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Best Impact Driver Bit Sets 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Best Impact Driver Bit SetsYou did your research and read the reviews before finally deciding on the right impact driver to add to your collection. Once you got it home, you were excited to use it. Your project was all lined up, but once you got your new tool ready for work, you realized something was missing. That impact driver isn’t much good without a quality set of impact-rated bits. When you look at how many options are on the market, you may be overwhelmed and tempted to just buy the cheapest set. However, this could result in constantly breaking and stripping out your bits, leading to frustration and annoyance.

Instead, read the following reviews of our ten favorite impact driver bit sets. We’ve tested lots of them and put all the information together into an easy to digest format so you can get through it quickly and get back to work.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

ModelPriceNumber of PiecesEditor Rating
Milwaukee Shockwave 48-32-4062 Impact Driver Bit SetBest Overall

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74 pieces4.80/5
Makita A-98348 50 Pc Impactx Driver Bit SetBest Value

Check Price
50 pieces4.75/5
Steelman Pro
Steelman Pro 78633 Impact Driver Bit SetPremium Choice

Check Price
50 pieces4.50/5
DEWALT DWA2T40IR Screwdriver Bit Set

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40 pieces4.40/5
Bosch SDMS44 Impact Tough Screwdriving System Set

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44 pieces4.20/5

The 9 Best Impact Driver Bit Sets – Reviews 2020

1. Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Driver Bit Set — Best Overall

Milwaukee Shockwave 48-32-4062 Impact Driver Bit Set

After testing impact driver bits from almost every brand on the market, we think that the Milwaukee Shockwave set has the best impact driver bits of them all. Milwaukee is known for its high-quality power tools, so this didn’t surprise anyone. This set includes a diverse array of 74 bits, extensions, and drivers. For organization, they’re all set into two lockable molded plastic cases.

Though these impact bits were a bit on the expensive side, we think that they live up to the price with the value they provide. They’re made of heat-treated steel with forged tips for maximum grip and reduced breakage. In our testing, these bits broke and stripped less than almost any other brand. To us, this is one of the most important traits of a good impact bit. If they’re not durable, you’re going to be replacing them a lot. Overall, the diverse selection and robust durability of the Milwaukee Shockwave 48-32-4062 impact driver bit set has earned it our highest recommendations and the top position on this list.

  • Large selection 74-piece set
  • Nice molded carrying cases
  • Forged tips grip better and break less
  • Includes many adapters
  • A bit pricey

2. Makita 50 Pc Impactx Driver Bit Set — Best Value

Makita A-98348 50 Pc Impactx Driver Bit Set

While it may not include as many bits as our first pick, the Makita A-98348 impact driver bit set includes 50 pieces at a fraction of the cost. All 50 pieces fit into a single hard plastic case. Inside the case, each slot is marked for easy identification and organization. Most of the bits we tested were just steel, but Makita takes it a step further. These bits have a manganese phosphate surface for the highest level of corrosion resistance. One of the most important tests of an impact bit is durability, and the heat-treated S2 steel bits work like a charm. We rarely experienced any breakage or wear with these bits, which is why we think they’re the best impact driver bit set for the money.

We had one gripe with this bit set that kept it from getting the top spot. The longer bits included with this set get permanently jammed in the bit holders. Apparently, they’re not compatible, but this is not indicated on the packaging. A call to Makita was required to clarify.

  • Very affordable
  • 50-piece set
  • All in one case
  • Many attachments
  • Bits get stuck in extensions
  • Some of the bits are not meant to work with the extensions

3. Steelman Pro Impact Driver Bit Set — Premium Choice

Steelman Pro 78633 Impact Driver Bit Set

The Steelman Pro is priced very high for a 50-piece impact driver bit set. At first, we were skeptical that it could possibly live up to such a high price tag. In the end, we were persuaded by the unmatched durability of this premium impact driver bit set. These heat-treated industrial-grade steel bits were the most reliable of any bit we tried. We did not experience any breakage during our testing, which was surprising, to say the least.

The layout of the hard-plastic case is well thought out and everything is easily accessible. Unlike some cases, the bits are easy to remove. Each bit is clearly labeled in writing that is easy to read. We were also very satisfied with the bit selection overall. Our only real complaint about the Steelman Pro impact driver bit set is the high price. But you’ll hardly ever be replacing these bits, so expect this to be a one-time purchase.

  • Covers every size and type of bit
  • All in one hard molded case
  • Multiple attachments and bit holders
  • Very strong and don’t break often
  • Very pricey
  • 50 pieces isn’t great for the price

4. DEWALT 40 PC Screwdriver Bit Set

DEWALT DWA2T40IR Screwdriver Bit Set

DeWalt isn’t usually on our lists as one of the more affordable options, but in the case of impact ready bits, they are one of the more modestly priced offerings. However, that doesn’t mean they’ve let the quality go; these bits were very strong and rarely broke. They wore out slowly compared to many brands we tried that seemed to wear through in a matter of just a few screws. Our favorite part about the bits though was the magnetic screw lock system that holds your screws firmly to your bit. This was a lifesaver so many times when other bits would have dropped the screw we were carefully balancing.

Unfortunately, this set is on the smaller side, containing just 40 pieces. We also really didn’t like the case. It felt very cheap and didn’t survive too many trips in the toolbox. The main issue we had with this set though was that it’s very difficult to read the size of any bit. It’s not marked anywhere on the case for reference, and it’s not painted onto the bit. Instead, it’s engraved into the side of the bit on the back, and it’s difficult to make out.

