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Best DA Sanders for the Money 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

our favorite DA sanderA dual-action sander has a head that moves in two directions. This helps to achieve a great finish faster and produces smooth results. Unfortunately, there are a lot of models out there that are a complete waste of time.

Some are so full of plastic that they could even be considered recyclable and won’t last long enough to complete a simple project. Sifting through the masses of options and choosing the best ones is difficult and that is why we are publishing these DA Sander reviews.

We want to ensure that you get the right DA Sander for your own projects and so we rated these on performance, value, and durability.

Our Favorite Models Compared:

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Presa Turbine Presa Turbine
  • Mid-range pricing
  • Works extremely well
  • 1 year warranty
  • Second place
  • Vibration dampening
  • Variable speeds
  • Adjustable handle
  • Best Value
    Third place
    Gedu 5-inch Gedu 5-inch
  • Great price
  • Works well
  • Compact
  • TCP 6-Inch TCP 6-Inch
  • Good price
  • Vibration dampening
  • Not too loud
  • Ingersoll Rand 311A Ingersoll Rand 311A
  • Lower price range
  • Seems to start up just fine
  • The 5 Best DA Sanders – Reviews 2020:

    1. Presa Turbine DA Sander – Best Overall

    Presa Turbine

    This polisher helps us to shine. It has curves in all the right places making it easy to grip comfortably. But that is only the beginning.

    The vibration dampening feature means that this is one of the smoothest polishers that you will get. This helps to create a smoother finish without swirls. Also, it is one of the quietest models that we have come across.

    So, it won’t rattle your teeth out or burst your eardrums, two big pluses.

    It sounds like a small matter, but the long power cord really improves the usefulness of this product.

    You receive a pressure-sensitive adhesive disc that is very easy to use.

    It has a regulator built in to make sure that you have more control over the speed, enabling you to work as accurately or as quickly as you like. You have a choice of six different settings between 1800 to 6800 OPM.

    The construction is solid with components made of hardened steel.

    It’s simply one of the best DA sanders for auto body work and for making your furniture shine.

    • Mid-range pricing
    • Works extremely well
    • Easy to use
    • Gives an even finish
    • 1-year warranty
    • More a polisher than a sander

    2. PORTER-CABLE 7424XP Dual Action Sander

    PORTER-CABLE 7424XP W/ Polishing Pad

    This is a sander, and a polisher comes in a close second but is not as nicely priced as our first option. It also has fewer speed settings with the minimum speed being 2500 OPM and the maximum speed 6800 OPM.

    Porter-Cable is a reputable company and backs this model up with a three-year limited warranty. This has a 4.5-amp motor that provides high overload protection as well as random orbit,

    The sander also has a vibration dampening feature to ensure that your end-result is smooth and even. It is compatible with accessories that are spindle-threaded, and so you can get even more use from it.

    Are you left-handed or right-handed? It doesn’t matter – the handle can be moved to whichever side is easiest for you.

    This is a great option for when you are working on marine or automotive projects. It can also be used on wood.

    Simple to use, and efficient, this is a great little sander.

    • Vibration dampening
    • Variable speeds
    • Adjustable handle
    • Powerful
    • Priced higher than we would like
    • Not as much in terms of the range of speeds

    3. Gedu 5-inch DA Sander – Best Value

    Gedu 5 inch Professional

    When it comes to value for money, you cannot beat this model. Coming in a lot lower than the other models, this is well worth considering.

    It is not a top of the line model, but then the price reflects this. It does not feature the vibration dampening features of the first two models, and so we had to mark it down.

    To be honest, we did also find it a little noisy, so do bring out the earplugs when using it. That said, it does have everything that you need to do a great job – it offers good speed control and a compact design.

    It is excellent if you need to sand overhead or up along a wall and works very well with metals too.

    It has more power than our previous two models, but not being able to set the speed as much as we would like did hurt this sander in our opinion.

