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Best Budget Drill Press 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated on August 24, 2020

a powerful drilling press toolIn the market for a drill press? Shopping on a budget can be tough. All too often when a product is priced cheap it is also made cheap. There is nothing economic at all about buying a junky tool you will only have to replace in a few weeks or months.

The good news is that it does not have to be this way. With a little bit of research, you can ensure that you are getting the very best product for your money.

We know how it goes. You want the best cheap drill press possible but when it comes down to it you just don’t have the time to figure out which budget picks are worth your time and which aren’t.

If that’s your situation we have good news for you. We have done your homework for you. We did the research, did the tests and identified the five best budget buys out there. Now all you have to do is sit back relax and enjoy our budget drill press reviews.

A Comparison of our 5 Favorite Models

Image Product Details
Top Pick
WEN 4210 WEN 4210
  • Variable Speed Motor
  • Durable
  • Cast Iron Work Table
  • Second place
    SKIL 3320-01 SKIL 3320-01
  • Variable Speed Motor
  • Depth Stop
  • Adjustable Work Surface
  • Best for the Money
    Third place
    WEN 4208 WEN 4208
  • Very Affordable
  • Lots of Desirable Entry Level Features
  • 5 different speeds
  • Shop Fox W1667 Shop Fox W1667
  • Safety Features
  • Adjustable stop component
  • Half horsepower motor
  • Generic Lukcase 9282615 Generic Lukcase 9282615
  • Affordable
  • Manual drill press
  • 5 Best Budget Drill Presses – Reviews 2020:

    1. WEN 4210 Drill Press – Top Pick

    WEN 4210

    We will start with the very best of the best. Those well versed in the world of tools have probably already acquainted themselves with a WEN product before and are well aware of the fact that they make great stuff.

    This unit falls very much into that trend of excellence. There is a lot going for this drill press. It features a cast iron worktable that will provide a tremendous amount of durability and reduce vibrations, a variable speed motor that ranges from 600-3100 RPM, and a powerful 3.2 amp motor that will provide you with all the torque you could possibly need.

    It also features a laser sight for accuracy and a locking linear depth stop that will produce unmatched accuracy and repeatability.

    As if that all want good enough, the unit is also very reasonably priced making it the perfect combination of quality and value.

    And, of course, the best part is that there simply aren’t really any major defects that would keep a person from wanting to buy the WEN 4210! Assuming that this drill press is in your price range it’s a really excellent option to consider.

    • Variable Speed Motor
    • Durable, Cast Iron Work Table
    • Linear Depth Stop
    • Excellent value
    • No major cons to speak of.

    2. SKIL 3320-01 Drill-Press – The Runner-up

    SKIL 3320-01

    Skil is a company that is known for making simple but affordable tools that get the job done for home users.

    The unit features a laser for precision alignment, a variable speed motor that can make five different stops ranging between 570-3050 RPM.

    It also features an adjustable depth stop component that takes the guesswork out of setting your machine and delivers effortless consistency.

    Even the work surface is versatile, able to tilt from 0-45 degrees. To top it all off, the unit also serves as a very economical option—available at a rate that will leave your budget intact.

    Now, all this said, the tool does have its limitations. This is what you probably call a starter drill press. For the beginner, this is obviously going to be perfect—an affordable unit with all of the features that you need to get started.

    The limitations are pretty common to units of the price range—the work surface is prone to wobbling, the depth stop component is a little bit unreliable, and in general, the press just isn’t as consistent as more experienced users would hope for.

    These things aside it’s a good tool for the beginner.

    • Variable Speed Motor
    • Depth Stop
    • Adjustable Work Surface
    • Not as consistent as many users would care for

    3. WEN 4208 5-Speed Drill Press – Best for the Money

    WEN 4208

    Coming in third and in the best for the money slot, the WEN 4208. If economics is your primary concern going into this purchase, the WEN is definitely the unit that you are going to want to take a really close look at.

