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Best Manual Lawn Edger 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Yard Butler Step Edger Manual Steel Lawn Garden Sidewalk Grass Long Handled Foot Edging Tool With Rounded Saw Tooth Blade EDGE-180

A lawn edger is a great way to put the finishing touches on a long day of mowing and maintenance. You want something that is durable, comfortable, and fairly easy to use. This is especially important when you are looking at manual tools that can be harder to use.

If you get the wrong product, you may find that it is very uncomfortable and even difficult to use. To ensure that isn’t the experience you have, we’ve taken a look at a bunch of different products. The options on our list earned their spot by producing a distinguished performance.

Read on for some manual lawn edger reviews that will connect you with the best products on the market.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Radius Garden 206 Radius Garden 206
  • Ergonomic
  • Super durable
  • Very unique grip
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Yard Butler Yard Butler
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Resistant to rust
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Truper Tru Rotary Truper Tru Rotary
  • Wood grip
  • Wheel system
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Garden Weasel Garden Weasel
  • Versatile
  • Stainless steel
  • All-purpose tool
  • AMES Saw-Tooth AMES Saw-Tooth
  • Saw-toothed
  • All steel build
  • Cuts through a wide range of materials
  • The 9 Best Manual Lawn Edgers – Reviews 2020

    1. Radius Garden 206 Steel Edger – Best Overall

    Radius Garden 206

    The Radius Garden Edger features an ergonomic grip and a heavy-duty steel build. The product is carbon-based and resin cast, making it hyper durable and resistant to rust. It also benefits from a special patented O-grip that provides you with a huge amount of gripping area and non-slip latex.

    Last, but not least, it’s also relatively lightweight. The unit comes in at just 1-pound, which means most people shouldn’t have a problem using it for long periods.

    You will want to remember that this is one of the more expensive options on our list. It should last pretty much forever, but all the same, if you are on a tight budget, this won’t be the edger for you.

    • Ergonomic
    • Very unique grip
    • Lightweight
    • Super durable
    • Pretty pricey

    2. Yard Butler EDGE Step Edger – Best Value

    Yard Butler EDGE-180

    The Yard Butler is our best manual edger for the money. The unit features a serrated edge that makes short work of most material that you are trying to edge out. It also benefits from a “footstep” that gives you enhanced leverage over the cutting zone, and it features powder-coated stainless steel that is both durable and resistant to rust.

    You may want to keep in mind that this is one of the heavier options on our list. It comes in at 5 pounds, which may be cumbersome over time. The grip is also a little bit uncomfortable, which further complicates it for long term use.

    It’s not a bad product, especially for the price, but it may be a bit of a drag if you have a lot of edging on your hands.

    • Durable
    • Resistant to rust
    • Affordable
    • Heavy
    • Uncomfortable

    3. Truper Tru Rotary Lawn Edger – Premium Choice

    Truper 32100

    The Truper is great for people that want a fast-paced experience. The handle is all wood and the coated stainless steel head attachment is durable and resistant to rust. The best thing about this product is the wheel system.

    You are essentially able to roll it across the edge of the surface you are trying to cut, requiring minimal effort on your part. While other manual edgers require quite a bit of elbow grease, this one can produce the same results with much less time and effort.

    You will pay for the convenience. It’s one of the priciest manual units you are ever likely to encounter. For the same amount of money, you should be able to find a pretty decent automated unit. Still, for those that want to keep things manual, this is your best bet.

    • Wood grip
    • Rust resistant
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Price

    4. Garden Weasel Edge Chopper

    Garden Weasel 91714 Edge Chopper

    The Garden Weasal is a moderately priced unit that features an ergonomic grip and a stainless steel build that resists wear and tear. It is also labeled as a versatile, all-purpose tool. In addition to edging, it can be used for other things like breaking up ice.

    Unfortunately, many taller users are reporting that the product causes a good deal of discomfort. It’s 48 inches, a length that may require a good deal of stooping, possibly resulting in back pain. Of course, this is a subjective complaint, but if you are taller, and/or prone to back pain, you may want to consider something else.

    • Ergonomic
    • Versatile
    • Stainless steel
    • May cause back pain

    5. AMES Saw-Tooth Border Edger

    AMES 2917200

    The Ames is a 32-inch unit with a saw-toothed edge. The saw component makes it extra capable of cutting through a wide range of different materials. The grip is ergonomic, and the build is all steel making it great for standing the test of time.

    There are a couple of comfort issues though. For one thing, it’s very short. At 32 inches, a fair number of users are going to experience back pain when they use this tool. The surface area of the blade is also very small, which is great for precision but not so good for high volume work.

    • Saw-toothed
    • Steel
    • Ergonomic
    • Very short
    • Small surface area

    6. Bully Tools Round Lawn Edger

    Bully Tools 92251

    The Bully Tools edger is a moderately priced tool that features commercial grade steel. The unit features a T-style grip with ergonomic padding that should at least, in theory, make it a little bit more comfortable to use. It’s also lightweight, coming in at only 3.5 pounds. The unit is approximately three feet tall, which may be problematic for larger users.

    There is also a welding problem. Some users have complained that the tool gets very week near where the handle meets the head. This is an issue that may prove extremely problematic in the long run. Still, for light-duty use, it is a decent product to depend on.

