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Best Grout Sealer 2020 — Reviews & Top Picks

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Best Grout SealerYou may have new tile or need to re-seal existing tile, but finding the perfect grout sealer can be a daunting task due to how many are available on the market today. You may wonder if they all perform the same or if one will last the longest.

We’ve got good news — we have done the hard work for you and narrowed it down to a review list of the 10 best grout sealers. We know that you want a high-quality sealer that will protect your beautiful tile from stains and mold, and this article will help you determine what is best for your particular tile and grout, as well as offer you advice with a buyer’s guide.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

ModelPriceCoverageEditor Rating
small AQUA-X PGS16O
Best Overall

Check Price
75 sq. ft.4.95/5
Miracle Sealants 511
small Miracle Sealants 511
Best Value

Check Price
500 sq. ft.4.75/5
StoneTech D12612181
small StoneTech Grout Sealer
Premium Choice

Check Price
100 sq. ft.4.60/5
Black Diamond
small Black Diamond

Check Price
30 sq. ft.4.25/5
Tuff Duck CECOMINOD078562
small Rocklinite Labs CECOMINOD078562

Check Price
200 sq. ft.4.10/5

The 10 Best Grout Sealers — 2020

1. AQUA-X PGS16O Grout Sealer — Best Overall


Aqua-X is a water-based grout and tile sealer that leaves a clear coat of protection on your tiled areas. It improves the natural appearance and durability of the tile, increasing its lifespan. It comes in a spray bottle that we found makes it easy to apply.

There are no odors, and it has a low VOC, which will decrease the chance of irritants. You apply this product after cleaning the tile of mold and mildew, then allow it to dry. From there, it will repel water and prevent further mold and mildew. You can spray or apply with a lint-free cloth.

The 16-ounce spray bottle will cover up to 75 square feet for one coat that should last for approximately five years. On the downside, it is not a penetrating sealer.

  • Easy and fast to apply
  • Odor-free
  • Low VOC
  • Covers 75 sq. ft.
  • Non-penetrating

2. Miracle Sealants Impregnator Sealer — Best Value

Miracle Sealants 511

This is the best grout sealer for the money since you can use it for interior and exterior projects. What makes it great for the outdoors is that it’s weather-resistant and U.V. transparent, being made from a polymerized silicone formula. Once applied to the tile and grout, it forms an invisible shield that blocks moisture and prevents stains while allowing vapor to escape. It makes your tiled surface less slippery and will not alter its natural look.

The pint will cover a minimum of 62 square feet and up to 500 square feet, though it depends on how porous your tile is. To apply, you use a clean towel, roller, or brush. You leave it on for five minutes, then wipe off the excess. Depending on the surface, two coats may be warranted.

On the downside, this is not a low VOC, since there is a strong odor and it is an oil-based sealant. The company offers a 20-year satisfaction guarantee if used as directed.

  • Affordable
  • Interior use
  • Exterior use
  • Easy to apply
  • 20-year guarantee
  • Potential large coverage area
  • High VOC

3. StoneTech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer — Premium Choice

StoneTech Grout Sealer

This is a water-based formula designed to protect your grout against oil- and water-based stains while making it easier to clean. It is ideal to use on cement-based grout and is okay to use with natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tile.

Once you have cleaned your surface area and allowed it to dry, apply the sealer as instructed. We found that it works best to apply with a quality artist chisel brush, as a foam brush or foam roller breaks down too fast. You can apply a second coat within 15 minutes. You may need a third coat depending on how porous your grout is.

Expected wear time is up to five years for interior surfaces and three years for the exterior. Coverage is up to 1,000 linear feet per gallon, also related to how porous the grout is. Make sure your area is well-ventilated, since it is quite odorous. The Aqua-X and the Miracle sealant offer the same benefits at a lower price point, which is why the StoneTech sits in the third spot.

  • Water-based
  • Stain protector
  • Easy to apply
  • Five-year wear time
  • For interior and exterior
  • Pricey
  • Odorous

4. Black Diamond Stoneworks PT Grout Sealer

Black Diamond Stoneworks

This stone and grout sealer is formulated for granite counters, concrete, slate, natural stone, brick, sandstone, and grout. It is water based, and we found it to be low odor. The spray bottle made it fast to apply and easy to use.

