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Best Budget Weed Eaters under $100 of 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated on August 30, 2020

an inexpensive weed wackerIf you have a yard, then you have weeds. In fact, chances are you probably have more weeds than you know what to do with.

Yard work is a constant and never-ending affair and every homeowner that pays a lot of time attention to their outdoor living space knows that invasive and fast-growing weeds can be a very frustrating and difficult experience. The good news is that there is an answer to that feeling you get in your stomach when you look out into your beautifully manicured lawns and find a garden of weeds: the weed eater.

It sounds expensive, right?

Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. Today we will be taking a close look at some budget options under one hundred dollars that will take care of your problem without breaking your budget. Read on for a guide to the best budget weed eater reviews.

Our Favorite Models Compared:

Image Product Details
Top Pick
  • Versatile
  • Great Battery
  • Reliable Motor
  • The Runner-up
    Second place
  • Hedger
  • Lightweight
  • Strong Battery
  • Best for the Money
    Third place
    Worx WG163.9 Worx WG163.9
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Best for the Money
  • Interchangeable Battery System
  • Homelite ZR33600 Homelite ZR33600
  • Powerful
  • Gas Powered
  • Weed Eater WE14T Weed Eater WE14T
  • Very Affordable
  • 14" cutting path
  • Adjustable handle
  • 5 Best Budget Weed Eaters – Reviews 2020:

    1. BLACK+DECKER LST140C Budget-Weed Eater – Top Pick


    Coming in first and in our editor’s choice slot, the Black and Decker LST140c—a unit that that is able to perform at a high level while still packing loads of value.

    This option is lightweight, it comes with an excellent battery, it’s quick (the 6500 rotations per minute will certainly help to ensure that your work gets done fast) and it even features a versatile hedging function that provides further utility to the option.

    Simple features, right? But it is also a pretty simple tool. You don’t need a weed eater to be complex, you just need it to get the job done.

    The lightweight build will ensure that you don’t get tired as you work. The excellent battery (about thirty minutes a charge) will ensure that you don’t have to recharge it on the job, and the hedger is just plainly convenient. There is little else one could hope for from a weed eater.

    The biggest problem with this option is not exclusively its fault. Many users that are frequent Black and Decker customers report that this option is more expensive than previous, similar versions, but it also has fewer features.

    Unfortunately, this is a direction that many companies seem to be going in but it is still a big bummer for Black and Decker customers.

    This aside, it’s a great buy.

    • Great Battery
    • Reliable Motor
    • Versatile
    • Lightweight
    • Downgrade relative to former models

    2. BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed Eater – The Runner-up


    Coming in second we have the LST300, another offering from the prolific Black and Decker company. Shoppers will immediately notice that this option is a little bit simpler than the last that we looked at (which is why it finds itself in second rather than first) but it is still a strong weed eater to consider for the user that wants higher end features.

    One of the first things that you might notice about this option is that like the last option we looked at, it can seamlessly be converted to a hedger to give your walkways the manicured look that they deserve.

    It also has a great, twenty-volt lithium battery that runs up to 33% longer than other, comparable options on the market, and a lightweight design that will keep you from getting fatigued during longer sessions on the job.

    It’s a really good option for basic, around the yard jobs, but the biggest problem with this option is that it simply is not optimized for heavier duty jobs.

    If you are trying to work through thicker patches of weeds or grass, you are going to find that the excellent battery we mentioned earlier won’t be able to hold up.

    This is somewhat expected for a weed eater of this price range but it is nevertheless still disheartening to see here.

    This aside, it’s a great buy!

    • Lightweight
    • Hedger
    • Strong Battery
    • Struggles with thick weeds

    3. Worx WG163.9 Weed-Eater – Best for the Money

    WORX WG163.9

    Coming in third and in our best weed eater for the money slot, the Worx WG163.9. This option delivers the perfect combination of quality and value which is exactly why we think it will be a good buying opportunity for anyone that wants good results without spending a fortune.

