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Best Cordless Tool Sets for the Money 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

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a cordless tool setGetting a cordless tool set can be a good choice when it comes to “stacking up your workbench”. People buy a combo toolset because they’re usually cheaper, more versatile, and portable when it comes to handling.

However, finding the right one can be hard when there are dozens of different brands, hundreds of products, and a lot of factors to consider.

That’s why we’ve sat down, reviewed and compared dozens of power tool combos, and then compiled a list of our 5 favorites:

A Comparison of our Favorites in 2020:

ModelPriceTools in a SetEditor Rating
Best Overall

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Ryobi P883
Ryobi P883 18V ONE+
Best Value

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Milwaukee 2696-24 M18
Milwaukee 2696-24 M18

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Makita XT263M
Makita XT263M

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The 5 Best Cordless Power Tool Sets:

1. DEWALT DCK940D2 Cordless Tool Combo Kit – Top Pick

DEWALT DCK940D2 Combo Kit

This is the best power tool combo kit that has it all. The DEWALT DCK940D2 Combo Kit comes with eight heavy-duty power tools and also a Bluetooth speaker which can replace your old tool kit set. This cordless package comes with a DeWalt DCD771 drill/driver which can deliver up to 300 inch-pound of power capable of completing a range of applications. This package also has a DeWalt DCF885 impact driver which can reach up to speeds of about 2,800 RPM.

This package also comes with a 6-pound reciprocating saw which can deliver up to 3,000 SPM at 11/8-inch strokes suitable to match the specified power, stroke length, comfort, and vibrations. A circular saw is included, this 6½ inch blade can have an amazing speed up to 5,150 RPM cutting as deep as 2¼ inches.

This cordless combo kit also comes with an oscillating tool, an LED light with a very fantastic grip, a grinder, an angle drill and a Bluetooth speaker which can be controlled up to a 100ft away from where it sits. This kit provides an amazing selection of power tools that are suitable both professional and DIY-project workers making their projects smooth and easy sailing.

  • The power tools are easy to use
  • The tools have a very fine design
  • The tools are powerful
  • This combo kit is of great value to even professionals
  • The tools are very strong
  • Tools are heavy and loud

2. PORTER-CABLE PCCK619L8 Cordless Power Tool Set


This combo tool set is the next best thing to the DeWalt combo kit. It comes with almost all features, but it still lacks the Bluetooth speakers. This combo kit comes with a PCC601 drill driver with a 2-speed motor of 0 – 350 RPM and 0 – 1,500 RPM which is not as powerful as the DeWalt. The impact driver that comes with this package also has a two-speed setup that can deliver up to 2,800 and 3,100 RPM respectively.

This package comes with a jigsaw that allows its users to work with a speed of about 2,500 SPM and cuts only about ¾ inches deep. Following that is a circular saw with also a 6½ inch blade which can cut up to 2⅛ inches which is slightly lesser than the DeWalt. Another device to look after is the reciprocating saw, this device can be able to slice into hard materials, delivering a speed of about 3,000 SPM while handling it comfortably.

This package provides an oscillating tool which is extremely easy to use. It allows a variable speed of up to about 8,000 to 18,000 OPM making it a perfect tool for the job. Other devices included are; a grinder with a very firm and perfect handle and a flashlight to help you carry out the job.

  • It is packed with tools for low prices
  • It comes with two batteries and charger
  • The tools have a very nice design
  • The tools are powerful
  • The oscillating tool has plastic components which are not durable
  • The battery component has mixed reviews

3. Ryobi P883 18V ONE+ Lithium Ion Contractor’s Kit – Best Value

Ryobi P883 18V ONE+

We think that this particular combo set is the best value choice. Although it doesn’t contain a lot of devices like that of the DeWalt and the Porter-Cable, this combo kit has some of the necessary tools available for a simple DIY task. This combo kit contains – a drill/driver, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, 2 batteries, a flashlight, a charger and a bag for storage. The ½ single sleeve drill has a 24-clutch that is convenient for different types of drilling specifications.

The circular saw which is also cordless like the other types of equipment has a 5½ inch blade that can tear through any material/sheets while the handle gives you a solid grip. Just like the circular saw, the reciprocating saw also comes with a variable speed trigger and the design makes it convenient to use.

The flashlight is also convenient for any directional use. The kit is also provided with 2 lithium-ion batteries which are also said to be lightweight. These batteries are also compatible with any of the tools and a charger is also included.

All these devices are kept in a strong fabric bag specifically made only for these tools. With all these, this combo tool set is surprisingly low and more affordable for people on a budget.