    • Great price
    • Works well
    • Compact
    • Lightweight
    • A bit noisy
    • No vibrations dampeners
    • Not as accurate as we would like
    • More Speed Settings

    4. TCP 6″ DA Sander

    TCP Global Brand 6" DA

    This comes in fourth on our list. It is a pretty decent price but it just really does not quite live up to the performance of our top models. It is not that it is a bad sander, it is just too mediocre to really be great.

    It does tick the right boxes in terms of features – variable speeds, vibration dampening, compact and lightweight, and has a speed regulator built into it.

    And it works tolerably well. But, if you are on a budget, you would be better off with Gedu. It is air-powered, so you do need to consider that when buying consumables.

    One thing that we really did not like was the placement of the control for adjusting the air. Overall, this ends up becoming a real nuisance until you get the hang of working around it. We felt that with a sander, we would prefer an easier to use model.

    • Good price
    • Vibration dampening
    • Not too loud
    • Works okay
    • Very mediocre performance
    • Air adjustment lever is in the wrong place
    • Difficult to get the hang of.
    • There are better options at the same price

    5. Ingersoll Rand 311A Dual Action Sander

    Ingersoll Rand 311A

    This one initially seemed like a good bet. According to the write-up, we were expecting a good little machine. Unfortunately, you don’t always get what you expect.

    First up, the dampening features on this model barely make any difference at all. It all goes pretty well until you start applying it to your surface.

    It is messy, didn’t work well and felt like a cheaply made piece of machinery from the get-go.

    It doesn’t seem like a very durable model, and we doubted that it would be able to hold up under any real pressure. The parts are plastic and cheap.

    Now, normally, we are all for a bit of shake, rattle, and roll, but not when it comes to creating a smooth surface. Give this one a wide berth and save your money. If you don’t, expect to be looking for a replacement very soon again.

    • Lower price range
    • Seems to start up just fine
    • Cheaply made
    • Plastic parts
    • Judders a lot
    • Very messy
    • Smooth finish is next to impossible
    • Warranty conditions are very limited

    Buyer’s Guide

    There are quite a few different features to take note of when it comes to DA sanders. Things like the type of sander, how much power it has, etc. In this section, we will go through what you should know before you buy your DA sander.


    There are two basic types two consider. Electric powered and air-powered or pneumatic. Pneumatic sanders are the better option for professionals but they do require a constant air pressure so can be a bit trickier to operate.

    Most home users find that an electric option is more than adequate and that the learning curve is not as steep with these models.


    Your machine will have a couple of different pads that come with it. These could be different in terms of size and in terms of function.

    A larger pad creates a larger orbit when sanding. This is good when you are working on a large project, but it does make it harder to achieve precise results.

    Think about it this way – you might use a toothbrush to clean a small area of grouting in your bathroom, and it would do a good job. You wouldn’t use it to clean the whole bathroom floor, though.

    Vibration Dampeners

    These are not strictly essential but become more important when you are working on larger projects that take longer. They help reduce the amount of vibration that the machines put out. This, in turn, helps you to achieve a smoother finish and also to reduce the fatigue caused by holding the machine.


    These little machines put in a lot of work. You need to get a more durable tool. Choose a reputable brand that is known for producing high quality and for solid construction. Steel is always preferable to plastic in this game.


    Establish upfront what kind of warranty the manufacturers are willing to offer. Good companies usually give a year’s warranty at the least. Some of the manufacturer’s warranties only apply if you buy the product directly from them or their authorized agent so be sure to check on this as well.


    To round things up, if you want the best option here, the Presa Turbine is your best option. Nothing else comes quite as close to shining and restoring a high-gloss finish.

    The Gedu does not quite have as many of the same features, but it is a good choice nonetheless. If you want the best bang for your buck, you won’t go wrong with the Gedu.

    And that rounds out our reviews of DA Sanders. We do hope that you have found this little guide helpful and that you have been able to narrow down your own choices a good deal.

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