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Best Cement Mixers 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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a cement mixer

You may think you need to be a pro to mix your own concrete, but this task is simple enough for anyone to do at home. That means you can save a lot of money, but you need the right tools for the job.

Cement mixers come at a variety of price points, and with a ton of features that can make it hard to tell if you’re getting something you need, or something you won’t use that will drive up the price. Online sales pages don’t always make sorting out this information easy.

We believe that informed consumers can find the machine that’s right for them. Our reviews of the best cement mixers of 2020 cover everything you need to know about each model, from the good to the bad, so you can make the best decision. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide where we cover information you need to know about mixers before buying.

Comparison of Our Favorite Products

ModelPriceMotorEditor Rating
Kushlan Products 600DD
Kushlan Products 600DD Portable Cement MixerTop Pick

Check Price
1/2HP 4.8/5
Yardmax YM0146
Yardmax YM0146 Concrete Mixer

Check Price
3/4 HP4.5/5
Goplus Electric
Goplus Electric Cement Concrete Mixer

Check Price
1/2HP 4.4/5
Goplus Portable
Goplus 5 Cubic Feet Portable Cement/Concrete Mixer

Check Price
1/2HP 4.2/5
Pro-Series CME35
Pro-Series CME35 Electric Cement Mixer

Check Price
2/3 HP3.9/5

5 Best Cement Mixers 2020 – Our Reviews

1. Kushlan Products 600DD Portable Cement Mixer – Top Pick

Kushlan Products 600DD Portable Cement Mixer

The Kushlan Products 600DD Portable Cement Mixer is the best overall model on our list. It comes with a brushless motor, which is more efficient, more powerful, and requires less maintenance than older brushed motors. The retractable handles make it easy to prepare this mixer for storage, or to make it more compact for easy transportation. It’s also very easy to assemble. Most people report that they can get the assembly done in less than half an hour, even when they’re working on their own.

This model is also weatherproofed well. While you should probably take it indoors in excessively wet or cold conditions, it does have a reputation for surviving winters outdoors, even in snowy places. If you’re looking for a rugged machine that won’t give up the ghost at the first sign of trouble, you’ll love what this cement mixer provides. The only thing we don’t like is that it requires gear oil, but none is included in the kit. However, you can get started faster by finding the right variety beforehand and having it ready while you assemble. Overall, this cement mixer comes with features useful for professional and home users alike.

  • Brushless motor
  • Retractable handles
  • Easy assembly
  • Great weatherproofing
  • Doesn’t include gear oil

2. Yardmax YM0146 Concrete Mixer – The Runner-Up

Yardmax YM0146 Concrete Mixer

The Yardmax YM0146 Concrete Mixer is another mixer that users love because of its great overall features. It’s roughly as easy to assemble as the previous one, and possibly faster since there’s no gearbox work involved. It’s also one of the easier ones to clean, since it comes with a dump handle and you don’t have to turn the entire mixer to get material out. That makes it a good choice for people who are going to be pouring directly into forms, or who have small wheelbarrows. Those who are looking for something to use with a larger wheelbarrow may want to switch to a taller concrete mixer.

This model also comes with a solid steel drum, so you can expect years of high-quality service out of this machine. Unfortunately, the mixer has a narrow opening. In practice, that means you can’t cut most standard concrete bags open completely and dump them in. Instead, you’ll have to cut the bag’s corner or otherwise transfer it slowly. Still, if you’re looking for a model that’s a lot more affordable than our top model but works roughly as well, this is a great choice.

  • Easy assembly
  • Easy cleaning
  • Solid steel drum
  • Low profile
  • Small opening

3. Goplus Electric Cement Concrete Mixer – Best for the Money

Goplus Electric Cement Concrete Mixer

The Goplus Electric Cement Concrete Mixer has arguably the best motor of any concrete mixer on our list, making it worth consideration for all parties. The motor has a great reputation for durability, which is something you should look for in your next concrete mixer. Since mixing concrete isn’t a gentle process, it’s important to get one that can stand up to the stress, and the Goplus Electric Cement Concrete Mixer has shown that it’s up to the task. This model has an all-steel frame, not the weak aluminum pieces some manufacturers use to cut costs. It also comes with oversized wheels, which makes it a great choice for situations where you have to move it through tough conditions.

However, the best thing about this mixer is that you can get it for a great price. That makes it the best overall value for the money on our list, and a great deal for anyone. Unfortunately, the assembly instructions can be confusing at times, which drops this machine to third place. If you’re looking to save some money and get a great-functioning machine, this model will serve you well.

