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Best Gas Leaf Blowers 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Best Leaf BlowerWhen there are more leaves in your yard than on the tree branches, it’s time to start cleaning up. If you’re interested in getting the job done fast, a gas leaf blower may be the solution. After you’ve made short work of your leaves, keep the leaf blower handy. It can clear light snow in the winter, debris during spring cleanup, and grass clippings off sidewalks all summer long.

As you look into purchasing a leaf blower, you’ll find a variety of styles on the market, so you might not know where to start. We’ve done the research for you and listed the top nine handheld and backpack gas-powered leaf blowers. As you read our reviews, keep in mind how much and how often you’ll use your leaf blower and which features are important to you. Then, continue to our Buyer’s Guide for more information to consider before making a purchase.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Hitachi Gas Powered Blower Hitachi Gas Powered Blower
  • Remarkable air speed and volume
  • Powerful 1.13-HP engine
  • Low-emission technology
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Craftsman Gas-Powered Blower Craftsman Gas-Powered Blower
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extended nozzle with scraper
  • Translucent tank to gauge fuel use
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Husqvarna 360BT Backpack Blower Husqvarna 360BT Backpack Blower
  • Premium performance
  • High air flow and air speed
  • Adjustable handle to prevent arm strain
  • Poulan Pro Backpack Leaf Blower Poulan Pro Backpack Leaf Blower
  • Powerful blowing force
  • Variable speed throttle with cruise control
  • Load-reducing harness and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Remington RM2BV Gas Leaf Blower Remington RM2BV Gas Leaf Blower
  • Powerful air velocity and air flow
  • QuickStart technology
  • Variable throttle with cruise control
  • The 9 Best Gas Leaf Blowers 2020

    1. Hitachi Gas Powered Leaf Blower – Best Overall

    Hitachi RB24EAP

    Lightweight with remarkable air speed and volume, the Hitachi Leaf Blower ranks first on our list for best overall performance. The impressive air volume at 441 cubic feet per minute along with a velocity of 170mph will help you make quick work of leaves and debris.

    The 1.13-horsepower engine with PureFire low-emission two-stroke technology gives you all the power, along with fewer fumes and less impact on the environment. It’s simple to operate with a large two-finger throttle lever and an auto-return stop switch.

    Hitachi offers a seven-year consumer use warranty. From our research, you’ll want to keep that information in a safe place. While most owners are highly satisfied with this product, they report that this gas leaf blower only lasts between three to four years.

    • Breaks down after three to four years

    2. Craftsman Gas-Powered Leaf Blower – Best Value

    Craftsman B215

    If you’re looking for a leaf blower that’s equipped for moderate to light work and don’t want to spend much, then the Craftsman Handheld Leaf Blower will get the job  done for a great price. Its compact construction, powerful 25cc engine, and fast-start technology make this Craftsman the best gas leaf blower for the money.

    Designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, this lightweight gas leaf blower features an extended nozzle with a built-in scraper, a variable speed throttle, and a translucent tank to help you gauge fuel use.

    While there’s plenty to like about the Craftsman, including the lower price, we did learn that some users experienced difficulties with the speed control. Also, the three-step start-up process of prime, choke, and pull may end with the pull rope breaking. Finally, this product produces a high level of noise.

    • Best value
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Extended nozzle with scraper
    • Variable speed throttle
    • Translucent tank to gauge fuel use
    • Start-up and speed control may break or malfunction
    • High noise level

    3. Husqvarna 360BT Backpack Blower – Premium Choice

    Husqvarna 967144301

    You’ll be able to clean your entire yard of leaves and debris, including heavy, wet leaves, in a short amount of time with our premium choice, the Husqvarna backpack blower. The backpack design comes with wide shoulder straps to provide extra comfort as you work. The adjustable handle with cruise control prevents arm strain so you can work longer at full force.

    The fuel-efficient X-Torq engine is constructed to reduce exhaust emissions by up to 60%. It powers a highly efficient, large-capacity fan that produces high air speed and air flow.

    This Husqvarna comes with an air purge system intended to assist with easy starting. We discovered that even with this system, it takes plenty of effort to get this leaf blower started. Also, if you have limited strength, know that this backpack leaf blower is heavier at 23.5 pounds than other products on our list.

    • Premium performance
    • High air flow and air speed
    • Comfortable backpack design
    • Adjustable handle to prevent arm strain
    • Low exhaust emissions
    • Extra effort required for startup
    • Heavy

    4. Poulan Pro Backpack Leaf Blower

    Poulan Pro PR48BT

    This lightweight backpack leaf blower has the strength capability to remove large debris like acorns and grass clumps. The 48CC two-stroke engine provides powerful blowing force at 200mph and 475cfm. You’ll gain extra convenience with a variable speed control throttle that features cruise control.