  • Affordable
  • Didn’t break often
  • Very strong magnets
  • Smaller 40-piece set
  • Case feels cheap and weak
  • Hard to read size of bits

5. Bosch SDMS44 Impact Tough Screwdriving System Set

Bosch SDMS44 Impact Tough Screwdriving System Set

Though it’s a smaller 44-piece set, the Bosch SDMS44 impact tough screw driving system set is still pretty diverse. The case is very nice and rugged, and the clasp system for the bits holds them firm, but still makes it easy to remove them when necessary. We appreciated that each bit was clearly marked in a manner that was very easy to read and identify. Based on looks, we thought that the Bosch was going to be a definite candidate for the best overall. However, they let us down in the field.

While they held screws well and performed their job, the longevity wasn’t excellent. We noticed wear on the bits after the first day. We started experiencing our first breakages on the second day. By the end of a week, some bits were too worn out to function properly. Though priced somewhat moderately, we think there are much better products for the price, and even some available for less.

  • Durable case
  • Size markings are very clear
  • Smaller 44-piece set
  • Bits wear out very quickly

6. AmazonBasics DS-DB32 Impact Driver Bit Set

AmazonBasics DS-DB32 Impact Driver Bit Set

Containing just 32 pieces, the AmazonBasics DS-DB32 impact driver bit set is one of the smallest sets we tried. It’s also the cheapest, but that shouldn’t be much of a surprise since it is so small. Despite the compact nature of this setup, we felt that it included all of the most important bits, such as Allen bits and Torx bits also. Right off we noticed that there are not enough slots for all of the bits. One is meant to be left in the extension, but it holds on to them too strong and doesn’t want to let go. These weren’t very big problems, but the bits aren’t durable. This kit may be great for keeping with a tiny set of emergency tools for the home, but these bits won’t hold up with regular use. We had broken several and stripped a few more after only a few hours of work.

We appreciated the super-compact nature of this set and the case. The bits are also very well marked inside the case for easy identification and great organization. However, we can’t get over the short lifespan of the bits.

  • Dirt cheap
  • Small, only 32 pieces
  • Not enough slots
  • Wore out quickly

7. TACKLIFE PSDB1B Screwdriver bit Set

TACKLIFE PSDB1B Screwdriver bit Set

We wanted to love the TACKLIFE PSDB1B screwdriver bit set. It is impact-rated, so we hoped to see some strong bits. Considering the 60 pieces this set includes, the price caught our attention. However, we noticed pretty quickly that the value just wasn’t there. To start, the magnets are very weak. Our screws wouldn’t stay on the tips. This is just annoying, but a strong magnetized bit can be a lifesaver when you’re on a ladder with one hand holding something in place and your other holding the impact wrench.

The weak magnets would be forgivable if the bits were stronger. As is, we experienced many breaks in a very short period when working with these bits. It became quite frustrating. Moreover, the case is not marked for the bits at all. The bits are pretty well marked for identification, but you have to remove them from the case to see. On its own, this would barely be worth noting. On top of the other issues, it keeps the TACKLIFE from climbing past the eighth position on our list.

  • Very affordable
  • 60 pieces
  • Bits strip easily
  • Constantly broken bits
  • Weak magnets barely hold screws
  • Case isn’t marked

8. UTOOL Impact Driver Bit Set

UTOOL Impact Driver Bit Set

For a 45-piece impact driver bit set, this one is on the more expensive side. It does cover many popular bit types and sizes, so we can’t complain about the selection. What we can complain about is the poor longevity of these bits. They’re simply too weak for any serious work. We found ourselves breaking them repeatedly and needing to replace them. Some bits are used more than others, and therefore, tend to need replacing more often. Unfortunately, this kit doesn’t seem to offer enough duplicates of the most popular bits. This meant we had vacated the most important bits of this set within the first few days of testing. This was a major let down, and the main reason that the UTOOL impact driver bit set is relegated to the bottom rungs of our reviews list.

  • Covers many sizes of all popular bits
  • Not one of the more affordable sets
  • Terrible longevity
  • Not enough duplicates of most used bits

9. WORKPRO Impact Screwdriver Bit Set

WORKPRO Impact Screwdriver Bit Set

The WORKPRO impact screwdriver bit set looked good at first glance. It’s also priced pretty high for the 47 pieces you get, so we had some high hopes going into testing. These bits didn’t live up to our hopes though, and instead, have earned the bottom position of our top ten. For the price, we think they’re pretty poor quality. The first time we used the bit holder, the magnet fell out! We were surprised, to say the least. Moreover, this set seemed to break more bits than any of the other competitors on this list.

We did like how easy to identify each of the bits was with the size printed in white. At first, the case seemed nice too, though we noticed that the bit holders wouldn’t stay put. Overall, we suggest avoiding the aggravation that this impact bit set will bring you and opt for one of our top recommendations instead.

  • Easy to identify
  • On the expensive side
  • Poor quality for the price
  • Magnet fell out of bit holder


Unless you want to be constantly replacing your bits, you must pick a high-quality impact-rated bit set that will cover all of your bases and last for many projects. We’ve tried bit sets from every manufacturer we could find. To help make your decision, we’ve compiled our findings into the ten reviews you’ve just read. Before you go make a purchase, let’s do a quick recap of our top recommendations. The Milwaukee Shockwave impact driver bit set was our top choice for best overall. A selection of 74 pieces is hard to beat already, but these were some of the strongest, most durable bits we tested, rarely breaking or stripping.

For a more budget buy, the Makita A-98348 impact driver bit set includes 50 pieces at a fraction of the cost. These were still very strong bits that rarely snapped or stripped, and they all fit neatly into the hard plastic carrying case. Our final recommendation is a premium choice from Steelman Pro. Though high priced, these were the strongest bits we encountered, rarely needing to be replaced. They were well marked for easy identification, and the 50-piece set included all the bits we needed.

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