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Best Chainsaw Mills 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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using a chain saw millBefore we start suggesting you the best sawmill options available in the marketplace; let’s learn about the fundamentals as well as essential things to keep in mind first of all when buying a chainsaw mill.

It’s not that all chainsaw mills are going to function for everyone; therefore, there are a large variety of chainsaw mills to make sure that everyone can take advantage of our list. All these chainsaw mills are very different, and all of them offer great qualities.

The primary question still, is how will you discover the perfect chainsaw mill which would match your requirements? At the same time, which are the ideal chainsaw mill options out there nowadays?

To answer that, we have created the considerations which you have to take into account when purchasing a chainsaw mill. We have also explored the best chainsaw mill options today which will fit your budget and requirements.

If you are finally all set to get one, then read this post to get an idea of which products are worth considering.

Comparison of our Top 5 Favorites

ModelPriceSize CapacityEditor Rating
Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777
Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777
Top Pick

Check Price
Alaskan Mark-IVG778-24
Alaskan Mark-IVG778-24

Check Price
Best for the Money

Check Price
14 to 36-inch4.5/5
Popsport Chainsaw Mill
Popsport Chainsaw Mill

Check Price
14 to 36-inch4.3/5
Carmyra PortableYJBJ01
Carmyra PortableYJBJ01

Check Price
14 to 36-inch4.0/5

5 Best Chainsaw Mills – Reviews 2020:

1. Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777 – Best Overall

Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777

There are a number of chainsaw mills out there in the market but all those don’t offer the optimum performance. There’s a unique device Granberg Chainsaw Mill G777 which can be termed as “state-of-the-art” in its category. This is the best portable chainsaw mill ever available in the marketplace. To be frank, I’ve enlisted this chainsaw mill as the #1 product on this list because of its great features and performance.

If you are trying to turn the chainsaw into an individual sawmill, then Granberg G777 is priced keenly and delivers a genuine punch.

Granberg recommends that you should make use of a “ripping chain”. It has several benefits. It is easy to cut quicker, make perfect cleaner cuts as well as offers a smooth finish. This will also lengthen the life expectancy of chainsaw. Ripping chains had been designed expressly for milling. It is a good idea to have the most of your equipment.

This G777 is appropriate for 20″ or smaller chainsaws. You can install it on the saw easily. There is no requirement for the drilling bar. In case you are not certain about the compatibility, then you can call the company always just before ordering. It is better to secure than sorry. Based on experiment on this chainsaw mill, it is compact and light extremely. You will have no issue while moving this around at all.

  • Lightweight
  • Priced fairly
  • High-quality device
  • Mill functions quickly
  • Has many positive reviews
  • A few assemblies are needed
  • The guide rails aren’t included

2. Alaskan Mark-IVG778-24 Chainsaw Mill – The Runner-up

Alaskan Mark-IVG778-24

The #2 chainsaw mill in this review list is Alaskan MarkIVG778-24 Chainsaw Mill. Why? It is because we found this unit quite similar to Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777. Though this unit has excellent features, it still lacks something. In terms of performance, it is somehow less comparable to the first device mentioned in this post. However, Alaskan Mark IV-G778-24 Chainsaw Mill has a lot of amazing features to offer.

This heavy-duty, versatile lumber chainsaw mill cuts planks accurately and beams as much as 1/2-inch to 13-inch deep and 20-inch wide. Clamps onto the chainsaw bar without any drilling required. Portable and lightweight, allows user to easily “mill lumber” wherever the tree drops. No prior experience is needed!

Latest “CNC-Machined” End-Brackets! All these latest “end brackets” to a great extent are simpler to adjust, more precise, create considerably less vibration compared to the previous “die-cast” edition as well as are unbreakable virtually. It is perfect for sawyers, arborists, woodworkers, and homeowners. Optimal outcomes will be received when utilized in combination with the Granberg “first cut” and “ripping chain” platforms.

This “Alaskan Mark IV G778” is a bigger mill which can be utilized anywhere a tree is cut down or falls. This chainsaw mill can be attached to the chain bar quite easily and quickly with just some turns of the wrench. This “Alaskan Mark IV G77824” Mill can trim all sorts of trees, for example, cedar, walnut, and oak into state-of-the-art lumber.

  • Great for big lumber
  • Has many exceptional reviews
  • Can cut the trees wherever they’re
  • Can be employed on all sorts of trees
  • Manufactured from high-quality materials
  • Effortlessly adjustable for different size logs
  • High priced
  • A few assemblies are needed
  • An ultra-powerful chainsaw is required to use this mill

3. GRANBERG MiniG555B – Best Chainsaw Mill for the Money


If you have a tight budget and can’t go for the Granberg Chainsaw Mill G777 or Alaskan Mark IV G778-24 Chainsaw Mill, then GRANBERG MiniG555B “chainsaw mill” is the perfect match for you. This is best chainsaw mill for the money available out there. If you want to get such a device which is both affordable and loaded with so many features, then this one is what you need.

