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Best Cordless Hot Glue Guns 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Gluing objects that require accuracy and precision should be achieved with the use of a hot glue gun. A cordless one is a bonus, as it doesn’t limit you to a confined work station. There are many cordless hot glue guns available; however, finding the right one that meets your needs is the real challenge.

To assist you in this we’ve compared and reviewed over 25 different glue guns. We then selected our 10 favorites, reviewed them and listed them for you to read below. We hope that this helps you on your journey.

At A Quick Glance (updated in 2020):

ModelPriceGlue Sticks CountEditor Rating
Ryobi P305 One+ 18V
Ryobi P305 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Hot Glue GunBest Overall

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TOPELEK Cordless Hot Glue Gun KitBest Value

Check Price
30 pieces4.45/5
PROkleber Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

Check Price
12 pieces4.40/5
Surebonder PRO2-60
Surebonder PRO2-60 Cordless Heavy Duty Full Size Hot Glue Gun

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AONOKOY Cordless Hot Glue-Gun

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20 pieces4.15/5

8 Best Cordless Glue Guns – Reviews:

1. Ryobi P305 Cordless Hot Glue Gun – Best Overall

Ryobi P305 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Hot Glue Gun

The first thing that you will notice about the Ryobi P305 Hot Glue Gun is its weight distribution. It’s designed in a way that allows it to stand on its own. This is very beneficial, because you won’t have to pick it up repeatedly. An LED light tells you when the gun is on or off.

The ergonomic rubber grip allows you to maneuver the tool with precision, even if your hands are slippery, and the nozzle is well-built to prevent leaking and enhance precision.

The Ryobi P305 is compatible with Lithium-ion and NiCad batteries. It promises a run time of three and a half hours before it needs recharging, but you’ll notice that the stream of glue becomes lighter after a few minutes of use. You’ll need to let it cool off a bit before you resume working.

  • Ergonomic grip
  • LED indicator for safety
  • Stands on its own
  • Well-built nozzle for precision
  • Works with two types of batteries
  • Needs time to cool off

2. TOPELEK Cordless Hot Glue Gun Kit – Best Value

TOPELEK Cordless Hot Glue Gun Kit

An attractive aspect of the TOPELEK Cordless Hot Glue Gun Kit is that it can be charged via a USB portal. Once it’s fully charged, it has a run time of 80 to 100 minutes before recharging, but you’ll notice the glue stream begins to fade after a few minutes.

This glue gun is safe and easy to use, with an integrated LED light to signify when it’s on or off. Although it’s a mini tool, it’s very versatile and can be used on DIY projects, crafts, and home repairs.

The tool’s handle is ergonomic and the gun is lightweight, which allows you to carry it anywhere with ease.

In addition to all the positive aspects mentioned above, it’s significantly more affordable than many hot glue guns. However, because it’s so small, it dispenses a small quantity of glue per hour.

  • Safe to use
  • Versatile
  • Ergonomic
  • LED light to signify on and off
  • Lightweight
  • Dispenses small quantities of glue

3. PROkleber Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

PROkleber Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

The PROkleber Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit comes in a very attractive and professional-looking bag. The kit includes 12 large glue sticks and the glue gun. The gun itself is not too large or too small, and it has a foldable stand.

The handle is very comfortable and ergonomic, and it has an on and off button. The glue gun is versatile with its ability to glue different materials, including wood and plastic.

The gun’s 100-watt power allows the glue to melt very fast, within two to three minutes. The gun is durable and efficient. However, sometimes it heats too quickly, and this causes some glue to drip.

  • Comes with glue sticks
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Melts glue fast
  • Durable
  • Glue drips

4. Surebonder Cordless Hot Glue-Gun

Surebonder PRO2-60 Cordless Heavy Duty Full Size Hot Glue Gun

Cordless glue guns are convenient, because they allow you to move around your work space, but once the battery is flat, you will have to spend a few minutes waiting for it to recharge. The Surebonder PR02-60 hot glue gun rectifies this issue with its ability to be corded and cordless.

It comes in a neat case with all the additional accessories inside. This hot glue gun is efficient, and it melts the glue sticks fast. It’s a heavy-duty gun for bigger projects. You won’t have to wait very long for it to cool off a bit, so it allows you to progress faster on your project.

On the downside, it doesn’t come with the charger and battery. These have to be bought separately. The glue gun doesn’t have a check valve, so the glue drips continuously.

