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Best Hot Water Pressure Washers 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Using a hot pressure washerIf you need to spray dirt and grime off the side of your house, a standard cold water pressure washer will suffice. But if you need to spray up muck and grease from a garage floor or disinfect a surface, a hot water pressure washer is the way you’ll want to go.

Hot water makes it easier to remove stains. Plus, water heated to boiling can kill a lot of microorganisms.

It’s harder to shop for a hot water pressure washer because that heating element is missing on more conventional pressure washers.

We wrote these reviews and added a few extra tips on how to buy them, to help you find the right one.

Comparison of our Top Picks in 2020:

ModelPriceWarrantyEditor Rating
small NorthStar Electric
Best Overall

Check Price
2 Years4.90/5
small Shark SGP-353037
Premium Choice

Check Price
3 Years4.75/5
small SIMPSON MB1518 1500 PSI at 1.8 GPM Diesel Fired Hot Water Pressure Washer

Check Price
1 Year4.60/5
small Easy-Kleen Professional 2700 PSI

Check Price
1 Year4.30/5
small NorthStar Gas Wet Steam and Hot Water Pressure Washer

Check Price
2 Years4.15/5

The 5 Best Hot Water Pressure Washers:

1. NorthStar Hot Water Pressure Washer – Best Overall

NorthStar Electric

For an average homeowner who has above average work to do, we think the NorthStar Electric Wet Steam and Hot Water Pressure Washer is the Best Overall choice.

NorthStar put together a piece of equipment that does everything right. It can process better than two gallons a minute through its top-flight quality sprayer. The NorthStar is fantastic when it comes to construction and maintaining peak pressure. Based on what other pieces of equipment in this class cost, it also offers great for-dollar value.

One word of warning, however. This kind of equipment takes a beating. Despite how well they’re designed, things will wear out. Getting replacement parts for this hot water pressure washer can be difficult.

  • High pressure
  • Processes lots of water
  • Good value
  • Hard to get replacement parts

2. Shark Hot Water Pressure Washer – Premium Choice

Shark SGP-353037

The Shark SGP-353037 is a serious piece of equipment for very serious people. You could buy this just to scrub your garage floor if you wanted to, but it’s really designed to scour out repair bays in auto shops or disinfect equipment in large food-preparation facilities. We gave it our Premium Choice ranking.

The SGP-353037 maintains the best pressure of any of the pressure washers we looked at. It can handle everything from basic to nearly impossible tasks.

It undeniably also costs a lot of money. As in, plan to back a dump truck of bills up to the register when you buy it. Premium performance comes at a premium price.

  • Superb performance
  • Produces lots of hot water
  • Great pressure
  • Costs a lot of money

3. SIMPSON 1500 Hot Water Pressure Washer

SIMPSON MB1518 1500 PSI at 1.8 GPM Diesel Fired Hot Water Pressure Washer

The Simpson MB1518 is a decent light-duty hot water pressure washer. We think it offers a pretty good of balance and performance for people who maybe need to clean algae off the side of a boat or spray down a few cooking surfaces.

The best thing about it is price. The MB1518 is still pricey compared to regular pressure washers, but it won’t make your eyes pop out like some of the other models.

IThe trade-off comes at water pressure and amount of water it heats. Like we said, if your needs aren’t all that great, the MB1518 is a good option.

  • Good value
  • Reduced pressure
  • Less water processed

4. Easy-Kleen 2700 Gas/Hot Water Pressure Washer

Easy-Kleen Professional 2700 PSI

We’re hard-pressed to find something good to say about the Easy-Kleen Professional. It’s not that everything about it is bad. There is nothing about it that stands out as excellent.

The best thing going for the Easy-Kleen is that it maintains good pressure, which is necessary to getting value from a washer of any kind. Its 2,700 psi spray is powerful enough to clean up most stains.

We recommend wearing ear protection during operation because it’s loud for a gas-powered pressure washer. The design is also pretty awkward, which shows when you move it into position. Although it has four big wheels, we’d rate it as mostly immobile.

  • Good pressure
  • Loud
  • Awkwardly designed
  • Immobile

5. NorthStar Hot Water Pressure Washer

NorthStar Gas Wet Steam and Hot Water Pressure Washer

NorthStar took its electric hot water pressure washer and added a gas motor. Now it can maintain higher pressure and pump a lot more water.

Those are some significant pluses, and it’s fair to ask why it isn’t ranked further up.

The reason is that the addition of the gas engine made it heavy and not-at-all portable. It also made the design kind of clunky when you’re moving it around. Plus, it added quite a bit of cost without really ramping up the quality. The electric was a great value. This one is not so much.

  • Lots of pressure
  • Lots of water
  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • Clunky design

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a pressure washer is complicated enough without adding a hot-water pump. So, we can understand that people have questions when buying one. We put together this set of hints and tips to give you an idea of what to look for.

Gas or electric

The first way to separate pressure washers is based on how they work. All pieces of equipment of this class are powered one of two ways, either by a fuel engine or by direct electricity.

Fuel engines are either gasoline or diesel. Gas engines are a little quieter while diesel engines produce a little more power. Depending on where you live, finding diesel might require a bit more work, too.

Both kinds are much more powerful than electric pressure washers. Because of that, they can also produce jets of higher pressure.

Electric pressure washers don’t require the engine, so they are lighter and tend to be a lot quieter. They are a little more portable, keeping in mind that you need to remain within the distance of your power cord.


The scouring action of a pressure washer is expressed as pound-per-square-inch (psi). The higher the number, the more pounds of pressure per square inch. If you have the worst, ugliest stains to clean up off a surface that can withstand the pressure, you want the most pressure you can find.

Just remember that while floors can withstand any pressure, that very high-pressure jets can damage sheet metals and even car and boat exteriors.

Gallons and gallons

To make one of these work properly, you need hot water and lots of it. So, you’ll want to pay attention to the gallons-per-minute number (GPM). That’s how much water it can process. What a higher number will tell you is that you can spray a larger surface space in a shorter amount of time.


Hot water pressure washers are not cheap pieces of equipment. They cost a couple of thousand dollars and some can cost much more than that. You can do some comparison shopping to save a few bucks, which at the top end of the price range can make a big difference.


Hot water pressure washers are pieces of equipment designed for niche use. You wouldn’t want to use hot water to spray off your boat dock or your back patio, but you would want one to scour oil stains off your workshop floor or to disinfect kitchen equipment. You’ll want one that, on top of being a good general purpose spray washer, can heat water quickly while still maintaining pressure.

In our reviews, we liked the NorthStar Electric Wet Steam and Hot Water Pressure Washer best. It maintains great pressure while pushing out a lot of hot water. It will power your most-stained surfaces clean. If money is absolutely no object or you absolutely need to invest in the best available, we’d recommend as our Premium Choice the Shark SGP-353037. It processes even more hot water at higher pressure. It’s also a couple of thousand dollars more expensive.

We hope you found our reviews helpful in shaping what you’re looking for in a hot water pressure washer. We also hope you found our buying tips useful. Considering how much they cost and what you need one for, you want to get the best one for you.

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