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Best Cordless Electric Grease Guns 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Ryobi 18V Volt Cordless Grease Gun P3410

If you’ve ever slogged through the laborious and tedious work of using a manual grease gun, then your fingers are probably still cramping.

Luckily, technology is here to improve all of our lives, this time with a cordless electric grease gun. This tool can save you hours of time and frustration, making it quick and easy to grease-up fittings or anything else you can think of.

We’ve tested out quite a few of these tools to try and determine which ones are worth the investment. After gathering all of our information, we wrote the following six reviews to share what we learned.

Once you see how these grease guns stack up against each other, you should have a better idea of which one is the best addition for your garage.

A Quick Look at our Favorites of 2020:

ModelPriceWarrantyEditor Rating

Check Price
1 year4.90/5
Lumax Handyluber
Lumax LX-1175Best Value

Check Price
1 year4.85/5
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Milwaukee Electric Tool 2646-21CTPremium Choice

Check Price
5 years4.60/5

Check Price
Lincoln Lubrication PowerLuber
Lincoln Lubrication 1244

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The 6 Best Cordless Electric Grease Guns:

1. DEWALT MAX Cordless Grease Gun – Best Overall


DEWALT is a well-respected name in cordless power tools, so it’s no surprise that their MAX Cordless Grease Gun has earned our highest recommendation and the top position on our list. Since it’s part of the popular DEWALT 20V MAX family, you may already have a battery or several that fit this gun, saving you quite a bit of money that you’d otherwise have to invest in batteries. This gun is already one of the higher cost options, so once you factor in the additional batteries, it gets even more expensive. The 20V MAX batteries do provide excellent battery life, pumping out up to 16 cartridges of grease on a single charge.

You’ll never have any issue reaching hard to get to grease fittings with the long 42-inch hose that’s flexible enough to maneuver into any position. There’s also an LED light built-into the front of the gun so you’ll be able to see what you’re working on in any light conditions. This gun can squeeze out up to 5 ounces per minute. thanks to the powerful motor that pushes 10,000 PSI. All in all, it’s a beast of a grease gun, which is why it tops our list.

  • Part of the popular DEWALT 20V MAX family
  • Up to 5.0 oz/minute
  • Built-in LED light for better visibility
  • Long and flexible 42” hose
  • Up to 16 cartridges per charge
  • Not one of the cheaper options

2. Lumax Handyluber Cordless Grease Gun – Best Value

Lumax LX-1175

It isn’t the most powerful cordless grease gun we’ve seen, but its combination of solid performance and low-cost affordability makes the Lumax Handyluber the best cordless electric grease gun for the money in our eyes. It comes as a complete kit with a slim-line carrying case, battery charger, and either one or two batteries depending on which package you pick. We were surprised at how light it is, which makes it easy to maneuver into those hard to reach areas. But the hose is a bit shorter than we’d like at just 30 inches long.

Our biggest complaint with the Lumax Handyluber is the poor battery life. You can apply about 5 cartridges of grease from a single charge. Luckily, the batteries charge in just one hour, because you’ll be switching them regularly. The non-slip grip makes this gun easy to hold, even when your gloves start to get greasy. The barrel is chrome plated for protection from corrosion. It may not have the same power as the DEWALT in our top position, but the Lumax Handyluber is still a very capable grease gun that can speed up your workflow and won’t hurt your wallet.

  • Affordably priced
  • Battery charges in 1-hour
  • Includes slimline carrying case
  • Lightweight
  • Poor battery life
  • The hose is shorter than we’d prefer

3. Milwaukee Electric Tool M18 Grease Gun – Premium Choice

The Milwaukee Electric Tool M18 lineup is well-known and trusted. The M18 Grease Gun Kit lives up to the bar set by the other tools in the family. It’s definitely one of the more expensive options, but it’s also a very capable tool protected by an excellent five-year warranty. This tool has two speeds to choose from to give you more control over the flow of grease. You’ll have no problem getting to any grease fitting with the extra-long 48-inch flexible hose. However, you may not be able to see anything because this tool doesn’t have an LED light built-in, a drawback that keeps the Milwaukee from moving up to a first-place recommendation.

