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Best Jointer Planer Combos 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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It may seem that you have to pay through the nose to get a decent jointer planer combo machine these days. While they can be a very useful device, and one which can save space in your shop, searching online for these great machines can make you feel like you have no good options.

Between misleading product descriptions, and prices that would scare even the bravest shop owners, it can be hard to tell if you’re getting a good deal on a great product, or if you’re about to make a purchase you’ll regret later.

We want you to be able to buy with confidence. Our reviews of the best jointer planer combos of 2020 cover the best and the worst aspects of every machine so that you have a full picture of each one before you buy. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide to help you think through the buying process, even if you’ve never owned a jointer planer combo machine before.

A Comparison of our Favorite Picks in 2020

ModelPriceWarrantyEditor Rating
JET JJP-12 12-Inch
JET JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer PlanerBest Overall

Check Price
5 Years4.85/5
Grizzly G0634Z
Grizzly G0634Z Planer/Jointer Combo

Check Price
1 Year4.60/5
Jet JJP-10BTOS 10-Inch
Jet JJP-10BTOS 10-Inch Jointer/PlanerBest Value

Check Price
3 Years4.55/5
RIKON 25-210H 12-Inch
RIKON Power Tools 25-210H 12-Inch

Check Price
5 Years4.20/5
Jet JJP-8BT 8"
Jet JJP-8BT 8" Jointer/Planer Combo

Check Price
3 Years4.05/5

The 5 Best Jointer Planer Combos

1. JET 12-Inch Jointer Planer Combo – Best Overall

JET JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer Planer

The JET JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer Planer is the model you’ll want to get if you want the best jointer planer combo machine on the market today.  It comes with a parallelogram design which both keeps the table close to the cutterhead, leading to excellent finishes, but also reduces the overall size of the table, making it a good choice for smaller shops. It also comes with an extra-large aluminum fence, which comes in handy, since you can joint and plane pieces up to 12-inches across with this machine. It also allows for very fast changeover between the two modes, so you’ll spend less time setting things up and more time working.

It also comes with a massively-powerful 3HP motor, so you’ll make short work of just about any projects, and any woods, that you’re working with. The only real downside to this overall excellent model is that it comes with a crummy blade. For this price, it’s reasonable to expect a good one, but you’ll see a big increase in performance if you replace the included cutterhead with a better, aftermarket one. Overall, this is still a great jointer planer, which will leave you happy with your purchase.

  • Parallelogram design
  • Extra-large aluminum fence
  • Fast changeover
  • 3HP motor
  • Iffy included cutter head

2. Grizzly G0634Z Jointer/Planer Combo

Grizzly G0634Z Planer/Jointer Combo

The Grizzly G0634Z Planer/Jointer Combo is the model for people who need the most power out of their tools. It comes with a whopping five horsepower, so you can make short work of anything you dare to pit near its cutterhead. It also comes with a massive four-inch dust port. That means you can hook up very powerful equipment to this machine, and reduce the cleanup that you’ll need to do. The quick-release on the fence means you can convert this model between its two modes in just seconds, which puts on it on par with our top model in that area.

It also comes with a carbide cutter head, which is better than the one found on the previous model. You won’t need to change it out like you would with the previous model. However, you’re paying nearly a third more for this machine, and you’re only getting two extra horsepower and a better cutterhead. While some people will think that’s worth it, it’s not enough of an increase in value to justify the much higher price. This is the model to get if you can’t make do with less power, but you’ll be paying a premium for it. Definitely also one of the top jointer/planer combos on the market.

  • Includes carbide cutter head
  • Large dust port
  • Fast changeover
  • 5HP motor
  • Expensive

3. Jet 10-Inch Jointer Planer Combo – Best Value

Jet JJP-10BTOS 10-Inch Jointer/Planer

The Jet JJP-10BTOS 10-Inch Jointer/Planer is a model you should strongly consider if you need a jointer/planer on a budget. It works well, and since you can get it for about a quarter of what you’d spend on our top model, it’s the best overall value for the money on our list. It comes with a decent 10-inch cutting width. That’s not the most common cutterhead size on the market, but it is possible to find replacements when you need them online. This model also comes with a stand that can be extended to turn it into a floor model or retracted to allow this model to work as a benchtop device.

The oversized knobs on this device make it easy to make small adjustments and won’t leave you frustrated. What ultimately keeps this model out of first place is its rough assembly. You have to do more with this model than others to get it assembled, and sometimes the infeeds and outfeeds are at different levels. The good news is that you can fix that problem at home. Overall, this isn’t the best jointer-planer combo, but its low price means that you can get a great deal on this model.

  • Decent cutting width
  • Benchtop or floor model
  • Oversized knobs
  • Great value
  • Requires some work to get setup

4. RIKON 12-Inch Jointer Planer Combo

RIKON Power Tools 25-210H 12-Inch

The RIKON Power Tools 25-210H 12-Inch jointer planer is a model with some potential. They’ve done a few things right, including packing the three-horsepower motor into a relatively small frame. That means you get a great amount of power in a machine that won’t take up too much space in your shop. The big upside to this model is that small footprint, which makes it a suitable tool for just about anyone. And, it makes use of a 12-inch cutterhead, allowing you to do all the cuts you can do on the best models, and to easy find replacement cutterheads when you need to.

However, this model suffers from poor quality control. The final build quality makes many users question if the factory-applied any quality control before the units left. The poor quality makes it hard to get a clean, straight cut. That’s further complicated by the fact that it needs precise adjustment of its touchy controls to achieve high levels of accuracy. That makes this a frustrating model to use, and one that will leave most people unhappy with their purchase. Given how expensive it is, that makes for a poor overall deal.

