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Best HEPA Shop Vacs 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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a HEPA wet/dry vac

Shop vacs with HEPA filters keep your work area safe and help keep you and your workers healthy. Unfortunately, like most safety equipment, getting a shop vac with a HEPA filter can be an expensive undertaking. Given how much money you’re laying out, it’s very important that you select a model that provides great value and doesn’t leave you wishing you hadn’t purchased it in the first place.

Shopping online for these tools can be hard. There are a lot of expensive models on the market today, and not all of them work as well as they promise. While you could go to your local tool store, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a great price there, either.

We want you to end up with a shop vac that you love using. Our reviews cover the good and the bad so that you know what you’re going to be getting before you make your purchase. That way, you’ll be able to invest in the model that’s right for you with confidence.

Comparison of our Favorite Products

ModelPriceCapacityEditor Rating
FEIN Turbo II HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Set
FEIN Turbo II HEPA Vacuum Cleaner SetTop Pick

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DEWALT DWV010 HEPA Dust Extractor
DEWALT DWV010 HEPA Dust Extractor

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Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA Vac VK811PH
Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA Vac VK811PHBest for the Money

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3 Best HEPA Wet/Dry Vacs 2020 – Our Reviews

1. FEIN Turbo II HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Set – Top Pick

FEIN Turbo II HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Set

The FEIN Turbo II HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Set is the best overall HEPA shop vac on the market today. There are a lot of things to love about this model, but its best feature may be its massive capacity. This large shop vac can hold up to 8.4 gallons of material, letting you work for a very long time without having to empty out the tank. It also comes with a 13-foot hose, which gives you the range you need to leave the base in the center of a room and still be able to reach anywhere. Amazingly, this model weighs less than 15 pounds, so it’s portable despite its great power.

It also comes with an integrated tool power socket. If you’re using it to catch the dust coming from a power tool, you can plug that tool into this model, and the shop vac will automatically turn on every time you start the tool. That’s a feature that will save you a lot of time. Our only complaint about this model is that it doesn’t have the greatest quality control. However, if you’re looking to get the best HEPA shop vac on the market, you’ll love this one.

  • Large capacity
  • Long hose
  • Integrated tool power socket
  • Lightweight
  • Quality control issues

2. DEWALT DWV010 HEPA Dust Extractor – The Runner-Up

DEWALT DWV010 HEPA Dust Extractor

If you’re looking for a model that you won’t have to move around too much, then the DEWALT DWV010 HEPA Dust Extractor is another great choice. It comes with a very powerful 15 amp motor which provides enough power to make short work of wet, clumpy material that makes lesser shop vacs fail. This model also comes with an automatic filter clean, which runs every 30 seconds during operation to keep the filter in pristine condition without you having to stop and clean it. This model also runs quietly, making it a good choice for workplaces that can’t have an excessive amount of noise.

It also comes with power tool actuation. Like the previous model, you can plug a power tool into this model, and it will automatically turn on. This is great for use with saws and other equipment that produce a lot of sawdust. What keeps this model out of first place is the fact that it weighs 22 pounds—over 50 percent more than our top model. If it was lighter, it would have a shot at first place. Still, if you’re looking for a powerful HEPA shop vac, you’ll be happy with this model.

  • Powerful motor
  • Automatic filter clean
  • Power tool actuation
  • Runs
  • Heavy

3. Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA Vac VK811PH – Best for the Money

Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA Vac VK811PH

The Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA Vac VK811PH is the model you’ll want to get if you’re looking to score a deal on your next HEPA shop vac. This model costs about half of what you’d need to pay to get the top two models on this list, but it comes with similar performance. That means this machine provides incredible value and is the best overall choice for the money. It comes with an 8-gallon tank, which is one of the largest ones you’ll be able to find, and it also comes with a floor attachment, so you can use it more like a standard vacuum cleaner if you need to.

This model also comes with a powerful motor, capable of 106 inches of water lift, and can provide up to 125 CFM with the included 2-1/4-inch hose. What keeps this model out of the top two is its poor durability. The Vacmaster doesn’t hold up as well as the others, so you’ll need to take extra good care of it if you want it to last for years. However, if you’re looking for a model that can provide HEPA filtration at a price that won’t break the bank, you’ll love this model.

  • Large tank
  • Powerful motor
  • Great price
  • Includes floor attachment
  • Poor durability

Buyer’s Guide

There are a few features that you need to keep in mind when shopping for a HEPA shop vac to ensure that you end up with a model that satisfies you.

The first of these is power. According to Gemma from Smart Vacuums, poorly-made shop vacs will lose a lot of their power when HEPA filters get added into the mix. If you want to get a model with good performance, you’ll need to invest in a model that’s more powerful than it would need to be if it didn’t have the filter. That way, your performance remains top-notch when the filter comes into play.

Tank size is another feature that people often underestimate. The larger the tank, the longer you can work in one sitting without having to stop work to empty the tank. Large tanks save you a lot of time in the long run, and since these models are all-wheeled, you won’t have to worry about lugging them around when they’re full. Instead, you can simply roll them around.


The FEIN Turbo II HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Set is our favorite model due to its large capacity, long hose, and light weight. In second is the DEWALT DWV010 HEPA Dust Extractor which includes a powerful motor, automatic filter cleaning, and quiet operation, though its poor quality control keeps it out of first place. If you’re looking for the best overall value for the money, you’ll be very happy with the Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA Vac VK811PH. It comes with a large tank, powerful motor, and a floor attachment, and you can get it for about half of what you’d pay for the top two models, making it the best value for the money on our list.

Hopefully, our reviews and buyer’s guide have helped you better understand what makes for a great HEPA shop vac and vice versa. You should now be able to find the model that is right for you at a price that your wallet will love.

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