    The Poulan Pro backpack leaf blower delivers on comfort as well. You’ll have less fatigue and muscle strain thanks to the load-reducing harness. Adjustable shoulder straps help you get an ideal fit.

    Poor customer service drops this leaf blower to our fourth spot on our list. If you encounter issues upon purchase or after a few uses, we discovered that you’ll find little support from this company. Also, not all owners reported being impressed with the blowing strength of this product.

    • Powerful blowing force
    • Variable speed throttle with cruise control
    • Load-reducing harness and adjustable shoulder straps
    • Poor customer service
    • Inconsistent customer satisfaction

    5. Remington RM2BV Gas Leaf Blower

    Remington RM2BV

    Pile up, vacuum, and bag leaves and debris with this versatile leaf blower/vacuum. The Remington gas leaf blower has a two-cycle engine that can propel air at a velocity of 205mph and a volume of up 450cfm. With all that power, you’ll be able to move even larger debris. However, our research found that the vacuum component does not perform well and tends to clog.

    Features that include QuickStart technology, variable throttle with cruise control, and extended nozzle make using this handheld gas leaf blower easy and effortless. The over-mold handle provides comfort and reduces vibration.

    If you’re right-handed, you’ll find this handheld leaf blower with all its features and comforts a worthy purchase. Left-handed people may disagree. The air intake, which is located on one side of the blower, faces the inside when placed in your left hand and may suction to your leg and clothing, clogging the air flow.

    • Powerful air velocity and air flow
    • QuickStart technology
    • Variable throttle with cruise control
    • Extended nozzle
    • Comfortable handle
    • Vacuum feature does not perform well
    • Air intake placement in inconvenient location

    6. Poulan Pro Handheld Leaf Blower

    Poulan Pro PPBV25

    With a powerful 25cc two-cycle engine, the Poulan Pro can generate air speed up to an impressive 230mph, providing 450cfm of airflow. You’ll also work more efficiently with easy-to-use features like cruise control and trigger-operated variable speed control. The soft-grip handle with reduced vibration technology adds to your comfort when using this lightweight handheld leaf blower.

    This handheld leaf blower is up to the task year-round. You’ll be able to move large amounts of debris in a short amount of time. The vacuum feature gives you versatility and according to our research, performs well. However, you’ll need to set aside a chunk of time and possibly some patience when switching components from blower to vacuum. Also, be aware that the startup may become increasingly difficult over time.

    • Powerful air speed and air flow
    • Variable speed control with cruise control
    • Soft-grip handle with vibration technology
    • Lightweight
    • Complicated to switching vacuum component
    • Difficult to start

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    7. Tanaka TRB24EAP Handheld Leaf Blower

    Tanaka TRB24EAP

    One of the lightest models available at 8.6 pounds, this well-balanced handheld leaf blower is designed for comfort and to lessen fatigue. Ideal for small cleanup, it can handle larger yardwork tasks. At full power, the low-emission 23.9cc, commercial grade, two-stroke engine moves air at a velocity of 170mph and a volume of 441cfm. Along with a large two-finger throttle, you can easily and quickly pile, relocate, and clean up leaves and small twigs.

    A rope pull startup may take several pulls before you get the engine running. Also, the rope pull does have the potential to break, and you may be out of luck replacing it. Even though Tanaka offers a seven-year consumer warranty, we learned that the rope may not be covered under that warranty.

    • One of the lightest models available
    • Well-balanced and designed for comfort
    • Powerful air velocity and air volume
    • Large two-finger throttle
    • Difficult to startup
    • Startup rope may break
    • Warranty doesn’t cover all parts

    8. SENIX BL4QL-L Gas Powered Leaf Blower


    With the Senix leaf blower’s air velocity of up to 125mph and up to 410cfm of air volume, you’ll be able to clear wet debris and even heavy debris such as small rocks and thin branches.

    This leaf blower is powered by a 26.5cc 4QL four-cycle full crank engine, which has low vibration and doesn’t require mixing gas and oil. The auto-choke release makes starting easy and the lightweight design provides comfortable operation.

    Despite its power, low-quality construction places the Senix leaf blower as our penultimate pick. Our research found that the handle is poorly made and the operational switches may break. In addition, the exhaust blows hot air on the left side toward the operator, and the intake side of fan sucks in objects. We also found the Senix to be lacking in fuel efficiency.

    • Powerful enough to move heavy debris
    • Lightweight
    • Auto-choke release for easier startup
    • Low-quality construction
    • Poor handle strength
    • Operational switch prone to breaking
    • In-take fan sucks in objects
    • Lacking in fuel efficiency

    9. Tool Tuff Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

    Tool Tuff Gas-Powered Leaf Blower white


    The gas-powered 33cc engine on this backpack leaf blower starts right up so you can get the job done quicker. Ideal for smaller tasks, this unit can get up to a velocity of 157mph, giving you enough power to easily clean up lighter debris. You’ll also have limited fatigue afterward, due to this leaf blower being rather lightweight at 18 pounds.

