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Best Drywall Stilts 2020 – Reviews & Guide

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Drywall stilts aren’t just for drywall professionals, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to live up to your exacting demands. You need a pair of stilts you can rely on, and it can be hard to tell if a pair is worth buying when shopping online.

Between product descriptions that make you feel like you just spoke with a salesperson and pricing schemes that make it hard to tell if you’re getting a good deal, you may end up feeling too overwhelmed to buy the product you need online.

However, we think that shopping online should be easy. Our reviews walk you through the good and the bad with each model, so that you know what you’re getting into before you buy. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide which walks you through everything you need to know before you buy so that you can evaluate stilts like an expert, even if you’ve never owned a pair before.

A Quick Glance at the Winners of 2020:

ModelPriceLoad CapacityEditor Rating
SurPro S2.1
SurPro S2.1 Dual Legs Support Magnesium Drywall StiltsBest Overall

Check Price
225 lbs4.8/5
Yescom Aluminum
Yescom Drywall Stilts 24"-40" Aluminum StiltBest Value

Check Price
227 lbs4.55/5
GypTool Pro 24" - 40"
GypTool Pro 24″ – 40″ Drywall Stilts

Check Price
225 lbs4.5/5
Alightup Aluminum
Alightup Aluminum Tool Stilts

Check Price
Pentagon Tool 24-40 1152
Pentagon Tool Mag Pros Magnesium 24-40 1152

Check Price
228 lbs3.9/5

The 5 Best Drywall Stilts:

1. SurPro S2.1 Magnesium Drywall Stilts – Best Overall

SurPro S2.1 Dual Legs Support Magnesium Drywall Stilts

The SurPro S2.1 Dual Legs Support Magnesium Drywall Stilts are easily the best drywall stilts you can find on the market today. They come with a double-wing bolt design, which means you’ll always have the utmost security while walking around on your slits, and you’ll never have to worry about them breaking. They’re also lightweight. Each stilt weighs just nine pounds, so you won’t feel overly burdened when walking around. There’s a sizable contingent of performers who need stilts who use these for just that reason. It also comes with dual side supports, so you’ll feel especially stable and secure when you’re walking around with them.

This model also comes with a one-year limited warranty. We don’t expect this model to break, but the fact that the manufacturer is confident enough in their product to put a warranty on it speaks volumes about the quality. Of course, you generally have to pay the most money for the best products, and these do cost far more than most slits. Still, if you want a pair that is super strong and will last a long time, you can get your money’s worth out of these stilts.

  • Double wing bolt design
  • Lightweight
  • Dual side supports
  • One-year warranty
  • Expensive

2. Yescom Aluminum Drywall Stilts – Best Value

Yescom Drywall Stilts 24"-40" Aluminum Stilt

The Yescom Drywall Stilts 24″-40″ Aluminum Stilt are the stilts for you if you’re looking to get great quality at a bargain price. These stilts work well, and you can get them for about a third of what you’d pay for the previous stilts on our list. That makes these stilts the best value for the money. These stilts also come with dual-action springs that cushion your steps and makes it easier to walk around by adjusting the heel.

These also come with a pair of great features in the heel and foot which make walking easier. The first is the three-position heel bracket, which allows you to further customize these stilts for your foot size and shape so that you can have a comfortable fit. They also come with skid-resistant feet, which do well in wet and slick conditions. What hurts this model is that almost every user has to do a decent amount of adjustment out of the box to get a comfortable, stable experience. If they were more ready to wear out of the box, we’d like them more, but as they are, they’re still good enough to take second place on our list.

  • Dual-action springs
  • Skid-resistant
  • Three-position heel bracket
  • Great price
  • Require a lot of adjustment

3. GypTool Pro 24″ – 40″ Drywall Stilts

GypTool Pro 24" - 40" Drywall Stilts

The GypTool Pro 24″ – 40″ Drywall Stilts are one of the more comfortable drywall stilts on our list. They come with extra-wide calf braces, which is something you won’t realize you desperately needed until you try them out for the first time. They’re also very adjustable in nearly every dimension, so you can get a fit and feel that works well for you and for the task at hand. Best of all, these adjustments can be made without the use of tools, so that you can make the adjustments you need and get back to work in no time flat.

However, these aren’t a perfect pair of stilts. They tend to squeak very badly out of the package. It’s not anything that some WD-40 won’t fix, but it’s still something you’d think they’d take care of at the factory. There are also some scattered reports about quality control problems related to missing pieces. If they were to clean those problems up, we could potentially rank this model higher on our list. Still, given the fact that they’re not very expensive, and are comfortable, these are a model which have the potential to make a buyer very happy.