  • Three-horsepower motor
  • Small footprint
  • Large cutterhead
  • Poor quality control
  • Crude adjustment

5. Jet JJP-8BT 8″ Jointer Planer Combo

Jet JJP-8BT 8" Jointer/Planer Combo

The Jet JJP-8BT 8″ Jointer/Planer Combo is a model that can be had for a low price, but given some of its problems, many people will wonder if the frustration is worth the savings. You can get this model for about 20 percent of what you’d pay for the top Jet model on this list. If you’re not going to be using your jointer planer machine very often, there’s a chance you could get by with this model, and saving that much money would be worth it. It also comes with a compact benchtop design, useful for those who don’t have a lot of extra floor space in their shop. The large knobs on this model make adjustment easy and will leave you happy with your level of control.

However, this model only has a 13-Amp motor, which is about half as powerful as a three-horsepower model, so you won’t be able to work as quickly as you could with some others. It also has a very frustrating assembly process that requires extra work to fix its balance problems. Overall, it’s not going to be worth the money for most people, even though it doesn’t cost that much.

  • Low price
  • Compact benchtop design
  • Large knobs
  • Weak motor
  • Frustrating assembly

Buyer’s Guide

Hopefully, our reviews already have you thinking about the features that can make a jointer planer combo a great deal, and the flaws which can dramatically lower their value. If you’re looking for more information so that you can make an excellent decision, then you’ve come to the right place. Our buyer’s guide is designed to walk you through everything which you need to think about before you buy so that you’re able to get a great deal and get a machine that you like using, even if you’ve never owned one before.

Stand type

While you may consider the power and size of your jointer planer combo to be the most important features, many experts figure out what they need and what they can fit in their shop by starting with the stand type. There are three major kinds of stands, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Closed stands serve as a base for the jointer planer and are made from solid sheets of metal. They sometimes offer storage space in the base, but other times the inside is inaccessible. This is the strongest type of stand, though you shouldn’t worry about putting too much stress on any stand type unless you’re planning to put something extremely heavy on it.

Open stands feature legs like a table and may or may not have a shelf on which you can rest tools or other parts. While some people complain that these lead to more problems with dust, that’s more related to the quality of the dust collection system as a whole than anything related to the stand. Generally, these are cheaper because they use less metal.

The final type of jointer planer either comes with no stand or one that folds down. These are known as benchtop models since they can be used on a bench. They tend to be the cheapest, since they may not come with a stand at all.

Bed size and cutting depth

Smaller jointer planers will be cheaper, but they will also limit what you can do with them. However, most people don’t need more than six to eight inches of bed width, unless they know they’re going to frequently use larger pieces.

Depth is arguably more important since you can remove more material per pass with a greater depth, and thus get most jobs done in fewer passes, which saves a lot of time. Many machines come with a depth of between 1/2 and 3/4 inch, which is enough for most uses. Again, if you know you’re going to need more than that, you can find machines that will accommodate your needs, but they’re going to be far more expensive.


You’re never going to want to invest in a jointer planer that comes with less than one horsepower. However, it’s going to make sense for most people to get more than three horsepower on their jointer planers. If you go under one horsepower, you may not have enough power to even out harder woods, but you have diminishing returns past three horsepower.

If you’re going to be exclusively working with harder woods, and even exotic hardwoods, then you may want to invest in a model with more than three horsepower. You won’t get the jobs done much faster, but you’ll have fewer snags and burnout on your wood if you invest in a more expensive model.

Dust Collection

You’re going to produce a lot of sawdust when using your jointer planer combo, and if you have an inferior dust collection system, you’re going to be left to clean a lot of that up yourself. If you already have a system in place for other tools, then you can match the equipment you already have to a jointer planer. Common dust port sizes include 1-1/2, 2, and 4 inches, and if your current equipment uses a different size, you’ll want to order an adapter to make the two systems play nice with each other.

The better the dust collection system on the jointer planer, and the better your dust collection system, the less work you’ll have to do after using your machine, which can greatly improve your experience, so investing in a machine with a great dust collection system can greatly improve the perceived value.

Which jointer planer combo is right for you?

There are a lot of price points at which you could buy a jointer planer combo, so it’s important to figure out what you value before you start looking at price tags. If you figure out the features you need before you buy, then you can make a list of all models which meet your needs.

Then, choose the cheapest model from that list. It has the features you need to be satisfied with your purchase, but it comes at the lowest price, making it a great buy, and one you’ll be very happy with.

You can find our other buyer’s guides here:


The JET JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer Planer is our favorite jointer planer combo due to its space-saving parallelogram design, extra-large aluminum fence, and fast changeover. In second is the Grizzly G0634Z Planer/Jointer Combo, which comes with a five horsepower motor, a carbide cutterhead, and a large dust port, though its high price keeps it out of first place. The Jet JJP-10BTOS 10-Inch Jointer/Planer has a decent cutting width and can work as a benchtop or floor model. Since it costs about one-quarter of what our top models cost, it’s the best for the money on our list. The RIKON Power Tools 25-210H 12-Inch jointer planer comes with a three-horsepower motor and a small footprint, but its poor quality control and crude adjustment drop it to fourth place on our list. The Jet JJP-8BT 8″ Jointer/Planer Combo is inexpensive and compact but has a weak motor and frustrating assembly process which means it takes the last place on our list.

We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide have helped you better understand jointer planer combos. Armed with this information, you should be able to find the best jointer planer combo for your needs.

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