It will cover approximately an average-sized kitchen (two applications) — just spray the surface and after three minutes, wipe away the excess with a dry towel. Two coats may be needed if your tile/grout is porous, and it will dry within five hours.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover a large area. We also found that it doesn’t work as well on very porous surfaces.

  • Water-based
  • Easy to apply
  • Low odor
  • Affordable
  • Small coverage area
  • Not effective on a very porous surface

5. Tuff Duck Grout Sealer

Rocklinite Labs CECOMINOD078562

This sealer is ideal for porous natural stone and grout; it works by penetrating the stone, leaving the natural finish unaffected. It is a water-based fluoropolymer that functions to protect against tough oil and water stains.

The quart jug will cover 200 square feet and can be used indoors or outdoors. We found that Tuff Duck doesn’t last as long as other sealers on the market, thus requiring more frequent applications to keep your tile and grout sealed effectively.

We like that it does not have a strong odor, and for most surfaces, two coats should be adequate. This product can be  a little more difficult to use, and to prevent streak marks, more elbow grease is needed to remove the leftover film.

  • Water-based
  • Good coverage area
  • Low odor
  • One to two coats
  • Not as user-friendly
  • Frequent re-application

6. Clean-eez Grout Penetrating Sealer

Clean-eez Penetrating Sealer

Clean-eez is a user-friendly grout sealer that has a mild odor when using. To apply, you paint it on with a brush, let it sit for five minutes, and then use warm water to mop off the residue. The company recommends using a neutral pH cleaner to maintain the surface and prevent the sealer from breaking down, helping it last longer.

It is a water-based fluoropolymer sealer that improves the durability and strength of your grout. The one-quart bottle will cover approximately 500 square feet. It is compatible with all grout colors, and new installations can be sealed after 48 hours.

We like that it will work on limestone, ceramic, porcelain, grout, granite, travertine, marble, and slate. On the downside, it is difficult to apply to a tiled wall because it can run off easily. As such, an extra coat may be warranted.

  • User-friendly
  • Mild odor
  • Water-based
  • Good coverage
  • Compatible with many surfaces
  • Difficult to apply to tiled walls

7. Aqua Mix Sealer’s Choice Gold

Aqua Mix 30882-4

The Aqua Mix is specially designed for use in food prep and serving areas to provide stain protection to tiles and grout. It is a water-based formula that is good on granite, marble, travertine, slate, Saltillo, cement, masonry, and porcelain.

This sealer is ideal if you want to keep a natural look to your tile or grout. Once applied, it can last up to 15 years before re-application. We did find that it took multiple applications to get a good seal. It also has a strong smell when using, but that seems to dissipate quickly.

On the downside, it is more costly than other grout sealers, and having to apply multiple coats can become expensive if having to seal a large area.

  • Good for food prep areas
  • Covers many different stones
  • 15-year re-application
  • Pricey
  • Multiple coats required

8. Ultra Dry 70 Tile and Grout Sealer

Stella Sealants Ultra Dry

This sealer provides protection from water, saltwater, and stains. It is water-based and safe to use around kids, pets, and food areas. It is ideal for use on natural stone, such as limestone, travertine, marble, and granite. It is also formulated to handle high-traffic areas inside and out.

It was easy to apply, and one gallon will cover up to 3,000 square feet. We liked that it didn’t change the natural look of the stone. On the downside, it was quite odorous and the smell did not dissipate easily. The company does offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we found that they were responsive to concerns from customers.

  • Water-based
  • High-traffic areas
  • Easy to apply
  • Large coverage area
  • Affordable
  • High odor

9. Safecoat 31203 Grout Sealer

Safecoat 31203

Safecoat is a good option for those wanting a zero VOC sealer. We did find it to be low odor and the smell dissipates quickly. It works for porous tile and grout, formulated to increase water resistance and minimize liquid penetration.

It is easy to apply with a sponge, and it’s recommended to apply it liberally, though don’t allow it to puddle on the grout. One quart will cover approximately 75 square feet, and it is only for indoor use.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seal as effectively as others on the list. It requires more coats to get a moderate seal. This sealer is good for people with respiratory sensitivities and who are environmentally conscious.

  • No VOC
  • Low odor
  • Odor dissipates quickly
  • Poor seal
  • More coats needed
  • Small coverage area

10. FILA Grout Proof Grout Sealer

FILA Grout Sealer

This is another eco-friendly grout and tile sealer that can be used indoors or outdoors. It is a water-based sealer that will protect the tile and grout from stains (particularly grease/oil stains) and make it so that the tile and grout are easier to clean.