    We placed the Tool Tuff leaf blower last on our list for its lack of dependability, less powerful capabilities, and lack of attention to comfort. While many owners reported this leaf blower working well for them, we found an equal number of dissatisfied customers.

    • Ideal for light debris
    • Poor performance dependability
    • Lower air speed than other products
    • Lack of comfort features

    Buyer’s Guide

    After reading through our reviews, we hope that you can find a high-performing gas leaf blower that fits your budget and is up to the clean-up tasks of your yard. Before you decide to purchase a gas leaf blower, take a moment to read through this Buyer’s Guide. We discuss the key components that make a big impact on how well your leaf blower performs, break down the advantages and disadvantages of choosing either a handheld leaf blower or one that can be worn as a backpack, and take a moment to consider the unavoidable side effects of noise and how to properly address this issue.

    Key Components for Superior Performance

    All gas-powered leaf blowers aren’t built the same. From engines to air flow volume and velocity to comfort of use, there’s several components to consider before making a purchase. Certainly, the power to get the job done effectively and quickly ranks high. But don’t forgot about your comfort as you work, or you may be quitting early due to muscle strain.

    First, let’s look at gas-powered engines. Make sure to consider power as much as emission control and fuel efficiency. Our top-ranked products reduce the amount of fumes you breathe as you work. Plus, they last longer between refueling.

    Next, and perhaps the whole point of a leaf blower, the air flow and air velocity must be high enough to move the objects and the debris you need to clean up. There’s nothing more frustrating than making a great deal of noise and not seeing any progress. For optimal performance, look for gas leaf blowers that can move wet leaves and heavier debris like nuts and small stones. Also, be aware of the location of the air intake. As you may have noticed in some of our reviews, a poorly placed air intake can become problematic.

    Finally, remember to consider your comfort. On handheld models, look for sturdy, padded handles with technology to limit vibration. With backpack leaf blowers, make sure the shoulder straps are adjustable. The weight of the leaf blower has direct effect on fatigue.

    Handheld vs. Backpack

    In this list, we featured either handheld or backpack gas leaf blowers. While there’s perks and limitations to both styles, it all comes down to personal preference and physical abilities.

    Handheld leaf blowers are lighter, generally around 10 pounds, in comparison to backpack leaf blowers, which can weigh nearly 20 pounds or more. Of course, unlike handheld models where one arm does all the work, the extra weight on a backpack design is distributed on your shoulders and back. Generally speaking, the greater heft of backpack gas leaf blowers comes from larger engines, resulting in a more powerful blower.

    The grab-and-go quality of handheld gas leaf blowers may appeal to you. They can be set down in a second while you complete other yardwork and then picked back up without missing a beat. Plus, handheld leaf blowers offer more options, such as vacuum and shredding capabilities.


    Gas-powered leaf blowers tend to be louder than most electric models. Even if you conduct a comparison between products, all gas leaf blowers produce high decibels. All that noise can cause problems with both your health and your neighbors. Be sure to wear proper hearing protection while you work. Also, be mindful not to run your leaf blower near babies, young children and pets. Remember that at certain times of the day, your neighbors won’t appreciate your neat and tidy yard if they’ve been disturbed by the noisy commotion.


    Our top pick for best overall performance goes to the Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower. Its remarkable air speed and air volume easily cleans up a variety of yard debris. Plus, the powerful 1.13-HP engine creates less exhaust fumes due to its low-emission technology. The Hitachi is simple to operate for superior performance. However, after three to four years, it’s likely to break down.

    The Craftsman B215 2-Cycle Handheld Gas-Powered Leaf Blower earned our second-place pick for best value. The compact and lightweight Craftsman comes with helpful features, including an extended nozzle with scraper, variable speed throttle, and a translucent tank to gauge fuel use. Before you purchase this budget-friendly model, be aware that the start-up and speed control may break or malfunction and that it produces a higher noise level than similar products.

    Finally, the Husqvarna 967144301 360BT Backpack Blower is our premium choice for unmatched performance along with low exhaust emissions. This model has plenty of power to produce high velocities and volumes of air. Plus, its comfortable backpack design has an adjustable handle to prevent arm strain. Its only cons are that it may be difficult to start, and at well over 20 pounds, it’s the heaviest gas leaf blower on our list.

    From handhelds to backpack styles, we’ve reviewed the nine best gas leaf blowers of 2020 and provided our top picks. In our buyer’s guide, we’ve given you specific insights on what to consider before purchasing a gas leaf blower. Whether you’re cleaning a bountiful amount of leaves in the fall or clearing off your walkways and patios all year long, we hope you can choose the best gas leaf blower for your outdoor cleanups.

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