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Best Dremels for Wood Carving 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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a dremel for wood carving

Many people like to think of wood carving as an old-fashioned task that you do with knives, or as something you do with a tool as clumsy as a chainsaw. And while there are artists who can work their magic with both of those tools, the modern woodcarver can take advantage of a precision power tool like a Dremel to increase their speed and accuracy when they work.

Of course, you don’t want to get taken advantage of when you’re shopping online. Unfortunately, many manufacturers and online stores make it hard to tell if you’re getting a good deal or are about to make a purchase you’ll regret.

We think that a well-informed buyer can find the right tool for their situation and do it in a way that saves them money. Our reviews are meant to show you the good and bad parts of each model so that you go into your purchase will full knowledge and full confidence.

Comparison of our Favorite Products

ModelPriceCountEditor Rating
Dremel 4000-4/34
Dremel 4000-4/34 Tool Kit Top Pick

Check Price
4 Attachments
34 Accessories
Dremel 3000-1/25
Dremel 3000-1/25 Tool Kit

Check Price
1 Attachment
25 Accessories
Dremel 7700-1/15
Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro Tool KitBest for the Money

Check Price
1 Attachment
15 Accessories

3 Best Dremels for Wood Carving 2020 – Our Reviews

1. Dremel 4000-4/34 Tool Kit – Top Pick

Dremel 4000-4/34 Tool Kit

The Dremel 4000-4/34 is the model that you want to get if you’re looking to make your next wood carving project fast and easy. This model comes with a six-foot cord. Corded Dremels pack in more power than battery-powered models, and since this model comes with electronic speed control, making for a consistently smooth experience. This model also comes with an “EZ Twist” nose, which makes switching out attachments fast and easy.

Another reason most people love this model is that it comes with 34 different accessories and four different attachments. That means you’ll be able to engrave, cut, grind, sharpen, sand, clean, and polish with this Dremel, allowing you to do more with this single tool than you can do with most. If you get it, you won’t be limited to just carving wood, but can instead apply it to all kinds of useful projects. The one downside to this model is that it comes with a terrible manual. If you’ve used Dremels before, then you may not need it, but it can be a tricky problem for beginners. Still, if you want the best overall Dremel kit on the market today, this is the one for you.

  • Six-foot cord
  • Electronic speed control
  • Easy accessory changes
  • Includes 34 accessories
  • Poor manual

2. Dremel 3000-1/25 Tool Kit – The Runner-Up

Dremel 3000-1/25 Tool Kit

The Dremel 3000-1/25 Tool Kit is the kit to get if you want to save some money relative to our top model, but still, want to get a model with good performance and versatility. Like the previous model, this model comes with easy accessory changes due to its “EZ Twist” nose. Other spinning tools require longer to change out accessories, so it’s nice to be able to get it done quickly. This model can also produce between 5,000 and 32,000 RPM, making it suitable for anything from the coarsest sanding to finest polishing jobs. While it only comes with 25 accessories, compared to the 32 that are included with the previous model, that’s still a respectable number.

However, there are some downsides to this model that keep it from competing for first place. For example, this model lacks electronic speed control. While the speed should be stable, it won’t be as rock-solid as it will be on our top model. It also suffers from the same poor manual. Still, if you’re looking for a decent Dremel and want to save a bit of money, then this model is one that will leave you satisfied with your purchase.

  • Easy accessory changes
  • Good speed range
  • Includes 25 accessories
  • Lacks electronic speed control
  • Poor manual

3. Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro Tool Kit – Best for the Money

Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro Tool Kit

If you’re looking for a Dremel that won’t keep you bogged down with a cord, then the Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro Tool Kit is the one for you. This model uses rechargeable battery packs. Since you can remove the packs from the tool, you could buy extra and be able to work indefinitely without having to stop and wait on the recharging process. That’s a good thing since recharging the battery can take up to three hours. This set only comes with one, but it costs a fraction of what the previous two models will cost you, making it the best overall value for the money.

It also comes with 15 accessories, which allows you to complete a good range of wood carving and other tasks. However, this model only comes with two speeds: 10,000 and 20,000 RPM. Some people will find that the slow setting is too fast for their needs, and the high setting two low, or that they need a speed somewhere in the middle. That’s what keeps this otherwise great model out of the top two. Of course, if you’re looking to get an inexpensive Dremel, it would be hard to go wrong with this one.

  • Battery-powered
  • 15 accessories
  • Low price
  • Only two speeds
  • Relatively slow charging

Buyer’s Guide

Size vs performance

The big tradeoff that you find in small power tools like Dremels is between size and performance. The bigger the Dremel is, the more power it will have, while the smaller it is, the less power it will have. While this might sound like a universally-good case for getting a larger Dremel, the truth is that the larger models can get bulky and thus become unwieldy.

If you’re doing a lot of tight precision work, then you may want a smaller model, since it will be easier to move around, and easier to do delicate work with. If you’re largely working with wood, and especially if you’re working with softer woods, you may not need the high-end power you can get on a larger model to get the job done.

Battery-powered or corded?

The nice thing about corded Dremels is that they’ll never run out of power, as long as you have an outlet nearby. The downside to corded models is that they have a cord. The cord changes the center of gravity on the Dremel, and also adds some drag while you’re moving around. It’s not something that will lead to serious errors, but it is something that you’ll have to pay attention to and compensate for while you work.

Battery-powered models, on the other hand, tend to be heavier, though they give you greater freedom of movement. You can also use them far from electric outlets, which makes them a good choice for wood carving done on the front or back porches.

Which Dremel is right for you?

Many people try to get the best value for their money by buying the most expensive model and hoping it will fit their needs, or by spending as little as possible, which could lead to them having a poor overall experience.

Instead, it’s a good idea to think through the accessories you’ll need and the power that your projects will require, and then make a list of Dremels that have those accessories and power. Then, choose the cheapest model from that list. It may not be the cheapest model you can find, but it will have the features you need for a satisfying experience, and since it’s the least-expensive model that can give you that experience, it’s the best overall for the money.

Note: you may also want to consider adding a hook knife (for spoon carving), and a whittling knife to your carving arsenal.


The Dremel 4000-4/34 is the best overall Dremel for wood carving due to its six-foot cord, electronic speed control, and easy accessory changes. The Dremel 3000-1/25 Tool Kit is another good option, as it comes with easy accessory changes, a good range of speeds, and 25 accessories, though its lack of electronic speed control keeps it from competing for first place. The Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro Tool Kit is battery-powered and can be had for a very low price, making it the best overall model for the money on our list.

Hopefully, our buyer’s guide and reviews have helped you come to understand Dremels and what they can do for wood carving. You should now be able to find the model that’s right for you at a price your wallet will love.

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