When you’re pumping grease through a gun, it can be very difficult to tell when you’re at the end of a cartridge. The Milwaukee M18 Grease Gun solves this issue by adding markings to the plunger rod that lets you see exactly how much grease you have left in the cartridge. Altogether, we think the Milwaukee is one of the best cordless grease guns on the market, but it just couldn’t quite beat the DEWALT 20V MAX.

  • Part of the Milwaukee M18 family
  • 2 speeds to choose between
  • 48” flexible hose
  • Markings on plunger rod
  • 5-year warranty
  • One of the more expensive options
  • The battery didn’t work on arrival

4. Ryobi P3410 Cordless Grease Gun


The Ryobi P3410 Cordless Grease Gun is an excellent tool that has just a few too many flaws for us to recommend it. However, it does provide very solid performance. It works with the popular Ryobi 18V batteries. If you’re already invested in the Ryobi 18V system, then this may be enough of a selling point for you! On a single charge, you can pump as many as 19 cartridges with this gun. It’s also very powerful with a maximum 10,000 PSI and a flow rate of up to 7.5 ounces per minute, putting it on par with some models that cost considerably more. There’s even a built-in LED light so you can see when you’re under a vehicle. That said, the short 30-inch hose isn’t going to make it very easy to reach your fittings.

Though it’s pretty affordably priced, you’re going to need to purchase batteries and a charger separately if you don’t already have them. This quickly raises the price into a different category, which is why the Ryobi didn’t earn our best value recommendation. It’s also a heavy gun, and when trying to hold it in place with one arm, you’re going to feel it.

  • 10,000 PSI max
  • 5 oz/minute flow rate
  • Works with Ryobi 18V batteries
  • LED light built-in
  • Heavier than competitors
  • No case included
  • Must purchase batteries separately
  • Hose is only 30”

5. Lincoln Lubrication PowerLuber Cordless Grease Gun

Lincoln Lubrication 1244

At first glance, the Lincoln Lubrication PowerLuber Cordless Grease Gun seemed like an excellent tool that came with plenty of accessories for the price. Upon further inspection, its performance didn’t live up to expectations. We were glad to see two batteries included in the case with the PowerLuber. This is important because the battery life is pretty dismal, only pumping out a few cartridges per charge. You’ll be swapping batteries constantly. Luckily, they charge pretty quickly.

We had trouble reaching some of the more difficult fittings because the hose on this gun is only 30 inches long. It’s also not as powerful as the other tools we tested, only managing to produce 6,000 PSI compared to the 10,000 PSI that our top performers put out. To make matters worse, we had trouble priming the PowerLuber. It didn’t want to prime right to begin with, but once we got it primed, it would lose prime halfway through the cartridge. This started to become a frustrating time sink that held this tool back from achieving a higher rating.

  • Includes two batteries
  • Includes carrying case
  • Batteries charge quickly
  • Hose is only 30”
  • Only 6,000 PSI
  • Difficult to prime
  • Poor battery life

6. Neiko 12000A Cordless Grease Gun

Neiko 12000A

For what it is and the level of performance it provides, we think the Neiko 12000A Cordless Grease Gunis overpriced. It’s nearly as expensive as some of the best competing products, but its performance doesn’t match them. For the price, you do get a kit with everything you need, including the gun, two batteries, a charger, and even a carrying case. When we first opened up the Neiko, everything looked fine and we expected to see some solid operation from it.

Once you hold this grease gun, you’ll notice the weight. If you’re trying to hold this gun with one hand in a precarious position, expect your arm to start wearing out pretty quickly. And, the hose is only 30 inches long. Next, we noticed that it’s got a pretty slow output compared to some of the other models we tested it against. With a maximum output of 6,500 PSI, we should have expected the slow performance. Worse, the batteries only hold a charge for a couple of cartridges, so you’ll be recharging and replacing them repeatedly.

