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Best Chainsaw Sharpeners for the Money 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

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a good chainsaw-sharpening toolTo the experienced woodworker, outdoorsman, and do-it-yourselfer, a chainsaw is a very natural and necessary piece of equipment that you probably can’t do without. They are practical, full of utility, and to the little boy in all of us, they are also pretty cool.

Owning a chainsaw sharpener is also practical and cool but chances are the shopping process probably does not tickle your fancy the same way that buying the chainsaw itself did.

We get it: you want the best chainsaw sharpener possible, but you aren’t so keen on doing the research that usually accompanies the process. That is where we come in! We did all of the testing and research for you so that you don’t have to. Sit back, relax and read on for a guide to the best chainsaw sharpener reviews.

Our Favorite Models Compared:

ModelPriceGrinding SpeedEditor Rating
OrangeA Electric Chainsaw Sharpener
OrangeA Electric Chainsaw Sharpener
Top Pick

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Oregon 410-120
Oregon 410-120

Check Price
Buffalo Tools ECSS
Buffalo Tools ECSS
Best for the Money

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TruePower 01-0854
TruePower 01-0854

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Granberg Bar-Mount G-106B
Granberg Bar-Mount G-106B

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5 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners – Reviews 2020:

1. OrangeA Electric Chainsaw Sharpener – Top Pick

OrangeA Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

We start with the best of the best. The OrangeA electric chainsaw sharpener has earned itself a spot at the top of our list because it offers a slew of features that make sharpening and maintaining your chainsaw blades as simple and easy as possible.

One of the things that immediately caught our attention regarding this tool is the make. The cast aluminum design of this sharpener is going to help ensure that it does well to stand up to the wear and tear associated with its job.

The unit is also super powerful. The sharpener has a power output of about 230 watts which equates to 3000 rpm at peak performance. This level of power is going to ensure that the sharpener consistently performs quickly and efficiently which is most of what you want out of a sharpener anyway.

The grinder is also adjustable which means that it should be able to accommodate a variety of different blade sizes with ease—a feature that is always nice to have even if you don’t currently only have one blade to deal with. After all, you never know when your collection will expand, right?

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that this product has plenty of value. While it did not quite earn a spot as our best for the money pick this sharpener is still priced very reasonably compared to other similar products. All and all these components account for a chainsaw sharpener that should do very well to handle the needs of most amateur users.

  • Sturdy, Cast Aluminum Design
  • Powerful
  • Quick
  • Very Adjustable
  • Good Value
  • None to speak of! There’s a reason this bad boy topped our list

2. Oregon 410-120 Chain Saw Sharpening Tool – The Runner-up

Oregon 410-120

Second on the list the Oregon. This brand actually has a pretty solid reputation in the world of chainsaw sharpeners—one that might even out shadow that of the OrangeA.

Those familiar with the chainsaw sharpener market might expect this primo sharpener two top our list.

While it does come close, the unit ultimately finds itself second for an important reason. Value. To put it simply, the Oregon is consistently priced higher than the OrangeA.

The reason? Well, that’s what is not quite apparent. These are fairly similar sharpeners which is a good thing for the Oregon, but it also means consumers will probably get a better deal with the OrangeA.

Price aside it is a very good tool. You get the same versatility in terms if blade sizes that you get with the OrangeA and actually the motor is a little better with this unit. While the OrangeA delivers 3000 Rpm you get 3500 with the Oregon.

Then there are a few other bonus features that are simple but useful.

For example, the wheel wear indicator alerts you when it is time to replace the grinding wheel, which is handy for saving time and keeping the tool in tip-top shape.

The built-in light is also a notable feature that you probably never would have sought out but might appreciate. It is a simple feature that makes it easier to see the positioning of the chain tooth.

Final verdict? While the price leaves something to be desired here the Oregon does deliver on features which makes it a great buy for those not concerned with value.

  • Wheel Wear Indicator
  • Light
  • Great Motor
  • Poorly Priced

3. Buffalo Tools ECSS – Best Chainsaw Sharpener – Best for the Money

Buffalo Tools ECSS

Right off the bat, you should take note of the fact that the Buffalo is our pick for the best chainsaw sharpener for the money.

