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Best Electric Metal Shears 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

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an electric metal shear

Electric metal shears come in a variety of form factors from several manufacturers. We know that it can be intimidating to sort through all these options, especially when shopping online, where it feels like you’re being bombarded with information from all sides.

If you’re looking for a simpler shopping experience, we invite you to check out our reviews of the best electric metal shears of 2020. We’ve eliminated the models which definitely don’t make the cut, and have broken them down based on their quality so that you can judge them yourself and find the model which is right for your next project.

A Comparison of our Favorite Products for 2020

ModelPriceWarrantyEditor Rating
DEWALT DW890 18 Gauge
DEWALT DW890 18 Gauge Swivel Head ShearTop Pick

Check Price
1 Year4.9/5
Milwaukee 6852-20 18-Gauge
Milwaukee 6852-20 18-Gauge Shear

Check Price
WEN 3650 4.0-Amp
WEN 3650 4.0-Amp Corded VariableBest for the Money

Check Price
2 Years4.5/5
Genesis GES40 4.0
Genesis GES40 4.0 Amp Corded

Check Price
2 Years4.2/5
Hi-Spec 3.6V
Hi-Spec 3.6V Electric Scissors

Check Price
3 Years4.0/5

5 Best Electric Metal Shears Reviewed

1. DEWALT DW890 Power Metal Shears – Top Pick

DEWALT DW890 18 Gauge Swivel Head Shear

The DEWALT DW890 18 Gauge Swivel Head Shear is the model you’ll want to get if you’re looking to get the best overall performance out of an electric metal shear. This model comes with an all ball-bearing motor, which greatly lowers the friction that takes place in the engine and increases its life a lot relative to the competition. Plus, this model comes with a 360-degree head, which allows you to keep working no matter how awkward the angle gets. Plus, it comes with a lock-on option for the trigger so you can free up some hands for more accurate blade placement to ensure an accurate cut.

This model also comes with a variable-speed drive, so you can go quickly when the cut quality doesn’t matter, and slow down to get it just right when it does. This is a tool that ends up saving most professionals a lot of time versus manual shears, so it’s worth a try. Our only gripe is that it lacks a case, which is a bummer given the price. Still, if you’re looking for a tool that can get the job done every time, then you’ll be very happy with this model’s performance.

  • All ball-bearing motor
  • 360-degree head
  • Lock-on trigger
  • Variable speed drive
  • No case

2. Milwaukee 6852-20 18-Gauge Metal Shear – The Runner-Up

Milwaukee 6852-20 18-Gauge Shear

The Milwaukee 6852-20 18-Gauge Shear is another great shear from another great brand. In fact, its motor is more powerful than the one found on the DEWALT. It’s unclear whether that extra power contributes to a significantly improved experience, but if you’re looking to get as much power as you can, you may want to go with this tool. This model also comes with a magnesium gear-case, which is lighter than equivalent steel ones, while remaining roughly as strong. That makes this tool somewhat lighter than one would expect. It also comes with a variable-speed trigger so that you can customize the speed to the task at hand.

It also comes with an ergonomic handle, which is sloped more dramatically than the handles found on most tools. That makes it worth a try if you regularly struggle to find a tool that feels great in your hand. This model’s only area of weakness is that it struggles with corrugated stock, which is one of the primary use cases for electric metal shears. If it performed better here, it could take a shot at the first place, but as is, it’s still a model worthy of most people’s consideration.

  • Powerful motor
  • Magnesium gear-case
  • Variable-speed trigger
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Struggles with corrugated stock

3. WEN 3650 Corded Variable Electric Metal Shear – Best for the Money

WEN 3650 4.0-Amp Corded Variable

The WEN 3650 4.0-Amp Corded Variable speed metal shears are a good choice for those who are looking for a decent experience at a bargain price. This model comes with a variable speed trigger, so you’ll always be able to go at the speed which is right for the project at hand. Plus, this model comes with a four-amp motor, which isn’t as impressive as those found on our top two models but still has enough oomph to get the job done. You can also get this model for about a quarter of what you’d have to shell out to get the top two models on our list.

