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Best DeWalt Combo Kits for the Money 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

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a Dewalt combo kitDeWalt is a huge name in the tool industry and there are thousands of DeWalt combo kit reviews out there to look at and decide which one will suit your needs as a consumer. It’s often difficult deciding what sort of kit you want to opt for because of the vast amounts that are available, however, with a little bit of help you’re sure to be on your way to buying the best combo kit out there.

We understand that certain kits are better than others, but this can often be misconstrued through biased or paid reviews which is why we have compiled this list of the top DeWalt combo kits of 2020, just so you can get more of an idea what might suit you the best.

Whether you’re a professional with 20 years’ experience or you’re just starting out in the industry you need to ensure you know everything about a model or kit before you purchase so that you know you’ll get your money worth.

Our Favorite Models Compared:

ModelPriceNo Load SpeedEditor Rating
Best Overall

Check Price
8,000 RPM4.9/5

Check Price
3,700 RPM4.7/5
Best Value

Check Price
1,500 RPM4.5/5

3 Best DeWalt Combo Kits – Reviews 2020:

1. DEWALT Combo Kit DCK940D2 20V – Best Overall


Combo kits are popular with buyers as they’re often a lot cheaper than buying all the tools separately and a lot of time they don’t take up a lot of space because all of the tools fit into the carry case provided. The DeWalt DCK940D2 20V is not different and is loved by many users all over the country. The kit comes with 8 heavy-duty tools, the drill it includes is a 2-speed 16 clutch position drill that offers users the ability to use varying degrees of torque. The kit also comes with a Bluetooth speaker for music selection which is a great bonus! This kit would prove handy for a professional or a hobbyist whatever the job as it’s so versatile and flexible with so many different types of tools. However, a downside to this particular kit would be that it includes too many tools that a buyer and hobbyist wouldn’t make enough use of and therefore are paying too much. Other than that, it’s the perfect kit for everyone, the tools are high-quality, and they last a long time too which is always a bonus.

  • High Quality
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Includes a Bluetooth Speaker
  • Perfect for Everyone
  • 16 Clutch Positions
  • Too Many Tools Included (could also be seen as a bonus!)

2. DEWALT DCK421D2 20V Combo Kit


If you’re looking for a more affordable kit that has everything you need but no added extras then this DeWalt DCK421D2 20V is a great budget alternative. It includes the standard drill and impact driver but also another two tools as well as the batteries to charge everything and a case. Weighed together the whole kit is just under 17lbs which is quite light considering there are 8 pieces included. The work light included in the kit delivers 110 lumens of light and the head can rotate by 120 degrees which is a huge bonus if you need to use it. For anyone that is looking for a new set of primary tools, this is the kit to try out. The batteries are very light and compact which means they’re easily moved to anywhere you like, and you never have to worry about running out of battery completely because you can just change it! The drill and impact are very powerful for cordless tools which are surprising as cordless tools have a reputation for being not as powerful. Another bonus of this kit is that the carry case allows the user to move it about and complete jobs wherever they want. However, it does have it’s problems likewise to everything, the quality of some of the tools isn’t up to the standard they should be which is concerning but they don’t pose a high risk.

  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Long Battery Life
  • Powerful
  • Lower Quality
  • Delay in LED Light

3. DEWALT Combo-Kit DCK240C2 – Best Value


Money is always a concern when it comes down to buying a combo kit and DeWalt does provide quality products for a relatively higher price so when it comes to budget kits and ones which are best for the money you’ve got to do a lot of searching. We love the DeWalt DCK240C2 which includes a drill, impact and the two batteries so it’s the essentials for your home-tool kit and is good quality. There are no unnecessary bits you don’t want and it’s cheaper than buying the two pieces separately. It’s also very lightweight as the kit only weighs just over 9lbs which means you can do work with the drill and impact for a long time without worrying that it will start to hurt your arm or hand because if the heavyweight. However, because it is the budget kit it lacks a lot of features that the other two kits have. There are no added extras, and this can be the deciding factor for many buyers. The kit is limited to the two tools which means you don’t get anything else making it ideal for beginners and hobbyists but not really for professional use.

  • Good Quality
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Limited Tools
  • Not Ideal for Professionals
  • Short Battery Life on Tools

Buyer’s Guide

Tips on Buying a DeWalt Combo Kit

There are some tips we think are particularly important when it comes to buying a combo kit. Whilst DeWalt is a great tool name and has good quality products there are certain things you might want to look out for that are essential to the purchase or things you may not have thought about before.

  • Don’t be put off by a cheaper and affordable price, just because a combo kit is cheaper and better than you thought doesn’t mean to say it’s going to be a bad investment. There is still a risk with more budget-based kits, but this doesn’t mean to say it won’t provide what you want, there are many expensive products out there that lack good quality too but simply have a bigger price tag. Take the time to research a kit before buying it and if that means you’re not paying a big price then that’s a good deal.
  • Ensure you know whether a kit is for hobbyists or professionals, often people will buy the first good reviewed product in front of them and end up not being able to use it or find that it doesn’t have everything they need. Research your kit before purchasing it, make sure it has everything you could need but also ensure there isn’t too much in the kit and that you will make the most out of everything that is included.
  • Look at the previous customer reviews on sites like Amazon and eBay, it might sound simple and you may already know to do this but it’s the best way to get a true reflection of what people think. Reviewers are always truthful and will include the positives and as well as the negatives, they’re certainly not afraid to say how they have found buying a product and whether it was worth the money. However, you may need to bear in mind that sometimes reviewers can be harsh and that everyone’s personal experience will be different and whilst they might hate the product, you may end up purchasing it and loving it. Either way, take away a balanced view of a product before you go and buy it.
  • Find deals, there are always money-saving deals across different platforms and if you can find a kit on one website, but another has 10% off you are purchasing it for an even better price than you thought. Even though it might only be 5 or 10% it is still less money than you were willing to pay anyway! We would recommend looking at the different websites or stores to find the best deals when you’ve found a product you like.


Concluding, we would suggest that the best DeWalt combo kit is the DeWalt DCK940D2 20V, it is affordable and great quality but is also ideal for all sorts of people. Due to it having 18 pieces included, you will never find yourself buying any extras in the next few years and you will be able to make the most of your money. It is a big price to pay out initially, but you will in return get a great array of tools you can use for all different jobs. The Bluetooth speaker is a nice addition we love too. Overall though, DeWalt products and tools are of great quality.

We hope that after compiling our knowledge and the reviews of DeWalt combo kits you now have a better idea of what kit you want to try out and that your searching has been made easier! Combo kits are great especially if you’re wanting to buy everything all at once at a discounted price.

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