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5 Best Craftsman Tool Sets of 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

a new Craftsman tool-setThings break down often in most of our homes and a good tool set will help you handle the repairs with ease. Your tool set is old and worn out and some of the tools are even missing. You urgently need a replacement or you will have to hire a craftsman the next time something breaks down in your home or store and this thought really scares you as the last time you dealt with such people, you paid a lot of money for a very simple job. They were also not very professional and you did not like the way they conducted themselves at work.

So which is the best craftsman toolset that you can opt for? You have asked around but no one seems to give you a definite answer. You have checked your local store and the myriad of options available have confused you even further. Fortunately for you, we have developed these craftsman tool set reviews that will make it easy to pick the best set of tools for your DIY or professional use.

Our Favorite Models Compared:

Image Product Details
Top Pick
Craftsman Tool Set 50230 Craftsman Tool Set 50230
  • Good variety of tools
  • Strong
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Second place
    Craftsman Tool Set 36165 Craftsman Tool Set 36165
  • Has every socket you need
  • Strong and durable
  • Durable case
  • Best for the Money
    Third place
    Craftsman 009-38108 Toolset Craftsman 009-38108 Toolset
  • Multiple tools
  • Easy to use
  • Decent carry case
  • Craftsman Evolv Tool Combo 41283 Craftsman Evolv Tool Combo 41283
  • Visually appealing
  • Carry bag for portability
  • Craftsman Tool Set 12133 Craftsman Tool Set 12133
  • Variety of tools
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The 5 Best Craftsman Tool Set – Reviews 2020:

    1. Craftsman Tool Set 230 Piece 50230 – Best Overall

    Craftsman 230 Piece 50230

    The Craftsman 230 piece 50230 is our top pick in this category if you are looking for a nice set of tools for your repair and maintenance duties. The tools are made of very strong steel and this gives them the strength and stability to handle complex jobs. They have a nice silver finish that makes them attractive and pleasing to the eye.

    This set contains all the purpose tools that you need for your repair and maintenance duties such as ratchets, sockets, combination wrenches, extension bars, screwdrivers, and nut driver bits and as such, there is no job that this set of tools cannot handle.

    The storage box is strong and sturdy and this ensures that your tools are protected from the elements all the time. The only negative thing that we noticed with this set was that the tools are held somehow loosely and this affected their ability to stay in place under pressure.

    • A variety of tools for every job.
    • Strong tools for added durability.
    • A strong case for better protection.
    • Lifetime warranty.
    • Magnetic handles.
    • The tools are held loosely.

    2. Craftsman Tool Set 165 pc # 36165 – The Runner-up

    Craftsman 165 pc # 38165

    The craftsman 230 narrowly edges out the craftsman 165 to top spot but it is still a great choice if you have some repair and maintenance duties to do. With a variety of tools and tool heads within the set, you can comfortably handle any job that comes your way. The tools have been properly marked and this makes it easy to pick the right tool for your jobs.

    You, however, have to be careful when handling this set as the tools will fall out when the set is opened from the wrong side. You will, therefore, have to spend a considerable amount of time sorting the tools and getting them back to the set and this can be quite frustrating especially if you have an urgent task ahead.

    The craftsman 230 is not our top pick in this category as we found the ratchet wrenches were a little bit too short to generate enough leverage.

    • It has all the sockets that you need.
    • Strong and durable tools.
    • Strong case.
    • Ideal for both home and professional use.
    • The ratchets are short.
    • The plastic parts are delicate.
    • Spills the tools if not opened properly.

    3. Craftsman 108 Pc. 009-38108 Toolset – Best for the Money

    Craftsman 108 Pc. 009-38108

    This is the best value for money set of tools that you can get if you are on a budget. The tools within this set are of the highest quality and as such, you will not feel out of place even when you are among professionals. The build of the tools is better than that of other brands and its accompanying case is decent enough to keep the tools in place and for added portability and organization.

    The Craftsman 108, however, fails to make it to our top 2 as we found the tools not strong enough for heavy tasks. As a user, you will have to buy a stronger set for your heavy repair and maintenance duties and this introduces other costs that can be avoided with a strong and more reliable set. Otherwise, the craftsman 108 is a great set at that price.

    • Multiple tools for a variety of jobs.
    • Easy to use.
    • Decent carry case.
    • Not ideal for heavy use.
    • The plastic parts are not reliable.
    • Lacks some vital tool elements.

