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Best Impact Socket Sets 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

an impact socket setIn the market for a new impact socket set? If so, you are probably quickly realizing that the decision isn’t quite as simple as you thought it would be.

If you want to find a good impact socket set amongst the hundreds of bad ones, you are going to need to do some research.

Fortunately for you, we really like researching tools, and to produce this guide to buying the best impact socket sets, we got to do plenty of it.

Below you will find reviews of the best impact socket sets of 2020. Read on, and find the set that is perfect for you.

Our Favorite Choices of 2020 Compared:

Image Product Details
Best Overall
  • Durable
  • Well Marked
  • Comprehensive
  • Second place
    GearWrench 84934N GearWrench 84934N
  • Good Case
  • Laser Etching
  • Resistant Coating
  • Best Value
    Third place
    TEKTON 4817 TEKTON 4817
  • Affordable
  • Black Phosphate Finish
  • Chrome-finished Heads
  • Stanley 97-126 Stanley 97-126
  • Good Value for Beginners
  • Black Powder Coat Industrial Finish
  • Chrome Vanadium Steel Construction
  • Hiltex 02444 Hiltex 02444
  • Alloy Steel
  • Corrosion and Oil Resistance
  • Budget-friendly Choice
  • The 5 Best Impact Socket Sets:

    1. TEKTON 4888 Impact Socket Set – Best Overall

    TEKTON 4888

    The Tekton 4888 takes the top slot today. This thirty-eight-piece set is going to be comprehensive enough to suit the needs of most users.

    With this many heads, you probably are not going to encounter the need to supplement your collection anytime soon.

    These are also very durable. They feature high-quality steel/chrome compound material that ensures the set will be able to easily withstand the wear and tear common to the job.

    Last, but certainly not least, the set is well marked. Each head is laser etched with identification markings that are easy to read even in low light settings so that you never have to encounter the frustration of struggling to identify the head you are looking for.

    Of course, this is not all to say that the set is without flaws. The biggest problem that we noticed here is that the case that comes with the set is mediocre.

    Unfortunately, the slots that are supposed to keep the heads in place don’t seem to work very well, and the heads are often scattered all over the place upon transportation.

    This aside, it is a great set that most will appreciate.

    • Comprehensive
    • Durable
    • Well Marked
    • Mediocre Carrying Case

    2. GearWrench 84934N Impact Socket Set

    GearWrench 84934N

    In the GearWrench 84934N you will probably recognize a good deal of features similar to those that we highlighted in the Tekton package.

    This unit features a durable, chrome casing, a corrosion-resistant coating to ensure that it withstands the test of time, clear, laser-etched labeling, and a high-quality case that surpasses the one provided by Tekton.

    So why doesn’t this unit claim the number one slot? One word: Value. Unfortunately, the GearWrench set is more expensive than the Tekton, and you get fewer heads for your money (19 instead of 38).

    It’s a great set, but it just isn’t quite as friendly on the wallet as we would like to see, which sets it back in the ratings a little bit. Still, if you aren’t a fan of Tekton, this is a good alternative to think about.

    • Resistant Coating
    • Durable
    • Laser Etching
    • Good Case
    • Low Value Rating

    3. TEKTON 4817 Impact Socket-Set – Best Value

    TEKTON 4817

    For our third slot, we will now take a look at another Tekton set. The 4817 is going to be a great opportunity for people who liked what our editor’s choice pick had to offer, but who weren’t so crazy about its price tag.

    The specifications of the socket heads make are ostensibly the same as they were with the last set. You are still getting the chrome-finished heads, the laser etchings, and the resistant coating: you are just getting these features in fewer pieces.

    This is a shallow impact set that only includes fourteen head sizes. If that is the sort of set configuration that you are looking for, this is going to be a tremendously affordable way to get it in a high-quality package.

    Unfortunately, if you are looking for a more comprehensive set, this probably isn’t going to be for you.