    • Moderate price
    • Comfort padding
    • Tough steel
    • Poor welding
    • Short

    7. Fiskars Long-handle Steel Edger

    Fiskars 38.5

    The Fiskars is a 40-inch steel unit that features a T-shaped grip. The unit is designed to be ergonomic and benefits from a sizable foot platform that makes it easy to gain leverage. It also features a relatively light weight of approximately 3.5 pounds.

    The real issue with this product is the quality of the grip. Though comfort is factored into the design, durability is not. The body of the tool is steel but the grip is a cheap plastic that breaks pretty easily when put under stress. If you plan to use this tool often, the quality of the grip may be a real problem.

    • 40-inch build
    • Comfort grip
    • Sizable foot platform
    • Lightweight
    • The grip is not durable

    8. KWIK EDGE Tool Garden Edger

    Kwik Edge Tool

    The Kwik Edge tool features a hoe shaped design. It can be used to edge and hoe, making it more versatile than many of the other tools on our list. The handle is completely wooden and fairly durable, and it benefits from a massive 57-inch build.

    It’s also pretty lightweight. It weighs just 2.4 pounds, which will be great for long work sessions. Unfortunately, though, the concept is a little bit better than the results it delivers. The hoe shape of the head makes it a little bit awkward to use for the sole purpose of edging. It’s also one of the pricier tools on our list.

    • Lengthy
    • Dual purpose
    • Lightweight
    • Awkward to handle
    • Pricey

    9. Kenyon All-Steel Landscape Edger

    Kenyon 49045

    The Kenyon is a 45-inch stainless steel unit with a T-grip and a decent sized foot holding. But while the tool does have its strong suits, there are several reasons why it finds itself on the very bottom of our list.

    First things first, you should note that this is one of the heaviest tools featured on our list. At 12 pounds, it may be very difficult to use for longer work sessions. The blade itself is also pretty so-so. If you’re dealing with compacted soil or thicker grass it simply won’t get the job done. Finally, the blade is also impractically small. The limited dimensions make it very slow to work with.

    • Lengthy
    • Small head
    • Very heavy
    • Blade not very effective

    Buyer’s Guide

    Do you know which product is right for you? If not, it may help to review a few buying considerations.

    Style of Head

    There are a variety of different head styles. The one you choose can have a big impact on your user experience. For example, some are square or rectangular. These are good because tend to address a decent amount of turf with each stroke of the edger.

    Others are pointed like a shovel and great for precision. Still, others focus on speed. We saw one manual unit on this list that operates via a wheel, making the process a good deal quicker.

    Blade Style

    You also need to factor for the style of the blade itself. Some of the units featured straight edges, while others use serrated blades to work through thicker grass and compacted soil. At the end of the day, both blade styles are pretty effective, but serrated tends to be a little bit more so.


    Unfortunately, many people find the standard length of a manual edger to be very uncomfortable. Most are around 3 feet, which can be very difficult for taller individuals or people with back pain. However, if the length is a priority for you, it is possible to find something a little bit longer.

    Some of the units on the list today are more in the 5-6 foot range, which will be good for taller people. However, longer units also tend to be a little bit more difficult to handle. Ultimately, there are pros and cons to both build types.

    Build Material

    The material of the tool will ultimately determine its life expectancy. Carbon steel is one of the strongest options you can get. It also benefits from being lightweight and highly rust-resistant. Unfortunately, though, it is also very pricey.

    Stainless steel is more affordable. While it doesn’t do so well against moisture, it will hold up well with a specialty coating.

    Wood is also decent for the handle, but if it isn’t treated, it will wear down pretty quickly, especially if it becomes damp.

    Garden Weasel 91714 Edge Chopper 2
    Image credit: Garden Weasel 91714 Edge Chopper 2, Amazon


    Of course, you also want to consider the weight of the tool. Because this is a handheld piece of equipment, it is pretty important that you get something lightweight. There are certainly options out there that hover around a single pound.

    However, if you can find something less than five pounds, you will probably be just fine.


    As with any tool, you also want to make sure you are getting something with a good warranty. Hopefully, you will never need it. However, accidents do happen, and occasionally good tools go bad. Many manufacturers will include a warranty of at least one year. This at least gives you the chance to test the tool out against all of the different seasons.

    Better yet, some companies also offer a money-back guarantee. For example, if you aren’t thrilled with your purchase, a guarantee will get you your money back.


    Manual edgers can be a little bit pricey. To be effective most of them require a good amount of high-quality steel, which doesn’t always come cheap. If you are trying to set a budget for yourself, it may be a good idea to estimate roughly $50. There are certainly decent options available for less than this, but it is a good place to work from.

    Comfort Grip

    Last, but not least, you want to make sure you are getting something comfortable. An ergonomic grip will go a long way towards ensuring your edger is comfortable and easy to use in the long run.


    You’ve read our manual edger reviews but have you made your decision? Hopefully, by now you have already made up your mind. However, if you’ve found that selecting between nine effective products isn’t so easy, perhaps we can help you out a little bit.

    Buyers that are more considered with effectiveness than price will probably want to go with our first choice the Radius Garden 206 Stainless Steel Edger.

    However, if that is a little bit more money than you want to spend you can still get a good deal by going with our best for the money pick, the Yard Butler EDGE-180 Step Edger.

    Featured image credit: Yard Butler Step Edger Manual Steel Lawn Garden Sidewalk Grass Long Handled Foot Edging Tool With Rounded Saw Tooth Blade EDGE-180, Amazon

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