  • Two batteries included
  • Carrying case for storage
  • Short 30” hose
  • Maximum 6,500 PSI
  • Short battery life
  • Heavy

Buyer’s Guide

We’ve already covered a lot about these specific tools in our reviews, but what separates them from each other? What makes one grease gun superior to another? In this section, we’re going to quickly clarify which traits are most important to look for in a cordless grease gun and why. These are the things you’ll want to keep in mind when you go to make your final decision about which grease gun will earn a position in your tool collection.

Hose Length

A common place to perform work with a grease gun is on your back underneath a vehicle. This isn’t a favorite relaxing position for most of us, but it’s what you have to do to reach some of the fittings you need to grease. What happens when you manage to get to the fitting but the hose doesn’t reach? You’ll have to hold the weight of the gun up so the hose can reach the fitting while trying to operate it. Sound like fun? It’s not. If your grease gun has a long enough hose, you’ll probably be able to reach the fitting with your gun in whatever position is most comfortable for you. We always prefer to be comfortable when it’s possible, and a long hose makes it happen. 30 inches is pretty short, but some manufacturers offer hoses up to 48 inches long.

Battery Life

Few things are more annoying than getting everything hooked up and ready to go, pulling the trigger, and…nothing. This is a pretty common occurrence though. Dead batteries are something we’re all going to deal with, but a longer battery life means you’ll be experiencing it far less often. For grease guns, the battery life can be measured in how many cartridges of grease can be pumped out on a single charge. Some of the tools we tested could only crank out a few cartridges per charge, while others managed as many as 19 cartridges on a single battery!


It can get pretty dark underneath a vehicle, especially if you’re already in a garage that has poor lighting. To make matters worse, grease fittings are often in hard to reach, difficult to find spots. Feeling around in the dark with your fingers is one way to find the fitting. An easier way is to use a flashlight. Of course, that’s another tool for you to think about while you’re down there, so most of us aren’t likely to do this. But if the flashlight is built into the front of your tool, then your life just got much easier. Some of our favorite cordless electric grease guns included this feature by building LED lights into the front of the gun. This makes it so much easier to see what you’re doing, which is why we prioritize this feature.


When you first pick up a grease gun, the weight may seem like a trivial thing. Once you’re contorted into a strange position under a vehicle while trying to hold the gun and operate it at the same time, you’ll start to realize that a heavy grease gun is a real drawback. Some of the guns we tested were very bulky and heavy, not a great combination when trying to maneuver it into a tight and hard to reach area. On the other hand, the lighter models were much easier to move around and never gave us the same levels of frustration or fatigue.

Are Batteries Included?

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a cordless electric grease gun is that you’re going to need batteries. Ideally, you’ll have at least two. One can be charging while the other is in use. If the gun you pick doesn’t come as a kit, you’re going to need to spend even more purchasing batteries and a charger. Of course, you may already be invested in a specific cordless kit such as the DEWALT 20V MAX. In such cases, you won’t need to spend the extra money on batteries and can instead focus primarily on performance. Some of the tools we tried out did come as kits and included batteries, chargers, and even carrying cases. If you don’t already have batteries for a popular cordless family, then we’d suggest picking a kit that includes everything you need so you don’t have to make additional purchases just to use one tool.


Deciding on which cordless electric grease gun you should invest in seems like a simple decision, but it’s a lot more difficult than it appears on the surface. To try to simplify matters, we’ve written reviews comparing our favorite models. Hopefully, this has helped you to determine which ones may fit your situation, but just in case, we’re going to quickly summarize our recommendations once more. When you want the best all-around cordless grease gun, we suggest the DEWALT 20V MAX grease gun. Its excellent battery life pumps out 16 cartridges per charge, there’s an LED built-in to illuminate your work, and the 42-inch long hose makes it easy to reach any grease fitting, no matter how out of the way.

If you’re looking for a budget purchase and want the best bang for your buck, we recommend the Handyluber Cordless Grease Gun by Lumax. It’s very lightweight and maneuverable, the batteries charge in just one hour, and it’s priced low enough to fit any budget. But if you want a premium offering and don’t mind spending a bit more for it, we think the Milwaukee M18 Grease Gun is an excellent choice at any price.

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