While the features of this unit don’t stack up very well against the last two sharpeners, they do still account for a tool that will get the job done.

At 4200 RPMs you are getting a slightly quicker sharpener with this unit than you got with the last two but that is about all you are getting. There is a reason this sharpener doesn’t make it into the top two on our list.

The Buffalo sharpener is pretty basic. It will sharpen your chainsaw, but it will do so without a lot of the features that make the process easier and more convenient. There are no lights, no wheel wear indicators. In fact, this sharpener isn’t even equipped to handle as many blade types as the last two that we looked at.

Our final verdict is that while this is a perfectly acceptable sharpener it will probably best serve the buyer who is casual with their chainsaw use and therefore ok with getting the bare minimum out of the features.

  • Best Value on List
  • Great Motor
  • Lacks convenience features

4. TruePower 01-0854 Chain-Saw Sharpening Tool

TruePower 01-0854

The second to last chainsaw sharpener that we will be looking at today is another product that falls into the category of budget buy. Though not quite affordable enough to win best for the money, it is a sharpener that will respect your wallet if you are going into this process with a tight budget.

Perhaps even more importantly, however, it also comes equipped with a variety of features that could potentially make it a valuable piece of equipment. For one thing, this sharpener is very adjustable to the point that it should work with virtually any sized blade that you could throw at it.

It’s also pretty quick, reaching speeds of 4200 RPM, and it even features a safety stop button on the trigger which will, or at least should reduce the risk of misuse. All in all, it is a good well-rounded sharpener that most shoppers should appreciate.

One thing that is worth noting is that some users have reported a learning curve with this sharpener—though this can most likely be attributed to the lackluster instructions that come with the product. If you find yourself in need of guidance instructional videos are always a good place to turn.

And that’s that! Overall, it’s a good buy.

  • Safety Features
  • A little complicated to figure out

5. Granberg Bar-Mount G-106B Sharpener

Granberg Bar-Mount G-106B

And now the Granberg: a product that proves that sometimes last actually does mean least. While we don’t want to speak too harshly about this product (after all we were the ones who decided to put it on the list) there are some things that you should know before you consider taking it home.

First of all, unlike the other selections featured today the Granberg is not an electric sharpener.

We will get into exactly what it means to be a bar-mounted sharpener a little bit later when we look at some buying considerations, but for now, just understand that they require a lot more manual effort and they aren’t even close to as time-efficient as their electric equivalents.

So that’s what you are getting here: a slow tool that won’t be nearly as effective consistent or time-efficient as the other options on this list.

It’s a case of going back to the farm after having seen Paris. Yes, this tool will technically get the job done but unless your budget absolutely mandates you choose this model, we recommend thinking twice. And then, a third time.

  • Affordable
  • Inefficient
  • Inconsistent
  • Slowest unit on the list

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know what is out there, let’s take a look at a few key buying considerations that will help you identify what to look for in a chainsaw sharpener.


We won’t spend too much time going over the importance of price as a buying consideration because it is something that you probably already know. Nevertheless, it does still bear mentioning if you are to get the best chainsaw sharpener that you can.

It’s probably safe to say that most people want to get the best price that they can on a product. This is an understandable goal common probably to all of us, but also understand that the best price doesn’t always mean the lowest one.

In our book, the best-priced chainsaw sharpener is going to include everything you could want and need in an affordable package. Sometimes you have to pay a little bit more for quality, but it is definitely well worth it.

Power Source

In terms of how different chainsaw sharpeners function, there are few components more relevant than what fuels them.

When it comes to the chainsaw sharpener, there are several power source possibilities. The two broadest categories of power are manual or electric.

The manual chainsaw sharpener is powered by your own efforts, and generally involves a rounded file that is designed to accommodate the shape of the blade and its teeth.

This method does require a great deal of care and precision on the part of the person who is executing it because if you aren’t paying attention it is very possible to disproportionately file down teeth of the blade which is not good for its long-term function.

