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Best Electric Jack Hammers 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Using a power jack-hammer

The best jack hammers cut through concrete like a hot knife through butter, making many kinds of demolition tasks fast and easy. And while the internet is supposed to speed up shopping, the opposite is often the case.

Manufacturers often put misleading and confusing information in their product descriptions, so that you end up buying on faith, instead of having the knowledge you need to make a great decision. We believe that well-informed consumers can not only make great decisions but get great value out of their purchase as well.

If you want to get a great electric jack hammer, then our reviews are meant for you. They make it easy to see what makes for a great jackhammer, and which models you may be better of avoiding. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide, so you can learn more about these tools before you purchase.

Our Favorite Products of 2020 Compared

ModelPriceWarrantyEditor Rating
Makita HM1810X3
Makita HM1810X3Best Overall

Check Price
1 year4.9/5
XtremepowerUS 61108-XP
XtremepowerUS 61108-XPBest Value

Check Price
TR Industrial TR89100
TR Industrial TR89100

Check Price
1 year4.5/5
Generic B000HSD93K 1240W
Generic B000HSD93K Heavy Duty 1240W

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Yescom 3600W 1800BPM
Yescom 3600W 1800BPM

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5 Best Electric Jackhammers

1. Makita Electric Jack Hammer – Best Overall

Makita HM1810X3

The Makita HM1810X3 is the best choice for anyone who needs a high-power electric jack hammer. It includes four chisels and a storage cart, which makes it better value than a lot of jack hammers on those features alone. It also comes with anti-vibration technology. That feature reduces the strain you feel in your arms and hands, and also directs more of the machine’s power into the surface you’re breaking up. This machine comes with an AC/DC switch, so you should be able to use it, no matter what power supply you have available.

It also includes excellent safety features. It has an automatic brush cut-off, which protects and extends the life of the commutator. It also has LED lights that indicate cord damage or switch failure, which reduces the chances of dangerous accidents. While the handle on this model is oddly-constructed and subject to some quality control problems, issues with it are rare. Overall, this model is expensive, but it comes with a ton of value to justify the high price. If you’re looking to have the best experience with the best electric jackhammer on the market, look no further than this model.

  • Includes chisels and storage solution
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • AC/DC switch
  • Excellent safety features
  • Odd handle

2. XtremepowerUS Electric Jack-Hammer – Best Value

XtremepowerUS 61108-XP

XtremepowerUS 61108-XP comes with a ton of features and a low price, earning it the title of “best for the money” on our list. Beyond the jackhammer, it includes a case and safety gloves, which offers protection for both you and the machine. It also comes with two chisels included, so you can get to work right away on most projects. The anti-vibration system makes using this model a breeze. Most people don’t feel nearly as worn out after using this model due to that feature.

Also included is a speed control feature, that helps the jackhammer maintain its speed, even as you change materials or work through tougher spots. That consistent speed helps you maintain control and helps reduce accidents. The only problem with this model is a small but significant number of models ship with issues that lead to a lot of oil leaking. You can always exchange it for a properly-working model, but that’s a pain in the butt that no one should have to deal with. Overall, this model provides a ton of value for the money. If the oil leaking problems were to be fixed, it would be easy to rank this model higher.

  • Includes case and gloves
  • Two chisels included
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Speed control
  • Oil leak issues

3. TR Industrial Electric Jack-Hammer

TR Industrial TR89100

The TR Industrial TR89100 is a decent, middle-of-the-road jack hammer, and while its price is low enough that many would consider it a good pickup for home use, there are some flaws that make it less valuable. It does come with three chisels, including a spade chisel. Many people underrate the spade chisel, thinking they’ll never use it, but if you live in an area with rocky or otherwise tough soil, the spade chisel will quickly pay for itself. It also comes with a case, goggles, and gloves, meaning it comes with many things you would need to purchase.

This model’s price is very low, so you’re getting very good value for your money based on the included parts alone. However, this model has some noticeable quality-control problems. For one, the motor isn’t sealed, and you’ll be kicking up a lot of dirt and dust while you work. That dirt and dust will wear down an exposed motor relatively quickly, so you’ll need to replace the brushes relatively frequently. Overall, that means this model has a relatively high cost of operation. While many will like the initial price, it will be too expensive in the long run for most.

