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Best Commercial Log Splitters for the Money 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

log splitting actionThere is no denying the numerous benefits of a log splitter. With a log splitter in your toolkit, you will no longer have to worry about spending hours exhausting yourself to gather firewood for your home. In fact, if you have a log splitter around, you will no longer have any use for your ax. In a nutshell, a log splitter is a tool that splits pre-cut wood logs/chunks into several pieces.

We should count our blessings for being alive in a contemporary world where there isn´t a dearth of facilities and machines that help make our lives easier. A log splitter, like other products, is also available in several, different types. You have the option of choosing between gas, electric, or manual log splitter; we are pretty spoilt for choices in this department.

Having many options to choose from can be quite beneficial; however, choosing the perfect model amongst the numerous options can prove to be arduous and challenging too. Luckily, you have nothing to worry about as we have done the legwork to help you make your choice. Without straying away from the topic any further, here are the best commercial log splitters in 2020.

Our Favorite Models Compared:

Image Product Details
Top Pick
  • Easy assembly
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Hauling this log splitter is easy
  • Second place
    Southland Outdoor SLS20825 Southland Outdoor SLS20825
  • Durable and high-quality components
  • Can handle sizeable logs
  • Internal oil delivery system
  • Best For The Money
    Third place
    Champion 100251 Champion 100251
  • Excellent value for money
  • High-quality
  • Shut-down mechanism
  • Swisher LSRB87528 Swisher LSRB87528
  • Ample log splitting force
  • Portable
  • Sun Joe LJ602E Sun Joe LJ602E
  • Small and portable
  • 2-year warranty
  • The 5 Best Commercial Log Splitters – Reviews 2020:

    1. YARDMAX YS3567 Log Splitter – Top Pick

    YARDMAX YS3567

    The easy-to-assemble YARDMAX YS3567 is certainly worth is salt as a log splitter. There is a reason why it occupies the number one position on our list. The product is durable beyond belief and boasts of multiple, standard design enhancements that allow it to perform better than the other log splitters on the market. It is well capable of taking on heavy-duty applications and boasts of 7-5 inch 2-way wedge. The product has been specifically designed to enable safe and easy operation from either side of the tool. We simply can´t stop waxing lyrical about this product. It truly excels in all departments!

    • High-quality and durable log splitter
    • Easy assembly
    • Suitable for commercial and industrial applications
    • Safe and easy operation
    • Hauling this log splitter is easy
    • Splitting action takes a bit long

    2. Southland Outdoor SLS20825 Commercial Log-Splitter

    Southland Outdoor SLS20825

    The Southland Outdoor SLS20825 is also a very good log splitter. It comes equipped with a 208ccOHV engine that provides 8.5-foot-pounds of torque. Therefore, if you are looking for a log splitter that can split the hardest species of wood, you should look no further than this product. To be precise, this machine is capable of handling logs as long as 26 inches in length and 30 inches in diameter. We like the fact that the steel splitting edge of this particular product is heat treated, giving the wedge an extended life over other splitting edges. Regrettably, the Southland Outdoor SLS20825 is not exactly portable. Weighing in at nearly 475 pounds, it is humongous and can prove to be rather challenging to move around.

    • Geared for vertical and horizontal positions
    • Durable and high-quality components
    • Can handle sizeable logs
    • Internal oil delivery system
    • Can be difficult to move around

    3. Champion 100251 Commercial Log Splitter – Best For The Money

    Champion 100251

    If you are looking for a log splitter that provides the best value for money, we would advise you to go for the Champion 100251. For durability purposes, the makers of the product have smartly ensured that the product boasts of cast iron cylinder sleeve. The manufacturers have also integrated a low oil shutoff mechanism to protect the engine. For added safety, the makers have safely covered all the wire and mechanical instrument with a proper cover and tube. This particular machine is capable of handling logs up to 24 inches long, weighing up to 100 pounds!  The fact that it boasts of a full steel beam design for maximum cylinder support also adds to its charm. Like all other high-end models, the Champion 100251 is also EPA certified and CARB compliant. However, the product can be rather difficult to assemble, shift or move.