  • Excellent motor
  • Great price
  • All-steel frame
  • Large wheels
  • Poor assembly instructions

4. Goplus 5 Cubic Feet Portable Cement/Concrete Mixer

Goplus 5 Cubic Feet Portable Cement/Concrete Mixer

The Goplus 5 Cubic Feet Portable Cement/Concrete Mixer is the choice for those who want to do more with their mixer. This mixer is designed to work with concrete, but also with other materials that need mixing, like animal feed, or even mortar or stucco. If you can’t justify having a one-purpose machine on the job site, this machine’s ability to work with multiple materials can make it a very valuable buy. It also comes with an all-steel frame, so you won’t have to worry about durability. Plus, it’s not the most expensive mixer on the market, so you won’t be out an arm and a leg when you buy.

Unfortunately, it only manages 23 RPM, maximum. You won’t be able to use it in some applications that require a higher speed. While it’s fast enough for concrete, it could mean that other tasks take an impractical amount of time. It also suffers from having a small mouth like the previous model. With a larger mouth and faster speed, this mixer could rise higher. Still, if you’re looking for a less expensive option with some versatility, you’ll like this one.

  • All-steel frame
  • Multi-use
  • Low price
  • Slow
  • Smallmouth

5. Pro-Series CME35 Electric Cement Mixer

Pro-Series CME35 Electric Cement Mixer

There’s a lot to like about the Pro-Series CME35 Electric Cement Mixer. It comes with easy, controlled pouring via a wheel handle, which gives you excellent control throughout the pour. This will reduce accidental spills, and help ensure that the concrete pours into whatever container or wheelbarrow you’re using at a speed it can handle. It also comes with simple controls, so you won’t spend as much time fussing with the settings as other machines require you to do. Plus, it has a 3/4-horsepower motor, so it’s around 50 percent more powerful than many models on our list.

However, there’s also a lot not to like about this mixer. It suffers from a small opening. That prevents you from easily pouring most standard concrete mixes directly into the opening, which wastes a lot of time. This model is also relatively difficult to assemble and is easily damaged in transport, which makes it frustrating to get into operation. While most people will be happy with how well it mixes and pours, the amount of pain that goes into assembly and setup is enough to drop it to the last place on our list.

  • Easy, controlled pouring
  • Simple controls
  • Powerful motor
  • Small opening
  • Difficult assembly

Buyer’s Guide


While it’s not the first thing that comes to mind, the frame is an incredibly important part of a cement mixer. It’s the only part that you have no hope of replacing, so if it breaks, you’ll have to buy a new machine.

While some tools can have aluminum frames and great durability, there’s enough stress on a cement mixer that you should only go with all-steel frames. This type of frame is heavy, but it also has the strength you need to get years of use out of your cement mixer.


Wheels are another underrated factor. Concrete is heavy, so it’s a good idea to mix it as close to its application site as possible. Otherwise, you’re going to spend a lot of time and energy moving it around. The larger the wheels are, the less likely they are to get stuck in mud or have trouble getting over small obstacles.

You’ll also want to get solid wheels instead of air-filled ones. The extra cushion that air-filled wheels provide isn’t much use on a cement mixer, and the chance of a flat with such a heavy piece of equipment is something you don’t want.

Drum Size

Most of the time, you’ll see drum sizes measured in cubic feet. The smallest cement mixers can range in size from about 1.5 cubic feet to six cubic feet, or more. Any more than that, and you’re probably passing into the high side of the intermediate range. Keep in mind that if you’re working by yourself, you have a limited amount of time to set the concrete correctly, so working in smaller batches can be a good thing.

If you’re an expert or have a team to work with, you may want a larger cement mixer, since the time you save with larger batches will be worth the increase in price.

Which cement mixer is right for you?

Getting the best value for your money is always important when you’re making a big purchase, but you only get good value if you also get a machine you like using. If you want to get the best cement mixer for your money, determine what features you need to have a good experience with the machine.

Then, you should only consider models with those features. If you can find one with those features at a low price, you’ll have found the best overall value for your money.

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The Kushlan Products 600DD Portable Cement Mixer is our favorite model due to its brushless motor, retractable handles, and easy assembly. The second place is taken by the Yardmax YM0146 Concrete Mixer, which features easy assembly, easy cleaning, and a solid steel drum, though its small opening costs it the top spot. The Goplus Electric Cement Concrete Mixer comes with a great motor, all-steel frame, and large wheels, plus a very low price that makes it the best value for the money on our list. The Goplus 5 Cubic Feet Portable Cement/Concrete Mixer is similar to the previous model but comes with multiple uses. However, its slow rotation and smallmouth drop it out of the top three. The Pro-Series CME35 Electric Cement Mixer allows slow, controlled pouring and has simple controls, but its small opening and difficult assembly put it in the last place on our list.

While it’s not always easy to shop online, we hope our reviews and buyer’s guide have helped you understand the world of cement mixers and have helped you decide on the model that is right for you.

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