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5 Best Basin Wrenches 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

a basin wrench

A basin wrench is a tool that every plumber owns, but most homeowners don’t. If you’re a homeowner who wants to do your own plumbing work, you’ll want to pick one of these up.

Of course, because they’re a tool that really only professionals own, you can’t apply basic tool knowledge before buying one. You need to know a little about basin wrenches and how to spot a good one.

We wrote reviews of a handful of models on the market. Normally, we’d suggest these as a good starting point, but in this case, if you didn’t want to go further researching these we couldn’t blame you. If you want to, however, you can consider these a good source for tips and knowledge of what to look for.

Comparison of our Favorite Products

Image Product Details
Top Pick
RIDGID 31175 RIDGID 31175
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Works great in tight spots
  • Second place
  • Good value
  • Great performance
  • 180-degree pivoting head
  • Best for the Money
    Third place
    General Tools 140XL General Tools 140XL
  • Great value
  • Telescoping
  • Works great in deep sinks
  • HAUTMEC PL0025 Pro HAUTMEC PL0025 Pro
  • Works well
  • Turns easily
  • Telescopic shank
  • GreatNeck BA11 GreatNeck BA11
  • Very affordable
  • Rust resistance
  • Includes milled jaws for gripping power
  • 5 Best Basin Wrenches 2021 – Our Reviews

    1. RIDGID Model 1017 Telescoping Basin Wrench – Our Top Pick

    RIDGID Model 1017 Telescoping Basin Wrench

    Our only beef with the RIGID Model 1017 is that it might be more basin wrench than what an average homeowner needs to pay for. In terms of what this tool delivers, there is no peer in the price range for what non-professionals should pay for a basin wrench.

    It is as adaptable to the job as anyone could hope, locks on to faucet rings and turns them easily. It can be extended from 10 to 17 inches and the head can hold up to and including 90 degrees. It is also great for working in tight spaces and under sinks. It’s also built to survive a nuclear war.

    It is, of course, really expensive compared to its competition. if you’re looking to get by with minimal investment in a tool you’ll only use once in a while, you’ll want to look for something less pricey. Granted, the actual price isn’t really all that high, but this is also not an everyday tool.

    • Great performance
    • Durable
    • Easy to use
    • Works great in tight spots
    • Expensive

    2. TEKTON WRN92001 Basin Wrench

    TEKTON WRN92001 Basin Wrench

    TEKTON’s WRN92001 is a great basin wrench for the homeowner who only wants to shell out money for the worst plumbing service calls. It’s got a head that locks on to most faucet wrings and enough twists them with just a little bit of muscle.

    One thing to like about this basin wrench is the price. Compared to our top pick, this one is made for every budget. In fact, we kind of thing that every homeowner ought to have a basic wrench just in case, and we’d suggest that this be on everyone’s list of candidates.

    There are a couple of things we didn’t care for that much, starting with the fact that it doesn’t have a telescoping handle. It’s a straight 11 inches. It’s also a bit awkward when used in tight spaces like under a sink. But, at the price, those are small things worth enduring if it’ll save you a couple hundred dollars calling a plumber for what is really a routine repair job.

    • Great performance
    • Good value
    • Limited reach
    • Not as capable working under a sink

    3. General Tools 140XL Telescoping Basin-Wrench – Best for the Money

    General Tools 140XL Telescoping Basin-Wrench

    Our choice for Best for the Money is the General Tools 140XL. Its biggest selling point is that it is an affordable choice for reaching into tight spaces. It accomplishes that by way of its telescoping handle. If that’s what you’re primarily looking for, it definitely delivers on value.

    By the same token, it only does a passable job working under sinks. The head doesn’t grip very well and the teeth in it don’t always do a good job of gripping the faucet rings. When it can grab hold of the ring and isn’t pulled off by gravity, it’s a great aid. When it doesn’t, the fact that it’s a great value probably doesn’t mean much.

    • Great value
    • Works great in deep sinks
    • Doesn’t work well under sinks
    • Doesn’t grip very well

    4. HAUTMEC PL0025 Pro

    HAUTMEC PL0025 Pro

    The HAUTMEC PL0025 isn’t a bad basin wrench. In fact, depending on who is using it and for what, it might even be a better value than the General Tools 140XL. We dropped it to the fourth rank not because the quality is subpar but because it just didn’t fit into tight spaces as well as the 140XL does.

    Homeowners will appreciate the telescoping handle because that can help prevent a trip under the sink where gunk from the pipes and sink can rain down onto their faces. It’s also to be appreciated that it does this while sparing them a pricey service call for what might just be to clean out a clogged P-trap.

    It doesn’t always do that easily and sometimes it will slip off faucet rings. In fact, that’s probably its biggest drawback. Unfortunately, it’s also what the tool is really designed to do.

    • Works well
    • Turns easily
    • Pricey
    • Doesn’t always grip

    5. GreatNeck BA11 Basin Wrench

    GreatNeck BA11 Basin Wrench

    If you’re looking for pure budget, we would actually suggest that you look at the GreatNeck BA11. It’s one of the cheapest on the market, cheap enough that you can afford it if you give up a trip to the coffee shop.

    You get what you pay for, and in this case, it’s just a very crude wrench to remove faucets and pipes. There are no frills to it. If you want your basin wrench to not just do the job, but have features to make it easier, this isn’t the tool for you.

    We didn’t drop this to the bottom rank because it’s garbage. We dropped it here because it has such a limited scope. That it is super affordable is a mark in its favor, but compared to the other basin wrenches we reviewed it just can’t deliver.

    • Very affordable
    • Works
    • Very basic tool
    • Not at all versatile

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    Final Verdict

    We liked the RIGID Model 1017 basin wrench the best. It just offered the most functionality. If you’re going to buy just one of these tools, this is a good model to consider. The TEKTON WRN-92001 is also a pretty good one. If you don’t want the RIGID, it’s a good alternative. If you’re just looking for a cheap one-time-use tool, the General Tools 140Xl is a good budget choice. We also wrote reviews of two models we liked much less, the HAUTMEC PL0025 and GreatNeck BA11. We’d suggest that if it’s between these two or you keep looking that you give your search a little more time.

    We hope you found our reviews helpful, either as a way to focus your purchase on one specific wrench or to give you an idea of what you’re really looking for. We wish you luck in finding the right one, and success in doing your own plumbing work.

    Note: we just released an article on adjustable wrenches. Feel free to read it here!

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