  • This combo kit is cheap and very affordable
  • The tools are very easy to use
  • Easy drill settings
  • This combo kit is effective, suitable for DIY projects
  • Batteries could last longer and charge faster
  • The flashlight is not that good and it’s not LED

4. Milwaukee 2696-24 M18 Cordless Compact Combo Tool Kit

Milwaukee 2696-24 M18

This cordless combo kit ranks 4th on our review. The Milwaukee 2696-24 M18 is a 4-tool cordless combo kit which contains the M18 Hammer drill/driver, M18 Sawzall reciprocating saw, M18 6½ inch circular saw, and the M18 work light. This cordless combo kit is designed to have an effective blend of power, weight, and performance to deliver an outstanding workforce for you.

The drill/driver comes with a two-motor design that can go from 0 – 400 RPM and 0 – 1,800 RPM. This device can give up to 500 in-lbs of torque, making it effective for smaller DIY projects. This device is designed to allow greater accessibility in a tight workspace and its all-metal gear design provides durability and shock resistance.

The reciprocating saw comes with a sensitive variable speed trigger, designed with a patented gear-protecting clutch which helps provide longevity of the device. Another thing that is special about this device is that it displays runtime, so you can see and know how many hours before the battery runs out.

The circular saw is also designed for maximum comfortability when in use and can virtually cut through a lot of materials. This is a very good combo you can get but we would rather advise you to pick the 3rd option because it has more devices and features at a lower price.

  • The tools are easy to use
  • Short charge
  • The devices are durable
  • It is a bit expensive compared with the devices available to its own competitors.
  • This combo kit has a very flimsy bag
  • It has Expensive batteries
  • Comes with a single port charger

5. Makita XT263M Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit

Makita XT263M

This cordless combo kit is very cheap, but it is not worth the price. This is a 2-piece set combo kit. It doesn’t have all the devices as the rest of the combo kits. It comes with only a drill/driver and an impact driver. The drill/driver has only two variable speeds, 0 – 400 and 0 – 2,000 RPM and can deliver a max torque of about 750 in. Lbs.

The variable speed impact driver can provide speeds of up to 0 – 2,900 and 0 – 3,500 RPM and can provide a maximum torque of about 1,460 in. Lbs. The drill and the impact hammer are equipped with extreme protection technology, which can help protect both devices from harsh weather. They are also equipped with a technology that prevents overheating.

Well with all these features, it is still not the best out there as it ranks our 5th position on this list. It has its flaw, first of all, it is not a complete set (we can only advise you get it if you need only the drill and the impact hammer),  it does come with a jigsaw, circular saw, reciprocating saw, flashlight, an oscillating tool to mention a few. The combo kits do not come with an extra battery and the devices are pretty heavy.

  • Battery life is astonishing
  • This combo kit is affordable
  • This kit comes with only one battery
  • The devices are very heavy compared to its competitors
  • This package has a lot of mixed reviews
  • This combo kit comes with only a two-piece set.

Buyer’s Guide

When getting a cordless combo toolset, there are certain factors you need to consider. These factors help you to choose the right package for your professional job. Below are some of the factors you need to consider when buying a cordless power tool kit:

Tool count – Do you need two, three or even eight? Do you just require a couple of drills or a circular saw? Well, that entirely depends on the project you have at hand. Maybe your current project requires just three devices and you are willing to get a combo kit that has only those tools, but sometimes you have to also think of the future. You may need a drill today, but are you considering if you would need an oscillating tool the year after? Well, if that is the case, it’s better to get a combo kit with more devices to avoid going online to shop, when the next project that requires an oscillating tool comes along. Even on the upside, it can help you save money; buying the combo kit, then buying the tools needed individually.

Noise – some models have devices that produce much more disturbing sound than the others, this can lead to noise disturbances. Well, some of you might like to work in a noisy free environment, so you can decide to go for the model that produces lesser disturbing sounds so that you can cope with your project.

Battery  – most combo kit comes with extremely long battery life, this is very useful for users who don’t normally have access to electricity in certain areas. This is very helpful because the longer the battery life, the more power produced to make a longer job. Also, some combo kits come with an extra battery, which can be useful as backup power is very much needed for longer periods of work. We recommend reading this guide if you want to learn more about tool batteries.

Cost – most people who are willing to buy a combo kit, actually are considering their budget or it. A good combo kit is very costly because of the unique features and its durability too, but what happens if you can’t afford it? You go for the cheap and fewer quality ones you can afford. But it is advisable to get a good combo kit because it gives your work that perfection, it needs while saving lots of your time and cutting cost repairs.


Overall, the above toolsets listed are extremely good. Getting one of them can go a long way when considering changing your toolset. We decided to give you honest reviews of the cordless toolset that is best for you and we have concluded that the best cordless combo toolset is the DEWALT DCK940D2 Combo Kit. It is very unique and its features are very astonishing. It is the only toolset on the list to even come up with a Bluetooth speaker so you can bang that music while you work.

If you can’t afford that, you might consider going for the Ryobi P883 18V ONE+, this is the best we have reviewed for the money. It is a must-have if you are considering getting a combo kit while you are on a budget.

We know your time is precious, that’s why we took our time to review the best Cordless Tool Set in 2020, so go out there and buy that combo kit with no regrets.

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