  • Includes three chisels
  • Case, goggles, gloves included
  • Good price
  • Poor quality control
  • Motor not sealed

4. Generic 1240W Power Jack Hammer

Generic B000HSD93K Heavy Duty 1240W

The Generic B000HSD93K Heavy Duty 1240W has some good features and a price that isn’t terrible, but it does have some problems that make it a poor choice for most people. It comes with two chisels, which isn’t as many as other entries on our list but is enough that you’ll be able to do a variety of tasks without having to spend any extra money. It also comes with a good, metal case. Good cases help extend the life of your tools and make traveling to other job sites a much safer task. The price of this model is also fairly low, so you’re getting a lot of value without having to spend too much money.

However, this model suffers from serious quality-control problems. It sometimes arrives leaking oil. Other times it ships without a chisel or the included oil, which is a pain to rectify. It also burns through motor brushes at a frightening rate, which greatly drives up the price of operation. If you’re only going to use your jackhammer once or twice, you might be okay with this model, but if you’re looking for something to last a lifetime, you’ll be disappointed.

  • Includes two chisels
  • Good case
  • Inexpensive
  • Quality control issues
  • Burns through brushes

5. Yescom 3600W Jackhammer

Yescom 3600W 1800BPM

The Yescom 3600W 1800BPM might be a model you’d consider if you wanted to spend a bit more and get a jack hammer with more power than most of the other models on our list. It does come with several good features. The swivel handle can be adjusted 360 degrees around the unit, so you can have a good grip no matter what angle you’re working at. It also comes with a ton of accessories, including two chisels, gloves, safety glasses and mask, extra motor brushes and more. Furthermore, it has a sealed engine, so the brushes that come preinstalled will last longer than they would on models with exposed engines.

However, this model’s price is fairly high. What makes that a bad deal is the fact that this model has very poor quality control. It’s just about a coin flip as to whether you receive a working model or one that doesn’t do as well. If about half of the shipped units don’t work correctly, there’s little incentive to buy one of these models. In this instance, you can actually save some money and invest in a cheaper model that you’ll like better.

  • Swivel handle
  • Lots of accessories
  • Sealed motor
  • Expensive
  • Very poor quality control

Factors to Consider When Choosing:

The most important things you should look for when shopping for a jack hammer are sealed motors, ease of use, and good overall value.

Sealed motors can transform an average jackhammer into a very long-lasting machine. Dust and dirt that get into the motor can wear out the brushes at unbelievable rates. While replacement brushes are easy to get, they’re not inexpensive, and having to replace them a lot greatly raises the cost of operation. Sealed motors avoid this problem altogether, making the model easier to use, as you don’t have to replace brushes as often.

Ease of use comes in part from getting a model with a sealed motor, but there are other parts you can invest in that will greatly increase how easy a jack hammer is to use. For instance, getting a model with a swiveling handle will make it so that you can use the jack hammer comfortably at more angles. Other models come with important safety features that make it safer to work in wet or otherwise poor conditions, so investing in those models expands what you can do.

Most jack hammers come with accessories. One of the most important is the case. While many come with poor-quality cases, you can find models that come with good ones. Good cases can protect your investment against accidental damage and can pay for themselves across the life of the tool. It’s also a good idea to get models that include chisels, as it tends to be cheaper to buy them bundled instead of buying each piece separately.


The Makita HM1810X3 is our top electric jackhammer, due to its anti-vibration technology, AC/DC switch, and excellent safety features. In second is the XtremepowerUS 61108-XP, which has an anti-vibration system, two included chisels, and a speed control system, and its low price makes it the best overall value for the money. The TR Industrial TR89100 includes three chisels and a case, goggles, and gloves, but its unsealed motor and poor quality control drop it to third place. The Generic B000HSD93K Heavy Duty 1240W includes two chisels and a good case, but it burns through brushes quickly, leading to a high cost of operation, and leading to it only taking fourth place. The Yescom 3600W 1800BPM comes with a swivel handle and lots of accessories, but its high price and very poor quality control mean it only earns the last place on our list.

We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide have helped you learn about electric jack hammers. Armed with that information, you should be able to find the model that makes your next project a breeze.

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