It will cover 200-400 square feet with 24 ounces. It is easy to apply, but we found that it did leave a film that was difficult to remove. It is VOC free and PFOA free, making it safer to use, especially those with respiratory concerns.

The product is affordable, but you will have to use more product to get even a mild seal. We found that it can discolor the grout slightly after using (even after it dries). Plus, it cannot be used on many different types of natural stones.

  • VOC free
  • Low odor
  • Affordable
  • Not easy to clean
  • Poor seal
  • Discolored grout
  • Not for all types of stones

Buyer’s Guide

Not all grout sealers are made equally — some do better at fast-curing, while others are longer-lasting. Certain people may prefer to have a non-toxic version that is eco-friendlier. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the different options, what makes a good grout sealer, and how you can choose the one that will best fit your needs and your budget.

Type of Surface

First, know what type of surface you are dealing with. You need to know if your grout is sanded or unsanded.

Cement-based sanded grout: This type is porous and is made from a mixture of water, cement, and sand. It is more susceptible to water and grease damage and can be negatively affected by dirt and mold. It is the most common grout and the least expensive.

Epoxy-based unsanded grout: This grout is strong and durable, made from epoxy resins that are combined with filler powders. It is also more expensive and has a plastic appearance. It is non-porous, cleans easily, and is almost stain proof. These won’t need to be sealed.

Types of Sealers

Non-penetrating sealer

This is a surface coat that will protect your floors and backsplashes from water exposure, grease, and dirt. These are best for areas that aren’t exposed to high amounts of water, such as the kitchen. It will need to be applied every one to two years and works best on grout within natural stone and unglazed tiles.

Impregnating sealer

These are long-term sealers that seep into the grout, providing protection for at least three to five years. They work best for natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain, since it leaves your tile natural looking. They are the ideal choice for bathrooms, showers, and tubs.


Amount: Make sure you buy enough product to cover the area you want to seal. Determine the square footage and purchase enough sealer to coat it all. Most sealers will give you general guidelines as to how much it will cover. Keep in mind that you will want to apply at least two coats of sealer.

Application: The best way to apply a sealer to grout is with a sponge or a brush for precision work. Certain products will come in a spray bottle, which can be applied over your tile surfaces as well. You will spend less time cleaning your tile if you use a sponge or brush. On the other hand, the spray is easy to apply in one shot, and then you wipe off the residue as you go.

Toxicity: Solvent-based sealers will contain the most chemicals and it is recommended to wear gloves and a safety mask when using this type of sealer. Water-based sealers are a safer alternative, having lower VOC levels. Products that say non-toxic or formaldehyde-free have the least harmful side effects.

Cost: The average cost can range from $0.80 to over $1.50 per square foot, but there are handy online cost calculators available that will help with determining the price. Think of it as an investment and a timesaver. It will help your grout stay beautiful and save you from having to clean it so often.

Grout Sealer

Featured Image Credit: FILA Surface Care Solutions

Tips and Tricks

  • Wait at least 48-72 hours to seal new grout, to allow it to cure and dry. It is best to seal your grout within the first two to three weeks of installation. If you have recently used the shower or tub, allow the grout 12 to 24 hours of dry time.
  • For existing grout, clean well before applying the sealer. There are special grout cleaning solutions, but you will want to scrub the grout to remove all dirt and mold. Then wait until the grout has dried before applying the sealer.
  • You can mask off any surfaces you do not want the sealer to touch, such as any wooden or metal finishes.
  • Provide adequate ventilation in the room where you are sealing: Open the windows and turn on the fans. This will remove the odor, as well as help the sealer dry faster.


Spending extra time and money on a high-quality, long-lasting sealer will save you in the long run. It will also protect your tile from stains and moisture, allowing it to retain its natural beauty for many years.

Our reviews list highlighted 10 best grout sealers, with the top choice being the Aqua-X since it is easy to apply, has a low odor, and offers great coverage. For the best value, the Miracle Sealant is an impregnator that will provide durable protection for many years, at an affordable price. The premium sealer is the StoneTech, offering five years of protection on cement-based grout and natural stone tiles.

We hope that our reviews list helped you sort through the many sealers available to narrow it down to one that fits your budget and the type of tile and grout in your home. It is easy to apply your own sealer and is a great investment in improving the life of your grout.

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