    One of the first things shoppers may notice is that this is actually one of the lightest options on this list coming in at only 5.3 pounds.

    The benefit of this is, of course, obvious: the lighter the weed eater, the easier it will be to maneuver with it around your yard.

    It also converts to an edger easily and features a quality battery system that can be interchanged with any compatible Worx product.

    Of course, the Worx is not perfect. The reason this option finds itself outside of our top two is for multiple reasons. For one thing, this is designed with lighter use in mind, meaning it’s not going to be able to work through your thicker collections of weeds.

    The battery life also is not excellent, which means that you may need to recharge once or twice if you have a big yard.

    These things aside it is a great, affordable buying option.

    • Best for the Money
    • Ultra Lightweight
    • Interchangeable Battery System
    • Battery dies quickly
    • Not very powerful

    4. Homelite ZR33600 Affordable Weed Eating Tool

    Homelite 26cc

    In second to last, the Homelite. This option is powerful, but that power comes at a price. This is a gas motor, meaning that it is louder than other options, and it is also going to be more expensive to use in the long term.

    It’s also just not very reliable. The life expectancy of this weed eater seems to be fairly low, and many users have reported that theirs only lasted several weeks before permanently breaking down.

    This is probably a defect more than it is something that you should expect to happen, but it is nevertheless still troubling to see.

    It’s an ok weed eater, but the cons attached may make many shoppers think twice.

    • Powerful
    • Loud
    • Expensive to operate
    • Breaks down

    5. Weed Eater WE14T

    Weed Eater WE14T

    This last option that we will be taking a look at today has certainly earned its position on our list. To put it mildly, there are reasons that it finds itself residing in last place.

    Let’s start with the positive. In terms of price this is actually the most affordable option we have seen today so if money is your first and only concern then this may be the option that you have to go with.

    However, if you have it in your budget to look elsewhere then we highly recommend that you do so. There is not a lot to like with the WE14T. For one thing, it is a corded option which means that you will be extremely limited in terms of mobility.

    It also just isn’t very powerful which means that it might not even be able to work through denser portions of your weeds.

    These are cons that will steeply affect the user experience but again, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, the WE14T is going to be a viable option.

    • Very Affordable
    • Corded
    • Weak
    • Not durable

    Buyer’s Guide

    Now that you know what is out there in the world if weed eaters let’s take a look at a few buying considerations that will serve to make the process a little bit easier for you.


    Weight is an important factor when it comes to weed eaters for the obvious reason that the heavier the weed eater the harder it is going to be to work for extended periods.

    There really is not any good reason for a weed eater to be heavy so steer clear of options that you don’t think would be easy to carry long term.

    Corded or cordless

    There are benefits to both corded and cordless options but for most users, a cordless option is going to be preferable.

    Why? Corded options are extremely limited in terms of mobility. You are going to need to have constant access to an outlet to make them work which simply isn’t an option for most people.

    On the other hand, corded options can run all day without ever needing to recharge which may be a big deal for some users.


    The more rotations per minute the unit delivers the quicker and more effectively the job will be done. Not only do weaker motors provide a sloppier job than their tougher alternatives but they also struggle to work through thicker portions of weeds, which is probably what you are hoping to address with your weed eater anyway.

    Obviously, better motors are going to cost more money, but you can get reasonable combinations of quality and value if you look hard enough. We humbly submit considering our best for the money pick for your consideration in this department.


    Well, there you have it. You have read your reviews of budget weed eaters, enjoyed some important information that should make the process a little bit easier and now you have a choice on your hands. Which of these options is going to be right for your situation?

    Well at this point we would like to remind you that we actually have a couple of recommendations to offer.

    For shoppers that are looking for the very best of the best, then you are going to want to take a serious look at the Black and Decker LST140C – The winner of our tests.

    On the other hand, if money is a little tighter and you need something affordable and high performing then our best for the money pick, the Worx WG163.9 might be right for you.

    Of course, our job isn’t to tell you what to buy. We just hope that we made the process a little bit easier for you.

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