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Best Lightweight Cordless Drills 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Many people think that lightweight is synonymous with “low-quality,” but the truth is that you can find a great lightweight cordless drill that will last for years and do surprisingly difficult tasks with ease. However, not every model that’s sold online lives up to those hopes.

If you want to ensure that you get a model you’ll love using, make sure you check out our reviews of the best lightweight cordless drills of 2020. We go over the good and bad of each model so that you can find one that fits your needs, while also giving advice on finding great value, so you can make the most of your money.

Our Top 5 Picks

ModelPriceWarrantyEditor Rating
Bosch PS32-02
Bosch Brushless Drill/Driver Kit PS32-02Best Overall

Check Price
BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Drill / Driver

Check Price
2 years4.7/5
Ryobi HP108L
Ryobi HP108L Compact Drill / Driving KitBest Value

Check Price
90 days4.65/5
Tacklife PCD02B
Tacklife PCD02B Cordless Drill/Driver

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PowerGiant 741-013-10
PowerGiant Drill Driver 741-013-10

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5 Best Lightweight Cordless Drills – Reviewed in 2020:

1. Bosch Lightweight Brushless Drill/Driver Kit – Top Pick

Bosch Brushless Drill/Driver Kit PS32-02

The Bosch Brushless Drill/Driver Kit PS32-02 is one of the best lightweight cordless drills on the market. It comes with a brushless motor, which means it runs more efficiently and requires almost no maintenance across its lifespan. It comes with two batteries, which allow you to keep working indefinitely. Just put the exhausted battery on the charger, and it should be ready to go by the time you burn through the second one. It also comes with a two-speed transmission, allowing you to maximize torque for hard jobs or speed for the easy ones.

It also comes with a case, so you can keep it safe if you need to travel with it. It weighs less than a pound, making it the best lightweight drill for a woman, man, or child who needs a powerful, but very lightweight drill. The only problem with this model is that the included LED light is poorly placed on the frame. It sometimes casts shadows instead of lighting up the work area. However, given the price and how well this model otherwise works, it’s easy to say that this model provides great value and is one most people will love.

  • Brushless motor
  • Two batteries included
  • Two-speed transmission
  • Case included
  • Poor light placement

2. BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Small Drill / Driver – The Runner-Up

BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Drill / Driver

The BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Drill / Driver is loved by construction workers and home users alike for its battery that lasts all day and its good power in a compact form. This model uses a 20V battery from BLACK+DECKER’s 20V line, which means you could purchase more batteries to extend its runtime, or that you may already own some that are compatible. It’s a variable speed drill controlled by increasing pressure on the trigger, so you can countersink easily, and limit damage you might otherwise do to the material.

This model comes with a great clutch, which you can set to maximize speed or torque, giving you a fine degree of control over each project. It also weighs less than four pounds. It’s more powerful than our top model, though it does weigh more, so that’s a tradeoff you’ll have to consider before you buy. This model is relatively inexpensive, though it lacks a case of any kind, which means the value is less than it could be for the money. Still, if you need a lightweight drill that packs more power than what you can get from our top model, this one could be an excellent choice for you.

  • Uses 20V battery
  • Variable speed
  • Lightweight
  • Great clutch
  • No carrying case

3. Ryobi HP108L Compact Drill / Driving Kit – Best for the Money

Ryobi HP108L Compact Drill / Driving Kit

The Ryobi HP108L Compact Drill / Driving Kit is another great choice for those in the market for a lightweight cordless drill. This model comes with an excellent rubber-coated grip, which is comfortable but also allows you to get a solid handle on the model while you drill. While it lacks a clutch, it does have a variable-speed trigger, which gives you some control over how your project plays out. It’s also one of the least expensive models on our list, which means it’s the best value for the money.

This model also comes with a battery charge indicator on the side. You’ll always know how much battery you have remaining, which is a convenient feature. However, the battery is permanently built-in to the drill. You can’t swap it out with another battery, which is a pain, as this model takes four hours to charge. That’s a long time to wait before you can keep working. If the battery were switched to a swappable type, we’d happily raise this model a place or two on our list. As is, it falls to third, but its low price should make it a good deal for people who don’t need all-day power.

  • Battery gauge
  • Good grip
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Great price
  • Battery not removable

4. Tacklife PCD02B Lightweight Cordless Drill/Driver

Tacklife PCD02B Cordless Drill/Driver

The Tacklife PCD02B Cordless Drill/Driver weighs just 2.2 pounds, making it well-qualified to be on this list. While it has some upside, it doesn’t perform as well in other areas, which leads to its lower ranking on our list. It comes with best-in-class maximum torque, providing up to 220 inch-pounds of torque, which should be enough to get you through most jobs at home. It also comes with a fast charger, which should charge this drill back up to full in about an hour.

The clutch works very well, and provides 20 different combinations of speed and power, giving you the ability to tackle tough jobs. However, you can’t buy any extra batteries for this model, as Tacklife doesn’t sell them separately, which means you’ll never be able to swap batteries out to keep working. This model also suffers from quality control issues. You should expect this model to last a few months or a year, but you shouldn’t expect much more than that. Overall, this is not a model that most people will love, but if you need great torque in a small package at a reasonable price, this model could be the one for you.

  • Good max torque
  • Fast charging
  • Great clutch
  • No extra batteries for sale
  • Quality control issues

5. PowerGiant Small Drill Driver

PowerGiant Drill Driver 741-013-10

The PowerGiant Small Drill Driver weighs nearly six pounds. It’s light enough to earn a spot on this list but weighs more than many would like. If you’re looking for a truly lightweight cordless drill, you’ll probably be disappointed with this model. It comes with a good 17-setting clutch, which allows you to maximize speed or torque. It also comes with two speeds, allows for further speed customization. However, this mode suffers from severe quality control issues.

The most frequent of these is a wobbling chuck. If the chuck wanders or wobbles while it spins, your drilling will be less precise. If the problem gets severe enough, you won’t be able to use the drill at all. Other parts are also failure prone, so this isn’t a model that you should count on lasting many years. This isn’t even the cheapest model on our list, though it’s not terribly expensive. The price is misleading, though. This model comes with multiple bits, which mean that even less of the money you spend is going towards durable drill parts. Overall, this is a model that most people would be wise to avoid, as you can’t count on it to last.

  • Good clutch
  • Adjustable speeds
  • Quality control issues
  • Wobbling chuck
  • Heavy


The Bosch Brushless Drill/Driver Kit PS32-02 is our favorite light cordless drill due to its great brushless motor, two-speed transmission, and two included batteries. In second is the BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Drill / Driver which comes with a great clutch and variable speed, but critically lacks a carrying case. The Ryobi HP108L Compact Drill / Driving Kit includes a battery gauge, a good grip, and a variable speed trigger. Since you can get it for far less than the top two models, it earns the title of “best value” on our list. The Tacklife PCD02B Cordless Drill/Driver is lightweight and has good maximum torque and fast charging, but its lack of extra batteries and quality control problems drop it to fourth place. In last is the PowerGiant Small Drill Driver, which comes with a good clutch and adjustable speeds, but suffers from a wobbling chuck and quality control issues.

We hope that our reviews have helped you understand lightweight cordless drills and have led you to a model you’ll love using for years to come.

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