If you think that’s great value, we agree. This model is our choice for best for the money among electric metal sheers. This model does have a swiveling head like the DEWALT, but unfortunately, this model requires you to loosen nuts to change the head’s orientation. If that action were made more convenient, we might rank this model higher, but for the price, it’s not a bad deal. Overall, there’s a lot to like about this model, especially if you’re looking to save some money but still get a good experience.

  • Variable speed trigger
  • 4-amp motor
  • Swiveling head
  • Incredible price
  • Clunky swiveling

4. Genesis GES40 Metal Shears (Powered)

Genesis GES40 4.0 Amp Corded

The Genesis GES40 4.0 Amp Corded electric metal shears are another possible choice for those looking to get a good tool. It features a lot of similar features to the previous model, including having a motor with a similar amount of power. It also comes with a swiveling head that requires you to loosen nuts to turn it. Where this model stands out is in its three-blade cutting system, which reduces metal deformation relative to the two-blade systems used by most other models. It provides all of this value without the price being too high, so this isn’t a bad deal if you decide you like it better than the previous model.

However, this model does have some problems worth noting. The first of these is that this model has real problems with corrugated stock. If you’re primarily going to be working with that, you’ll probably be unhappy with this model’s performance. It also requires more force than most other models do, likely related to the extra cutting blade. Overall, this model is inexpensive, but the experience isn’t the best, so if you’re looking for a tool that will save you time and effort, you can do better elsewhere.

  • Swiveling head
  • Three-blade cutting system
  • Inexpensive
  • Struggles with corrugated stock
  • Requires a lot of force to use

5. Hi-Spec 3.6V Electric Metal Scissors

Hi-Spec 3.6V Electric Scissors

If you’re looking for a battery-powered pair of electric shears, you may be interested in the Hi-Spec 3.6V Electric Scissors. This tool is battery-powered, so you’re free of the electric cables that bog down the other tools on this list. Plus, it makes use of lithium-ion batteries, which provide a long runtime and fast charging without adding too much weight to the tool overall. This model is also covered by a three-year warranty, so you know that the manufacturer believes that it’s well-made and is willing to stand behind it. Plus, this model is very cheap, so if you’re looking for a good tool at a low price, you may want to check this model out.

However, this model isn’t designed for use with metal. With the heavy-duty blade, the best it can do is cut through thin plastic and very thin tin. Anything thicker or harder will stump this tool. It’s also not that powerful, as it only provides 3.6-volts of power. If you’re looking for something for the lightest of light-duty work, you may be able to be satisfied with this tool. Otherwise, you’ll probably find yourself pining for something with more power.

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  • Cheap
  • Battery-powered
  • Three-year warranty
  • Not designed for use with metal
  • Not that powerful


The DEWALT DW890 18 Gauge Swivel Head Shear is the model most people will be the happiest with due to its superior ball-bearing motor, 360-degree head, and lock-on trigger. The Milwaukee 6852-20 18-Gauge Shear comes with a powerful motor, a lightweight magnesium gear-case, and an ergonomic handle, though its struggles with corrugated stock drop it out of first place. The WEN 3650 4.0-Amp Corded Variable speed metal shears come with a four-amp motor, a swiveling head, and a variable speed trigger. Since you can get them for a fraction of what you’d pay for the top models on our list, it’s the best overall value for the money. The Genesis GES40 4.0 Amp Corded electric metal shears come with a swiveling head and a three-blade cutting system, though it struggles with corrugated stock and requires a lot of force to use, dropping it to fourth. In fifth is the Hi-Spec 3.6V Electric Scissors which are inexpensive and battery-powered, though their lack of power will mean they’re not a great fit for most.

Hopefully, our reviews have helped you gain a better understanding of electric metal shears and have led you to the model which is right for your next project.

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