A milling device for lumber and wood, this Mini-Mill G555b from Granberg is a gas-run unit which usually spans the length of 25″. In terms of its performance, it is perfect for cant squaring or slab edging. This particular unit weighs in at 6 lbs only. This is a “budget solution” for milling the lumber that has “bar clamps” which span 2″ in width.

Let us discuss some important things you must know about this Mini Mill from Granberg. You will have to clean the “track chain” using a 2 1/2″ bar width, as well as rails, measure 24″. Additionally, it doesn’t drop the shield and even makes this vibrate and this is an ideal milling device for small-time woodworkers.

This mini mill tool is perfect for squaring logs up or edging slabs. Due to its compact design, this mini-mill is not perfect for big lumber; but, it is highly effective for a compact machine. This mill attachment will work incredibly if the proper “ripping saw chain” is put to use. This GRANBERG G555B Mini Mill is suggested for both amateurs and professionals.

  • Has a compact design
  • Comes with a cutting manual
  • Well suited for “edging slabs”
  • Superb for both amateurs and professionals
  • Very affordable also
  • Not simple for some to use
  • Not a good fit for big lumber

4. Popsport Chainsaw Mill

Popsport Chainsaw Mill

This Portable Sawmill will turn the chainsaw into the lumber mill. Simply attach this portable, lightweight sawmill with the flexible “side bracket” to the chainsaw and finally, you are all set for the small or big jobs, trimming any length of timber. Hardware provided for easy and fast installation.

This “Popsport Chainsaw Mill” is a remarkably economical solution to turn the logs into mostly useable lumber to use on some other DIY home projects. On the other hand, the elegance of this device is in its sophisticated design allowing this to be set up quickly and permitting you to start working whenever you want to.

There are two important things that we will focus on is that it is made to function with the bar. To get maximum performance you really require a powerful gas-run chainsaw. We recommend a chainsaw which is bigger than 60-cc, however, you can utilize a less robust chainsaw, simply make sure that you are all set to have patience in case you choose to go for smaller.

We simply want to point out a small quibble. The installation guidelines are somewhat challenging to comprehend, similar to IKEA instructions. Basically, have a close focus on the pictures when you assemble this and you will be fine.We can’t mention enough good stuff about this unique device. We think we said enough. Now the choice is in your hand.

  • Attaches to the chainsaw bar directly
  • Mounts to the chain bar by having few turns of the wrench
  • Perfect for woodworkers, builders & outdoor enthusiasts
  • Has a portable system so that you can transport it to the remote logs
  • Adjusting the height is a little bit challenging
  • Assembly guideline is somewhat hard to understand

5. Carmyra PortableYJBJ01 Chain-Saw Milling-Equipment

Carmyra PortableYJBJ01

The final product in this post is Carmyra Portable YJBJ01. This chainsaw mill doesn’t offer all the best features and optimum performance like others reviewed in this post.Because of the poor materials used to design the product and low performance make it a less famous product out there.

If you are a newbie to milling after that you may face a problem while milling pine using this chainsaw mill. The wrench which will be sent for the assembly purposes may not match any hardware on chainsaw mill often. However, you have to look for the appropriate wrench.It takes a few jerry-rigging for getting it to function correctly.

This is a good option small project woodworkers and homeowners. This mini chainsaw mill is exquisite for squaring lumbers or edging the slabs. Because of its streamlined design, this mill is not great for big lumbers.

This is “farmertec” created portable and light 36″ chainsaw mill. It is ideal for 14″ to 36″ chainsaw bar. It comes with 1 month cash back warranty only; this is an easy and fast installation convenient chainsaw mill which weighs in at 7.5-kgs. It has aluminum and steel materials. The package comes with 1 user guide, 1 set setup tool and 1 chainsaw mill. This is a versatile and efficient 36”mill. The lumber planks width and height are adjustable. It attaches to the chainsaw bar directly.

  • Low cost
  • It fits 14-inch to 36-inch chainsaw bar
  • It is manufactured from Steel & Aluminum
  • The guide and chainsaw bar aren’t provided
  • A “powerful chainsaw” is suggested for ideal use
  • Many people discover this mill challenging to use

Our Buyer’s Guide

Milling is quite a professional task, and it is something that many people have trouble with. In most cases, the fight is real ample because, despite a robust chainsaw, it is likely to be quite a daunting task.

Having said that, use the appropriate saw which minimizes your possibilities of frustration greatly. While a smaller saw may have the ability to fell the tree, and even cut the rounds, the milling adds loads of tension on saw and implies that you are going to ensure that really you can slam on the things.

You will need to search for the following factors in the chainsaw mill to be sure that you have bought what you require.

chainsaw mill front view

1. Adjustability Of The Saw Kerf-Size:

The initial thing which you may need to consider on the potential “chainsaw mill” is the Saw Kerf. Not to mention, saw kerf displays how “thick” the cuts will be created on the plank or board. What this means is the saw-kerf will influence how many planks or slabs it is possible to make from your lumber.

2. Weight:

Whenever you are looking to make use of a “chainsaw mill” to cut your logs, mostly you will be carrying this around constantly. A good approach to test the weight is always to test this directly in the shop. If you are not in the shop, you can pay attention to its specifications online and search for its specific weight.