    4. Craftsman Evolv 83 Pc. Tool Combo (41283)

    Craftsman Evolv 83 Pc. (41283)

    A toolset is supposed to have enough tools for your repair and maintenance needs but with just 83 pieces, the Craftsman Evolv 83 falls short in this regard. You may, therefore, not be able to perform all your duties with ease as the limited number of tools determines what you can and cannot do.

    The Craftsman Evolv 83 uses a carry bag instead of a workman’s box for storage and this makes the tools less secure. There is no standard arrangement of tools within the bag and this makes it easy to misplace and lose your valuable tools.

    Of the toolsets highlighted in this review, the Craftsman Evolv 83 is the most visually appealing but if they were to perform as good as they look, maybe we would have loved them better.

    • Visually appealing.
    • Carry bag for portability.
    • The tools are not very strong.
    • Some tools are small.
    • Carry bag does not offer adequate protection.
    • Easy to misplace the tools.

    5. Craftsman Tool Set 270pc 12133

    Craftsman 270pc 12133

    Ease of use is one of the things that qualify a toolset as great but unfortunately, that is not the case with the Craftsman 270pc. This is because this set lacks adapters and reducers and this makes it difficult to use a socket with certain ratchets. Opening up the set for use is another struggle and this could lead to frustrations even before you get started on your job.

    The carry box has several drawers for storing the tools and this makes this set quite cumbersome and difficult to carry around. The tools are also somehow heavy for the drawers and this makes it difficult to open them to retrieve the tools that you want.

    The only positive with this set is the presence of a lot of tools but they count for nothing if you cannot use them for your repair and maintenance jobs with ease.

    • A lot of tools for different jobs.
    • Difficult to use.
    • Heavy to carry around.
    • Lacks adapters and reducers for proper adjustments.
    • Difficult to open the set.

    Buyer’s Guide

    Choosing a toolset is not child’s play as there are a lot of things to consider. It is especially difficult if you are buying the set for the first time as you won’t know what tools have to be in the set to make it complete. Without the right information you may, therefore, end up with a toolset that does not properly satisfy your repair and maintenance needs and this will not only result in frustration but you will lose cash as well as you will have to buy another set to substitute the poor choice that you made in the first place.

    To prevent this from happening, we have developed this buyer’s guide that highlights some of the things that you need to consider when buying a toolset. They include;

    The tools that you use regularly

    To avoid frustrations later on, you should pick a toolset with most of the tools that you use regularly and this will be determined by the nature of the job that you intend to perform with the tools. If you use screwdrivers a lot, you should get a tool set with enough of them to ensure that you can perform your duties with ease. The toolset should have several screwdriver head bits in different formats so as to make it easy for you to perform your duties.

    The same applies to pliers, ratchets, extension bars, and pry tools. To ascertain this, check the set’s product catalog to identify the tools within the set.

    The carry case

    The carry case is another factor that you will have to consider when buying a toolset. The carry case keeps the tools organized within the set and this makes it easy to retrieve them when performing a task.

    The case also protects the tools from damage and as such, you should ensure that it is strong enough for this purpose. Don’t go for the extremely bulky cases as this could make the case heavy and difficult to carry around.

    Quality and durability

    Toolsets are expensive items and this makes it imperative that you be careful when assessing the quality of the tools when choosing your set. The tools should be made of a strong material to make the long-lasting and durable. Top-quality tools are also able to handle all manner of tasks from light to heavy ones and this way, they will not limit how you can use them.

    Quality goes hand in hand with the cost of the set and as such, you should avoid the extremely cheap models if you want a set that will serve you dutifully for a long period. To ascertain the quality the quality of the tools that you are about to buy, check the manufacturer’s reliability by finding out what other buyers have to say about products bought from the manufacturer.


    Your tools have to be comfortable to use if you are to enjoy using them for your repair and maintenance duties. The handles should be smooth and you should not feel any pain or discomfort when using the tools.

    Ergonomic handles are the best in this regard as they have been designed to fit in your hand and this eliminates fatigue and discomfort when using the tools.


    The craftsman 230 emerged as the top toolset with its quality tools one of its impressive attributes. The craftsman 165 was not far behind coming in at number 2 with the Craftsman 108 our best value for money pick. We were not impressed by the Craftsman Evolv 83 which did not have enough tools for certain jobs. The Craftsman 270 was our least favorite pick as it had a lot of negatives about it.

    Buying a nice tool set is not as easy as most people imagine it to be and our reviews of craftsman tool sets will help you choose the right set for your DIY projects or professional use.

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