  • Extra-wide calf braces
  • Very adjustable
  • No tool-required adjustment
  • Squeaky
  • Quality control problems

4. Alightup Aluminum Tool Stilts

Alightup Aluminum Tool Stilts

The Alightup Aluminum Tool Stilts are slightly cheaper than the previous two models, which could draw some people to them, but they do have some downsides that are worth considering before you buy. However, they are designed with ergonomics in mind, so if you’re looking for a comfortable pair of drywall stilts, then this is a pair that may be worth trying. They also weight the lest of any of the models on our list, as each stilt weighs just over seven pounds. That means you’ll hardly feel them as you’re walking around.

However, they have some problems that range from the cosmetic to the serious. The paint is easily scratched, which means that these stilts will rapidly lose their rust-resistant coating. The calf supports are also on the short side, which makes these a poor choice for taller people. And, there are some reports of units missing pieces, which is a pain in the butt to deal with. Overall, there are problems that you can’t ignore with these stilts, and you’re taking more risk than usual when you buy them. Even though the price isn’t that bad, they’re not going to be the right thing for most people.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Very lightweight
  • Easily scratched
  • Not great for tall people
  • Some quality control issues

5. Pentagon Magnesium Drywall Stilts

Pentagon Tool Mag Pros Magnesium 24-40 1152

The Pentagon Tool Mag Pros Magnesium 24-40 1152 fall in a strange place. They’re not the best-made drywall stilts out there, but they’re priced as though they’d like you to think that they were. They are on the lighter side, weighing only eight pounds apiece. They also use wing nuts, so you’re able to adjust them without tools. However, they’re not the sturdiest model on the market today, and some users have reported that they broke just a few hours into their first use. That’s a horrible problem and one which could result in serious injury.

They also don’t have the best durability. Even if they don’t break, you can expect major parts to wear out within a year. Often, it’s critical pieces that you’ll have to replace since the stilts will otherwise be unusable. Given these problems, it’s strange that these stilts are as expensive as they are. You can spend less money and get a pair that works far better, so these aren’t going to be the right choice for most people. If you’re looking for a good deal or a great pair of stilts, you’re going to be disappointed with these, and should probably avoid them.

  • Lightweight
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Breaking issues
  • Poor durability
  • Expensive

Buyer’s Guide

Hopefully, our reviews already have you thinking about what makes for a high-quality pair of drywall stilts. You may already have caught onto some of the features that make for an exceptional deal, and some of the flaws which can make a pair nigh-unusable. If you want to make sure that you get the full picture before you buy, make sure you check out this buyer’s guide, where we cover all the relevant features of stilts in detail, so that you can learn to evaluate them like a pro. We’ve also included some tips on getting a great deal, so be sure to check this guide out if you want to get fantastic value for your money.


Comfort is one of the most important things you should consider when you’re shopping for drywall stilts. You’re probably going to be wearing them for extended periods, so you’ll want to get a pair which in which you can stand standing.  This starts with the heel plate, which is the place where you strap in your foot. The more adjustability you have in this place, the more you’ll be able to get a fit that you find comfortable.

The calf strap is also a common point of discomfort, so if you have wide calves, you’ll want to invest in a model that has plenty of space.


The other major factor you should consider when shopping for drywall stilts is their durability. Stilts can cost a lot of money, and they’re not something that you want to have to replace frequently. The worst models on the market are prone to breakage, while the best can last years with no issues.

Most models today are made from aluminum, though the best models have been made with magnesium as well, which makes them lighter without sacrificing any of their strength. Investing in a model made from those materials increases the odds of getting a pair that will last a long time.

Which drywall stilts are right for you?

Many people try to get great value by focusing on the most expensive or least expensive models they can find. That’s not the best way to get great value, however, as that’s a strategy that often leads to people getting stilts that they don’t like, or which come with unnecessary features.

Instead, figure out which features and aspects you value the most, and make a list of stilts which only have those features and aspects. Then, choose the cheapest model from that list, as it will have the features you need to have a great experience at the lowest possible price.


The SurPro S2.1 Dual Legs Support Magnesium Drywall Stilts are the best overall drywall stilts on the market today, due to their double-wing bolt design, lightweight, and dual side supports. The Yescom Drywall Stilts 24″-40″ Aluminum Stilt come with dual-action springs, a three-position heel bracket, and a great price, which makes them the best value for the money on our list. The GypTool Pro 24″ – 40″ Drywall Stilts are very comfortable and very adjustable and come with extra-wide calf braces, but their squeakiness and quality control problems keep them out of the top two. The Alightup Aluminum Tool Stilts are the cheapest model on our list, and their ergonomic design is nice, but its quality control issues and chunkiness for tall people means they can rise no higher than fourth place on our list. In the last place is the Pentagon Tool Mag Pros Magnesium 24-40 1152 which is lightweight but suffers from quality control and durability issues that leads them to sometimes break.

We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide have helped you find the model which is right for you at a price your wallet will love.

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