Naturally, the manual hand file is going to be the more economic option, but it is also somewhat tedious, and it is certainly more time-consuming.

In the category of manual powered sharpeners, there is also the bar-mounted option to consider. This method of sharpening is certainly easier to use than the hand file, but it still isn’t very powerful or versatile.

Generally speaking, this option is more expensive than the hand file but less expensive than motor powered units (although this is not always the case).

Then there is the electric powered option. If you can spring for an electric sharpener, you are definitely going to want to do so. It’s quick, versatile, powerful, and most should be able to handle a much wider range of blade sizes.

Above all else? You should never spend more than about five minutes sharpening a standard twenty-inch blade.

Think About How Often You Will Use it

The frequency with which you are going to use your chainsaw sharpener should be one of the guiding factors in terms of which model you ultimately end up going with.

There are several reasons for this. For one thing, people that use their chainsaws a lot (and therefore frequently encounter the need to sharpen them) are probably going to want something that makes the job as simple and quick as possible.

For that, we have already established that you might want to take a close look at some electrically powered sharpeners. But when we talk about the frequency of use there is a lot more to consider than simply the power source.

Some chainsaw sharpeners are built to be used more than others. Industrial sharpeners designed for daily use should hold up fine against a lot of wear and tear, while more casual, commercial sharpeners might not last as long as you are hoping they will.

Taking stock of your needs going into the process should help to ensure that you get the best sharpener for your situation.

sharpening a chainsaw


The size of your blades is going to be a big factor in which sharpener you ultimately decide to go with especially if you are leaning towards going with a manual option.

Keep in mind that when it comes to the rounded hand files, they aren’t usually meant to work with all sizes of blades. That being the case you are going to want to make sure that the unit you are considering is capable of catering to your set up.

On the other hand, this isn’t nearly as much of an issue when it comes to electric powered units. They are known for being a whole lot more versatile in terms of the different blade sizes that they can handle.

That being the case, you may want to consider going with an electrically powered unit if you work with blades of different sizes, or might in the future. While the electric sharpener is typically more expensive than the manual options it is probably more economical than buying several hand files to accommodate a variety of blades.


If you are like well, just about everyone, you don’t really have time to dedicate a big part of your day to sharpening your chainsaw. That being the case, you are probably going to want to pick a sharpener that can get the task done in as little time as possible.

As we discussed earlier when it comes to speed your best bet is probably going to be a nice high-quality electric sharpener. If you don’t quite want to spring for one of those, however, the bar-mounted sharpener is also pretty efficient with your time.

The hand file definitely comes in last place in this category but if you are on a tight budget then you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

On the other hand f you are looking for a justification to spend a little bit more money on a sharpener that is more efficient think of it this way: aren’t you more likely to actually use your chainsaw sharpener when the process is only set to take around five minutes?

Personally, we think that it is worth your money to invest in a sharpener that respects the fact that you have other things to do with your day.

Last But Not Least

Last but not least, go with your gut! The function of the chainsaw sharpener is two-fold. Of course, the first and arguably most important task of this accessory is to maintain the integrity of your tool (and by extension of that responsibility, your work).

It’s also to make your life a little bit easier! Get a sharpener that makes this frankly boring takes as easy and straightforward as possible. If you have doubts about a product, move on. There are plenty of options out there that perform well at an affordable price. There is no need to settle for something you aren’t crazy about!


So now you have a choice in your hands. Which of these primo chainsaw sharpeners is right for your needs? Well, as you will probably recall, we did have a recommendation.

As far as we are concerned the OrangeA Electric Chainsaw Sharpener is the best option on this list in that it provides users with the perfect combination of features, quality and value.

Conversely, we also identified the Buffalo Tools ECSS as our best option for the money, which means it will be a good buy for anyone looking to get the most for the least amount of cash.

Do you have to buy one of these two options? Of course not! By now you have read plenty of reviews of chainsaw sharpeners, and any one of the options listed above will serve your needs to one degree or another.

As you’ve seen, there are lots of options out there in terms of quality and price. We just hope that we made the buying decision a little bit easier for you!

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