    • Can be used in horizontal and vertical positions
    • Excellent value for money
    • High-quality log splitter with a long lifespan
    • Shut-down mechanism to protect the engine
    • Assembly can be a challenge
    • Wheel bearing doesn’t fit on the axle
    • Hose clamp quality is lacking
    • Side racks are a bit flimsy

    4. Swisher LSRB87528 Log Splitter

    Swisher LSRB87528

    Although the Swisher LSRB87528 cannot be considered the best model around, it does offer a few advantages. This particular log splitter has the second highest amount of splitting force (28 tons). Therefore, it is one of the most powerful splitters around and can easily power through materials. Unlike other heavy splitting machines, it is also relatively portable as it can be towed. Unfortunately, we are not happy with the fact that it is extremely heavy and difficult to move around; it weighs around 600 pounds! We also don´t like the fact that the engine oil plug of this log splitter is difficult to access.

    • Ample log splitting force
    • Portable
    • Components and replacement parts are not readily available
    • Heavy and bulky
    • Poor overall quality
    • High price tag
    • Slow log splitting action

    5. Sun Joe LJ602E Professional Log-Splitter

    Sun Joe LJ602E

    Before we begin our review of this particular product, we would like to state that we are not sworn enemies with the makers of the Sun Joe LJ602E. Easily the worst log splitter on our list, the Sun Joe LJ602E is anything but powerful. The log splitter doesn´t deliver on its promises and even fails to split pieces of wood that have less than 7- inch diameter. Anything larger in diameter just gets pinned against the brace. This particular product has only been specifically created for home or light-duty use. We think you´d be better off spending more on a more powerful unit.

    • Small and portable
    • Only compatible with 120 Volts
    • Low log splitting force
    • Poor overall quality
    • Ram quality can be improved
    • Cannot split reasonably sized logs

    Buyer’s Guide

    Since there are plenty of options for you to choose from, you should be particularly careful when purchasing a commercial log splitter. Not all log splitters are created the same and the ones worth purchasing are few and far between. Hence, before making a purchase, it is imperative for you to review plenty of options, make comparisons between different models and brands. There are other factors for you to pay attention to as well and some of them include:

    Know what type of work you will need it for

    If you want to get your hands on the best log splitter, it is essential for you to know what type of work you will need the log splitter for. Will you simply need it to split wood pieces/chunks or are you planning to use it for residential splitting tasks? As we mentioned earlier, not all log splitters are created the same. Some are more powerful than the others.

    Be aware of the features

    Commercial log splitters are available for purchase in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition to that, they also have different features. For instance, while some splitters use hydraulic components, there are others that rely on air power. While some possess easy-to-access parts, there are others that have complicated design structures specifically manufactured for professionals. There are some log splitters that even boast of two handles for more control. If you want to make an informed purchase, it is necessary for you to be aware of the features you require.

    How difficult is it to maintain?

    We can´t stress enough on the importance of maintaining your tools and appliances. The log splitter must be maintained frequently for optimum output. If you fail to maintain it, it could be dangerous for you to use it. Hence, before making a purchase, it is important to identify if the log splitter you intend to purchase has easy-to-access parts and is easy to maintain. Simple maintenance tasks such as regular oil changes, lubrication of moving parts and bearings, checkup of nuts, bolts, spark plugs, and air filters etc., can go a long way in ensuring your safety.

    No need to go over budget

    There is no need for you to go over budget with your purchase. There is something for everyone. With that being said, you should also understand that you get what you pay for. And, the more you spend on your log splitter, the more you can be assured of a high quality and efficient product. If you want to make the best purchase, we would strongly advise you to compare the features of the log splitters in comparison to the cost. You can also use helpful online features to compare between different models and brands in your budget.


    We are of the opinion that the YARDMAX YS3567 is the best model in its price range. It is easy to assemble, powerful enough to split large diameter wood into multiple pieces, safe to use, and affordable. It truly excels in all departments!  However, if you are looking for a log splitter that provides the best value for money, we would advise you to go for the Champion 100251. This particular machine is capable of handling logs up to 24 inches long, weighing up to 100 pounds! We would strongly advise you to try the log splitters with your own hands before splurging on one. Hopefully, we have made your search for the perfect log splitter a lot easier.

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