You must remember that the ultimate assembly will comprise the chainsaw alone so you must estimate the overall bodyweight to be weightier. Make sure that you can control its weight. On the other hand, for lightweight, simply you can choose for the smaller chainsaw mills.

3. Bar Capacity:

Width of wood or board which you will be cutting depends on the size of the chainsaw bar. Be sure that your “chainsaw mill” can deal with the particular length of the bar.

4. Cutting Capability:

The cutting capability will mostly depend on the size of the chainsaw bar. Nevertheless, you have to check in case there are adjustments which can be generated from your chainsaw mill for getting your preferred cutting capacity

5. Price:

Last but not least, you may wish to check the price of the chainsaw mill. For the fundamental chainsaw mill, you will most likely spend a few 100 only. However, if you are looking to buy the whole “chainsaw mill” with some other excellent features, then you can anticipate at least one thousand to invest.

Tips For A Smoother Milling Experience

Given that you’ve read about different chainsaw mills available in the marketplace and purchased the one which meets your needs, then why not consider starting your tasks for milling logs? Skilled or not, it is always a wise decision to talk about the better things of milling just before you get started.

First of all, make sure that the chain is sharpened and also rakers are set correctly. A dull chain can make the work considerably more time consuming than it is already. Sharpen your chain as frequently as you have to. Also stripping the logs free from grit and bark helps to keep the chain sharpened and also tends to make the process of milling easier.

Secondly, make sure you have done your entire routine servicing and all your accessory is working appropriately.

Listed here are some additional ideas to bear in mind whenever you actually begin milling the logs:

a disassembled chainsaw mill

  • After you’ve done a cut, don’t shut the engine down immediately. Allowing the engine running idle for approximately 30 to 40 seconds, enables it to “cool off”.
  • The chainsaw milling creates loads of sawdust. This is a wise decision to place the log in such a manner that makes sure that the sawdust and fumes are blown from “saw-operator” away.
  • Don’t move your chainsaw to and fro while it is trimming the log. This will lead to a gouged, rough board surface. Attempt and sustain a smooth and straight action.
  • Whenever milling quite dry hardwood, cut off several inches from kick-off The chain will be sharper for a longer time.
  • Whenever cutting through log, don’t quit in middle. Make an effort to trim the whole slab at once. Working with a chainsaw which has “throttle lock” is great for this step.
  • At any time when it is possible, log must be positioned from the ground. Make use of gluts or sawhorses. This will guarantee a greater working position on your behalf. Ideally, if you are cutting a big amount of logs, then it helps in case you don’t need to “kneel-down” when milling the log.
  • Another strategy for making the activity less difficult is to place your log on slope and trim this downhill. This placement makes the gravity do the job for you.
  • The rail and chainsaw bar should be always parallel to one another.
  • Before you begin milling, you should pay attention to any loose fasteners, nuts, and bolts. You don’t desire them to be undone while you’re milling the logs.
  • When handling wider logs, safeguard the bar and chain by utilizing an “auxiliary oiler”. It could be putintooutboard finish of bar.
  • Consistently make sure that the size of log rail is greater than the logs that are being milled.
  • For minimizing the wood warping, you can paint the finishes of logs. It controls the decrease of moisture.
  • As soon as the logs are already trim into slabs, keep them under adequate cover. At the same time, space them correctly. The logs are going to dry much quicker if you preserve them off the floor.
  • Whenever you can, stay away from cutting live trees down. Trees fell by driftwood, wind or wood extracted by large industrial lumber devices and different reclaimed lumber are fine “raw-materials” for compact-size chainsaw milling tasks.


Last but not least, all of these “chainsaw milling” options are confirmed to provide the highest quality of lumber you’re looking to get. It all is dependent on exactly how you use this and also the chainsaw which you possess with it. We hope you enjoyed the reviews of chainsaw mills in this post. All the products mentioned in this post will offer you the best. You can also surf the internet to learn more about them. However, to minimize your effort, we suggest you to keep all the factors in mind what we’ve described in this article.

The winner of our tests is the Granberg Chain Saw Mill G77. As an individual recommendation, we would suggest Granberg Chain Sawmill as it provides adjustability and more precision for wider variety of widths and cuts of wood. Most likely the only downside in utilizing this unique “chainsaw mill” is always that the user must be well-skilled and experienced to obtain optimum cuts.

On the other hand, if you’re wondering which model is best for the money then we will recommend GRANBERG MiniG555B chainsaw mill. As we pointed out previously, it is both affordable and loaded with many features. Now you can make your final decision.

You will find lots of models and price ranges to pick from but you should get only the best one for you. All the chainsaw mills we reviewed in this post are based on their high-profile performance, excellent features, and affordability.

Hopefully, we’ve succeeded to make your process of choosing the chainsaw mill easier. Now, what are you thinking of best chainsaw mills or our list? Is there more to include on this list? Let me know, we would enjoy knowing your valuable thoughts about this in the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social media so that they can learn about the best chainsaw mills out there in the marketplace.

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