    Scope is really the 4817s only limitation. The heads are made exactly the same way that they were with the 4888, you are just getting fewer of them.

    • Laser Etching
    • Durable
    • Limited set size may not suit the needs of many buyers

    4. Stanley 11-Piece Impact-Socket-Set

    Stanley 97-126 11 Piece

    Like the last set that we looked at, the Stanley 97-126 is also going to be appealing to buyers on a budget, though it does also feature some drawbacks that usually come with sets in this price range.

    The good news is that there is a decent level of value here for the beginner. Getting eleven heads for a low price is a good way to start off a blossoming tool arsenal.

    The bad news? Quality isn’t tremendous. The set is prone to wear and tear, it rusts easily, and it is missing a few heads that one would expect to be included in a beginner-oriented set (like the 15MM head).

    Ultimately, the Stanley is an ok set, but it won’t stand up well to extended use.

    • Good Value for Beginners
    • Not Durable
    • Prone To Rust
    • Missing Crucial Sizes

    5. Hiltex 14-Piece Impact Socket Set

    Hiltex 02444 14-Piece

    Last, the Hiltex. Like the last set, the strongest selling point of the Hiltex is probably going to be price. It’s a pretty affordable way to get a fourteen piece impact socket set, but unfortunately it just doesn’t boast the same quality as even our best for the money option.

    The steel here is remarkably soft, and the heads strip very easily making them virtually useless. Unfortunately, with a flaw of this nature, even budget buyers are going to be better off looking for something with higher quality.

    If you aren’t worried about getting something that will stay in your tool bag for years to come, this may be a suitable, budget-friendly choice, but most buyers will be better off investing in something with a little bit more quality.

    • Affordable
    • Heads Strip Very Easily

    Buyer’s Guide

    You have read the reviews, but you still aren’t sure what set you want to take home. Maybe, you aren’t even sure what you should be looking for in an impact socket set yet.

    If either or both of these circumstances describe the way that you currently feel, it is alright. There are a lot of considerations that go into buying the right tool, and sometimes it can be hard to understand and keep track of all of them.

    If you think you still need a little bit of help before you are ready to make your ultimate buying decision, read on for a list of shopping considerations that should help to make the decision a little bit easier for you.

    Your Needs:

    As you probably noticed throughout the course of this article, the size of an impact socket set (i.e, how many socket heads come with the set) can vary significantly, and you ultimately get what you pay for.

    If you are getting this set with the intention of using it frequently, it will probably be wise to invest in one with a lot of heads so that you won’t have to buy more later.

    On the other hand, if the purpose of this set is to do a specific job that requires a limited number of heads, you can save a little bit of money by going with something that is less comprehensive.


    While socket heads are not necessarily put through the physical ringer, they do encounter a little bit of wear and tear from time to time. Many shoppers may find it worthwhile to invest in a set that is going to stand up to use over time.

    Our top choice, the Tekton is a good example of a set that is made with solid, resilient material.


    It seems a little bit petty to mention factoring in how well a socket head is labeled, but it’s actually fairly important. Even an expert may have trouble selecting the properly sized head in a box of thirty eight poorly marked options.

    Investing in a set with clear, obvious etchings is going to be a good way to avoid frustration down the road. Tekton does a good job of marking their heads clearly on all of their products with an etching that is visible even in low light scenarios.


    The impact socket reviews are over, and now it is decision time. We hope that, now that you have had time to go over our research a little bit, this part of the process won’t be so intimidating anymore.

    The good news is that (as you probably saw in our review) there are impact socket sets out there for buyers of every category.

    If you are just an average homeowner that wants something to help with the occasional repair, you may be satisfied with the affordable Tekton 4817.

    And, if your needs mandate the purchase of a more serious set, you can always upgrade to the 4817’s older brother, the Tekton 4888.

    There are many more sets out there as well. You are an expert now, so stay calm, and don’t settle for less than the very best set for your situation.

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