    The first thing that you are going to notice about this unit is going to be the price. This unit is even more affordable than then Skil, and indeed is going to be the most affordable choice available on the list.

    Price aside, you are also going to notice that it’s just a good drill press. The motor is capable of running at 5 different speeds: 740, 1100, 1530, 2100, 3140 RPM, lending the tool to greater versatility.

    The worktable is adjustable 6-1/2 x 6-1/2″ and bevels up to 45 degrees left & right, and the spindle features linear depth stops that help it to perform with heightened levels of consistency.

    Of course, at the end of the day, this isn’t going to work out for everyone. The WEN is fairly lacking in power which means that you are only going to be able to handle basic tasks.

    That said, for the beginner, it’s a really great, affordable buying opportunity.

    • Very Affordable
    • Lots of Desirable Entry Level Features
    • Lacking in Power

    4. Shop Fox W1667 Drill-Press

    Shop Fox W1667

    Coming in fourth place, the Shop Fox. We should start by saying that on the surface this tool looks pretty good, but there are also some pretty clear cut reasons why it didn’t land in the top three.

    First, let’s go over some of the good stuff. The Shop Fox comes with several safety features: a safety switch component and dust port that will keep you as safe as possible while you work.

    Those things aside it also includes most of the other things that you have seen us appreciate on this list: an adjustable stop component, an adjustable depth stop, and a decent half horsepower motor that delivers five different speed options.

    These are all pretty good features, but the bottom line is that you can get better quality for less money. The motor leaves a little bit to be desired, and while it is fine in a general sense of the word, it’s not powerful enough to work with all materials.

    The unit is also very susceptible to vibration which can lead to consistency problems that most users want to avoid.

    It’s a good tool, but there are better options on the list available at a similar price.

    • Safety Features
    • Low Power
    • Consistency Problems

    5. Generic Lukcase 9282615 Cheap Drill Press

    Generic Lukcase 9282615

    Unfortunately, today last on the list really does mean last. We should start by mentioning that in terms of how the Lukcase performs in relation to its design concept, there aren’t any major issues to speak of.

    The durability is a little bit questionable, and the mechanics are a little bit difficult but these things aside the basic function of the unit is alright.

    But at the end of the day, this press simply can’t overcome the flaws of its own nature. This is a manual drill press which means that it is going to fall well short of the power and efficiency of the other models on the list.

    The unfortunate thing is that it doesn’t even necessarily excel in terms of price. While it is cheaper than most of the drill presses on this list, it is similar enough in cost that most shoppers are probably going to want to spring for something with the strength of a motor behind it.

    That said, if budget is your very top concern, and you won’t be using the press much anyway, this unit might suit your needs.

    • Affordable
    • Drastically underperforms relative to other options
    • Durability issues

    Buying Guide

    Now that you have seen what is out there in the world of drill presses, let’s take a look at a few considerations that should make the process a little bit easier for you.


    Durability is a big consideration for any tool. As you probably observed from the list above some tools are better made than others. When it comes to durability and stability materials are going to make a big difference. For example, cast iron has a reputation for being very durable and stable.

    Depth adjustment Gauge

    A depth adjustment gauge is a standard but very necessary feature that takes the guesswork out of your measurements and ensures durability. You definitely want to make sure that your unit has one.


    A variety of speed options is going to ensure that you can work through a range of materials. Of course, if you don’t need that level of versatility you can always save money and go with a simpler option.


    And that’s that. Five reviews of cheap drill presses. You’ve seen the best of the best and now you have a tough decision on your hands. Which drill press is right for your situation?

    While it isn’t our place to tell you what to buy or how to spend your money, we do have a couple of recommendations that will hopefully make the buying process a little bit easier for you.

    If you want the best of the best there is no beating WEN 4210 which offers the highest quality at the best price.

    Then there us the WEN 4208 for the shopper looking for a budget buy.

    Of course, we aren’t trying to tell you what to do. We only hope that we made the process a little bit easier.

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