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5 Best Cant Hooks & Peaveys of 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

a cant hook

Most of us would like to believe that we’re physically fit, yet when it comes to bending over, that belief seems to fly out the window. We avoid tasks that require us to bend more than we would like to, and for a woodworker, back pain might be the ultimate dealbreaker. Thus, many tools have been invented over the years to make woodworking as comfortable as possible.

The cant hook is an example of such inventions. The tool allows you to lift or move logs around your sawmill or woodlot easily, without having to bend down constantly. The efficacy of a cant hook is determined by many factors, some of which you might not be aware of. This can turn the process of finding the best cant hook for your needs into a poorly organized scavenger hunt. To take some weight off your shoulders, we have compiled a list of the best cant hooks and have ranked them according to their qualities and shortcomings.

Our Favorites of 2021:

Image Product Details
Best Overall
LogRite Aluminum Handle LogRite Aluminum Handle
  • Thick pole
  • Rich paint job
  • Made of excellent material
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Ironton Wooden Handle Ironton Wooden Handle
  • Affordable
  • Versatile hook
  • Parts are well-fitted
  • Third place
    Woodchuck WCT04 Woodchuck WCT04
  • Rubber grip
  • Pole will not bend
  • A peavey and a cant hook
  • Wood-Mizer Wood-Mizer
  • 48-inch long
  • Dade of durable steel
  • Sharp shoe for better biting
  • Felled Steel Timberjack Felled Steel Timberjack
  • 45-inch-long
  • Shoe is sharp
  • Heavy-duty carbon steel
  • 6 Best Cant Hooks & Peaveys:

    1. LogRite 60’’ Cant Hook – Best Overall

    LogRite 60’’ Aluminum Handle Cant Hook

    The LogRite 60’’ Aluminum Handle Cant Hook could be described as a woodworker’s best friend. From the first glance at it, you can gather that the tool is high quality.

    The paint job on the tool is rich and even, the metal on the hook and the shoe is well polished, and the parts are properly fitted. The pole is thick enough to prevent it from breaking when moving a large log.

    This tool has a long rubber grip that is fixed and sturdy, so it will not slide off easily when you pull on it. The hook on the tool is large enough to bite large logs.

    A shortcoming of this tool is that the shoe and the hook are not very sharp, so you will need to sharpen it to get a snug and strong bite on a log.

    • Made of excellent material
    • Rich paint job
    • Rubber grip doesn’t slip off when pulling
    • Thick pole
    • Shoe and hook are not very sharp

    2. Ironton Cant Hook – Best Value

    Ironton Wooden Handle Cant Hook

    The Ironton Wooden Handle Cant Hook has a chic rustic appearance to it. The pole and handle are wooden, and the hook is made of painted metal.

    The tool is 48 inches long, which most will describe as the ideal length because it is neither too long nor too short. The hook is large enough to bite large logs, so it makes the tool quite versatile. The parts are also well-fitted.

    An aspect of this tool that might be considered a problem is that the handle does not have a rubber grip; this will not work well with slippery hands. The wooden pole means that it is not as efficient as a metal pole and is more breakable.

    The tool is not as efficient as our first choice. However, the fact that it is relatively more affordable than the first choice might attract you to it.

    • Versatile hook
    • Affordable
    • Parts are well-fitted
    • Pole might break when pulling on it
    • No rubber grip to prevent slipping

    3. Woodchuck Dual Peavey & Cant Hook

    Woodchuck WCT04 Dual Peavey and Cant Hook

    The Woodchuck WCT04 Dual Peavey and Cant Hook is an all-in-one tool because it is both a peavey and a cant hook. It is therefore versatile.

    The tool has a rubber grip, so your hands are unlikely to slip off when you pull on the tool.
    The tool is 47 inches long, which is a bit on the short side, but it is not a deal-breaker.

    The spike will allow you to pry between logs and other objects, and the shoe of the cant hook will optimize your bite on the logs. The pole is made of aluminum, so it will not bend when you move or lift logs.

