somewhat loose

4. Estwing Rubber Hybrid Air Hose

Estwing E1450PVCR

The Estwing is a 50-foot durable hose made for all weather conditions. The hybrid-style design ensures that the hose remains flexible even in subzero temperatures.

The range and flexibility factors make it great for the nailer-style tools of professionals and contractors. All of the fixtures are brass, which further enhances their durability.

It is a fairly expensive hose — such is the case with most units designed for contractor use. The rubber elements of the hose also dry out easily, which can lead to splits and tears.

  • 50-foot hose length
  • Great in subzero temperatures
  • Works well with contracting nailers
  • Fairly pricey
  • Rubber tends to tear and dry out easily

5. TEKTON 46137 Hybrid Air Hose

TEKTON 46137

The Tekton is another 50-foot-long hose with an impressive 300 PSI rating. The length and power compatibility make it good for use with contractor-grade equipment. However, people who use their compressor for multiple do-it-yourself projects will also appreciate the features of this unit.

The exterior is specially optimized for work in rough conditions, fortifying it against wear and tear that may occur on the job site.

This is another fairly pricey tool that will better suit the budgets of serious-minded users. Some people have also reported that their fixtures came loose unexpectedly.

  • 50 feet long
  • 300 PSI rating
  • Great for heavy-duty work
  • Fairly pricey
  • Loose fixtures

6. Giraffe Tools Hybrid Air-Hose Giraffe Tools Hybrid Air Hose

The Giraffe tool is a 50-foot rubber hose made to be extremely durable, based on its ability to handle extreme weather conditions and wear and tear encountered on the job, including abrasions and tears.

Like many of the top units on our list, the fixtures are also made out of brass, to ensure long-term use. Buyers should be aware, however, that this is pricier than most of the tools on the market. Its toughness also works against the user in some ways. The materials are so firm, the hose can be a little bit difficult to move around with.

  • Very durable
  • 50 feet long
  • Can work in almost any weather
  • Pricey
  • Very taut

7. Flexzilla Air Hose

Flexzilla Air Hose MNPT Fittings

The Flexzilla is 50 feet in length and has been optimized specifically to work on professional job sites. The versatility of the hose allows it to be used in automotive settings or practically anywhere else.

Its maximum working pressure is 300 PSI, which means it can be used with high-powered compressors. It also benefits from specialty coils that maintain its shape.

Unfortunately, the quality of the fixings leaves much to be desired. The steel feels cheap and loose, and the threading is low quality and may break down over time. It’s still a decent tool, but limitations put it lower on our list.

  • 50 feet in length
  • Maximum working pressure is 300 PSI
  • Does a great job of maintaining shape
  • Fixings feel cheap and loose
  • Low-quality threading

8. Amflo 12-25E Polyurethane Air Hose

Amflo 12-25E

For budget buyers, the Amflo is an appealing choice. It is affordable and lightweight, great for performing smaller tasks.

The 25-foot length is not the most impressive on our list, but it is still long enough to be workable for a range of tasks. Unfortunately, the material is not nearly as firm as that of previous options, so durability is a problem.

It also isn’t very flexible, which can be hard to work with. If you are an amateur do-it-yourselfer, this will be a handy tool to keep in your home workshop. However, if you’re a pro, this unit isn’t the one for you.

  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Not as durable as other tools
  • Not very flexible

9. Master Airbrush Nylon Airbrush Hose

Master Airbrush Premium 10 Foot Nylon Braided Airbrush Hose

The Master Airbrush is an affordable 10-foot nylon hose. The soft material makes it extremely flexible, but it comes at the price of durability. On a tougher job site, the nylon will tear easily, leaving the hose useless.

The limited 10-foot range makes it a challenge to use in most situations. You may need to move your compressor around often to work with this hose, which can be quite inconvenient over time.

It also features subpar fixings. As with many of the other lower-end units on our list, the metal attachments are poorly fitted onto the hose, which may prove problematic with prolonged periods of use.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight workable material
  • Not very durable
  • Very limited range
  • Subpar fixings

10. YOTOO Hybrid Air Hose

YOTOO Hybrid Air Hose

The Yotoo is another price-minded pick. At first glance, it actually seems better than other budget choices. The fixtures are all brass, and it is rated to work with 300 PSI tools, making it (in theory) compatible with pro-grade equipment.

Unfortunately, the Yotoo’s reality is not so grand. The hose itself is not very durable and tends to get scraped up and torn easily on rougher job sites. The rigid nature of the blended material also makes it difficult to move around.

Also, it’s not great in difficult weather conditions. If you’re working in extreme hot or cold temperatures, the hose may experience complications.

  • Affordable
  • Brass fixings
  • Not very durable
  • Not very flexible
  • Tends to perform poorly in extreme weather conditions

Buyer’s Guide

And now, here are a few buying considerations.

Hose Length:

The length of the hose is perhaps the most important consideration. Longer hoses give you better access to your workpiece. Even if you are not working with something at a distance, the extra length can still give you enhanced mobility.

A few of the hoses we saw today went up to 50 feet in length. However, these longer units can only be used with extremely powerful compressors. No matter what hose you purchase, it is always important to factor in the capabilities of your compressor.


A hose is only as good as the strength of its fixtures. The rubber fibers could be indestructible, but if your fixtures fall off or rust, the entire product will be useless.

Brass is a great material because it is extremely tough and usually does not rust.

Temperature Compatibility

Under certain weather conditions, hoses can stiffen up and even break down. Brands often list information about the type of weather conditions that the hose can operate under.

For example, a few of the hoses on our list can operate in temperatures well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If you work in an environment with extreme weather conditions, temperature resilience is a key feature.


Durability is another important factor. Rubber is relatively tough and pliable. However, it can dry out under certain situations, which can lead to cracks and splits.

The truth of the matter is that no hose is indestructible, so you will need to replace yours several times throughout the course of your compressor’s life expectancy.

Campbell Hausfeld


Any hose can develop knots. However, certain units are specifically designed to avoid them. For example, a few hoses on our list have “flex restrictors,” a tautness feature that makes the hose flexible, but not so much so that it develops knots.

You don’t necessarily need this feature, but it can radically improve your user experience.


Hoses are pretty simple. You won’t have to break the bank on this purchase. However, the nice thing about products that tend to be affordable is that it is easier to choose a higher-end unit.

Even the most expensive hoses on our list today aren’t likely to bankrupt you. If you are on a restrictive budget, you can find something less expensive. However, if you have a few extra dollars in your pocket, it may be worthwhile to pick something higher end.

Always remember that a really nice tool is always cheaper than replacing a not-so-nice tool several times.


Now that you’ve read our air compressor hose reviews, do you feel ready to make a decision? Choosing between 10 products can be tricky, but there are two picks here that will appeal to a wide range of people.

If you want an extremely reliable hose that can be used for professional or DIY work, consider our top choice, the Good Year 12674 Rubber Air Hose.

However, if your budget is tight at the moment, you still have options. Our best value buy, the Campbell Hausfeld PA121000AV, will be great for people who want to save money on a good tool.

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