  • Corded and cordless
  • Efficient
  • Melts glue fast
  • Shorter cooling time
  • Charger and battery not included
  • No check valve

5. AONOKOY Cordless Hot Glue-Gun

AONOKOY Cordless Hot Glue-Gun

The AONOKOY Cordless Hot Glue-Gun is a mini-sized glue gun that’s easy to use and transport. Its handle is ergonomic, and it features a high-temperature resistance cover.

This glue gun is dual-temperature, which makes it versatile. It’s made of aluminum and plastic for durability. It’s suitable for most material, and it comes with 20 glue sticks, so you really get your money’s worth.

Additional benefits of this glue gun include a USB portal for charging, a leak-proof rubber ring, and a well-designed nozzle for improved efficiency.

The battery run time is very short, and the gun doesn’t heat the glue to the desired temperature.

  • Non-leak rubber ring
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • Short battery run time
  • Doesn’t heat glue to required temperature

6. Elmer’s Craft Bond Hot Glue Gun

Elmer’s Craft Bond Dual Temp Cordless Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun can be dangerous if it’s not operated with caution. Luckily, the Elmer’s Craft Bond Dual Temp Cordless Hot Glue Gun has additional safety features, such as an insulated nozzle to protect its user from burns, a side lift to lift the gun safely on its side when it’s not in use, and a safety fuse to shut off the tool in the event of internal failure.

This tool works well on almost any project and material. The dual temperature adds to its versatility, and the gun is designed ergonomically.

This glue gun does not reach the ideal temperature to melt the glue stick efficiently, and the nozzle tends to leak. In addition, the run time is very short, so you have to recharge it frequently. The product description claims that it’s suitable for any project, but the run time and relatively low temperature make it suitable only for small projects involving soft material.

  • Several safety features
  • Ergonomic design
  • Insulated nozzle
  • Not hot enough
  • Leaking nozzle
  • Short running time
  • Not versatile

7. Fiskars Low Temp Cordless Glue Guns
Fiskars 11930-1001 Lia Griffith Low Temp Cordless Glue Gun

The Fiskars 11930-1001 is a low-temperature glue gun that’s designed to be used on delicate projects. It has a large base to rest it on when it’s not in use. It’s easy to use, with an ergonomic handle.

The battery on this glue gun has to be replaced regularly, because it doesn’t last long. The glue gun requires a long period of time to preheat the glue. The tool also produces a squeaking noise when operating, and it seems to have an internal problem, as it shuts down abruptly.

  • Large base for stability
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic
  • Short battery life
  • Long preheat time
  • Squeaking noise when operating
  • Shuts off abruptly

8. Uniteco Werktough Glue Gun (Cordless)
Cordless Hot Glue Gun with 15s Super Fast Heating Battery Operated 3.6V Glue Gun Kit for Home Quick Repair, DIY Small Arts & Crafts Projects by Werktough

The cordless Uniteco Werktough Glue Gun promises to preheat the glue within 15 seconds and retain its temperature with the aid of a smart temperature control design.

There’s an LED battery indicator to inform you when to recharge the battery, and a silicone cap to help prevent burns from the heat. It has a battery runtime of three to five hours. This glue gun is suited for crafts and small projects, not hefty specialized projects.

Once you place the glue stick in the gun, it doesn’t sit firmly, so it tends to fall off. Contrary to the product description, the gun requires at least 10 minutes to preheat sufficiently. The nozzle drips and leaks, and the glue loses its consistency after a few minutes of use.

  • LED battery indicator
  • Silicone cap to prevent burns
  • Glue stick falls off
  • Long preheat time
  • Dripping/leaking nozzle
  • Glue loses consistency

Buyer’s Guide

The following features of a glue gun are essential. They should therefore be given thought before you decide what glue gun to purchase.


Some glue guns have high-temperature systems while others feature low temperatures, and occasionally, some have both. You should, therefore, determine your purpose for buying a glue gun, to decide which type would work best for you.


There are typically two sizes of hot glue gun available, mini and large. The mini dispenses a small amount of glue per hour and is suitable for small projects; the opposite applies to large glue guns. Identify which one will meet your needs.


The power of a hot glue gun, measured in watts, tells you the speed at which the gun melts glue.


The nozzle is perhaps the most crucial part of a hot glue gun, as it affects the quality of work significantly. Check that the nozzle is of high quality, that it’s designed to be efficient, and that it comes with a nozzle cover.

Here are some other products we recently reviewed and compared:


The Ryobi P305 One+ 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Hot Glue Gun has almost all the desirable features of a hot glue gun. It’s, therefore, our most recommended cordless gun. The TOPELEK Cordless Hot Glue Gun Kit is the best for the money, because it’s versatile and significantly affordable. The reviews above will hopefully guide you to the ideal glue gun for your requirements.

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