    The tool’s overall appearance should be improved.

    The hook is divided into two sizes. This could potentially make the process of biting logs time-consuming.

    • Versatile
    • Pole will not bend
    • Appearance not appealing
    • Time-consuming

    4. Wood-Mizer 48’’ Cant Hook

    Wood-Mizer 48’’ Cant Hook

    The Wood-Mizer 48’’ Cant Hook has a length of 48 inches.

    The tool has a long rubber grip that will allow you to have a firm grip on it. However, the rubber grip tends to fall off if you pull too hard on it. The shoe is very sharp, thus the bite on the log will be sturdy.

    Although the pole is made of durable steel so it won’t bend or break when lifting logs, the pole is not very thick, and so it might bend, despite the material it is made of. The hook is relatively small, so you won’t be able to handle large logs.

    • Rubber grip to prevent slipping
    • Sharp shoe for better biting
    • Hook is small
    • Rubber grip slides off
    • Pole is not thick enough
    • Not versatile

    5. Felled 48’’ Inch Steel Timberjack

    Felled 48’’ Inch Steel Timberjack

    At first glance, the Felled 48’’ Inch Steel Timberjack appears to be decent and efficient, yet there is much to be revealed. The pole tubing is very thin, so the tool will bend as soon as you use it for the first time.

    Not only does the rubber grip slip off easily, but it is also not very long. A short rubber grip means that you only have enough room to place one hand, whereas using this tool requires both hands.

    The shoe is sharp, but the hook is rather small, so it doesn’t allow you to handle large logs.
    If you’re considering purchasing this tool, be prepared to make several adjustments to get it in good working condition.

    • Shoe is sharp
    • Small hook
    • Rubber grip is short
    • Rubber grip slips off
    • Tool bends the first time you use it
    • Thin tube

    Buyer’s Guide

    Although it is impossible to find a cant hook that is perfect in all aspects, certain factors can optimize your choice of cant hook. The following are the factors to be taken into consideration before you decide to purchase a cant hook.

    The rubber grip

    Not all cant hooks are designed with a rubber grip, and that’s already a downer because you want to be sure your hands won’t slip off while pulling on the tool. If the tool comes with a rubber grip, check that it is designed in such a way that it will not slip off easily when you pull on it. Otherwise, this may cause you to fall backwards and injure yourself.

    The material of the lever

    Make sure that the lever of the cant tool is made of thick and durable material such as aluminum. This is important because you will often have to deal with large logs, and if your cant hook isn’t made of strong or thick material, it will bend or break before you move the log.

    The length

    Working with a cant hook can be uncomfortable if the appropriate length is not used. Pick one that is proportionate to your height. Although different-sized cant hooks should be used in varying instances, be sure the tool isn’t so small that you practically have to bend down to reach the log, or so long that it makes use inefficient.

    The parts

    Check the hook, the shoe, and the other small parts of a cant hook thoroughly. Make sure that they are not wiggling around, but are fitted properly and tightly. These small things may appear to be insignificant, yet they can make or break a cant hook.

    The overall look

    Take a look at the overall structure and the way it is manufactured. Look at the paint job, the welding, and the polishing. If the quality of those components appears to be mediocre, chances are that the entire tool might not be as efficient as you would want it to be.

    Also, consider the differences between peaveys and cant hooks. You can read more about these here.


    From the features mentioned above, it is evident that the LogRite 60’’ Aluminum Handle Cant Hook is the most efficient and will provide the best results. However, the Ironton Wooden Handle Cant Hook is almost as efficient, and it is more affordable, thus earning it the title of “best for the money.” Our first pick has a thick pole to prevent bending or breaking. This is not the case for the runner-up cant hook, hence why it’s not our first choice, despite its affordable nature. Hopefully, this article has proven to be useful in providing advice that you can apply to your cant hook hunting journey.

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