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Best Multimeters under $100 of 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

a red multimeterFinding a good multimeter that is also affordable can be a challenge. After all, when something sounds too good to be true it usually is, right? If you are trying to find a multimeter under $100 that will also Serve your needs, then you have probably run into plenty of problems.

The reality is that it takes time to do the thorough research required to find the right multimeter for your needs.

The good news is that we are nerds, and we love doing this research! For that reason, we have done all the legwork for you. We have tested, studied and reviewed over 50 multimeters. We have then compiled the top 5 picks for you to choose from.

Now all that is left for you to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy these reviews.

Comparison of our Favorites of 2020

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Amprobe AM-530 Amprobe AM-530
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Accurate
  • Second place
    Fluke 101 Fluke 101
  • Safe
  • Lightweight
  • Simple Battery Change
  • Best Value
    Third place
    AstroAI 759974998225 AstroAI 759974998225
  • Best for the Money
  • High-Quality Screen
  • Explosion Proof Ceramic Tubing
  • Mastech MS8209 Mastech MS8209
  • Affordable
  • Thirty-Nine Ranges
  • Fourteen Different Functions
  • Elenco M-1250K Elenco M-1250K
  • Very Affordable
  • Audible Continuity
  • Safety Input Sockets and Test Leads
  • 5 Best Multimeters Under $100 – Reviews 2020:

    1. Amprobe AM-530 Multimeter – Best Overall

    Amprobe AM-530

    First on the list, we have the Amprobe, an affordable and quality option that delivers accurate results without breaking your bank.

    One of the first things that potential shoppers are going to notice is that this is a fairly versatile option that measures voltage up to 600V AC/DC, AC/DC, current and resistance, and frequency.

    These are admittedly all features that most shoppers would want and expect out of a multimeter, but the fact remains that it is nice to see from a unit of this price range.

    The Amprobe is also designed to be durable, featuring a rugged rubber outer mold that should protect it against drops and other issues that come up as you work.

    Finally, it features a high-quality LCD backlit display that includes data hold, and a relative zero mode, all components that will make collecting your data as straightforward and simple as possible.

    One of the cons that we noticed is that the read responses for resistance are a little bit lagging, which isn’t an enormous issue, though it can be a little bit tedious after extended use.
    This aside, it is a great option to consider for most users!

    • Affordable
    • Durable
    • Versatile
    • Slow resistance response

    2. Fluke 101 Multimeter

    Fluke 101

    Fluke is one of the biggest brands in the world of multimeters, so it should be no surprise at all that they have managed to find a prominent spot on today’s list.

    Indeed, there is a lot to like about this option. It boasts a great safety rating, it has a basic dc accuracy of 0.5%, it is lightweight, and ultimately very easy to maintain, featuring a simple battery change system not often seen in multimeters.

    So why didn’t the Fluke 101 take our top spot? Unfortunately, there are a few small issues that keep the Fluke from coming out on top today.

    One of the biggest issues that we were able to gather from the Fluke is that it is fairly slow, which isn’t surprising given the price range but is nevertheless a frustrating flaw to have to deal with while on the job.

    There is also a value issue to consider. While this is not by any metric an expensive multimeter, it does cost a little bit more than our top selection without really accomplishing anything that the Amprobe can’t.

    This being the case, many shoppers that want a multimeter from our top two may be better off going with the Amprobe.

    • Safe
    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • Simple Battery Change
    • Very Slow
    • Does not have the same level of value as the Amprobe

    3. AstroAI Multimeter – Best Value

    AstroAI 759974998225

    In third, and in our best for the money category, we have the AtroAI 759974998225. If you want the best blend of value and quality that you can get, this option is definitely going to something that you want to keep an eye on.

    Of course, there is more to like about the AstroAI than simply the price. This unit also boasts a slew of features that will benefit most people looking for a personal use multimeter.

    This unit features a durable outer exterior, explosion-proof ceramic tubes, and a high-quality screen that exhibits many of the features that most shoppers look for in a display: data Hold, LCD backlit screen, and auto shut-off.

    Of course, like all of the units on this list (and probably in existence), the AstroAI does have its own set of flaws.

    The blue backlight on the screen makes the information a little bit challenging to read, the unit beeps disruptively after every turn of the dial, and the outer power off component seems to malfunction sometimes, leading to lots of frustration on the job.

    These things aside, the AstroAI is going to be a great option for anyone looking for a bargain.

    • Best for the Money
    • Durable
    • Explosion Proof Ceramic Tubing
    • Irritating Beeping
    • Blue Backlite Makes Reading From Screen a Challenge
    • Auto Power Off Malfunction

    4. Mastech MS8209 Multimeter

    Mastech MS8209

    In our penultimate slot, we have the Mastech MS8209. This option will certainly get the job done, but unfortunately, it does have some fairly serious flaws that keep it out of our top three.

    First, the good. The price of the unit is pretty affordable, and it is also designed to be versatile, featuring fourteen different functions and thirty-nine ranges.

    The biggest problem is that the performance of this unit declines sharply over time. While it starts out versatile and full of utility, after regular use, certain features begin to stop working until ultimately the unit itself is ostensibly useless.

    Of course, this is a pretty big flaw. Still, for users that need a multimeter for very light use this might be an appropriate option.

    • Affordable
    • Versatile
    • Diminishing Returns on Performance
    • Short Life Span

    5. Elenco M-1250K Multimeter

    Elenco M-1250K

    At last place, we have the Elenco M-120K. We will start with the good: this is actually the most affordable option on the list so if you are on a very restrictive budget you may have to go with this option. Still, if you can afford to spend a few extra dollars, we highly recommend our best for the money pick.

    The problem with this option is inherent to the design. While all of the other options that we have looked at today have been digital multimeters, this device is more old school, featuring a manual display that produces less accurate results.

    Most shoppers are going to find that it will be worth their time and money to buy something that utilizes more current technology for easier work, and better accuracy.

    • Very Affordable
    • Outdated Technology
    • Inaccurate Reads

    Buyer’s Guide

    Well, now you know what is out there, but you probably still have some questions. Which features and attributes should you value in a multimeter? We can help answer some of those questions as we now dive deep into some buying considerations that will help make your decision a little bit easier.


    Price was probably in your mind when you looked up multimeters under $100 but the truth of the matter is that even when you are looking at budget options, price ranges pretty widely.

    The goal should be to find something that is accurate, and affordable.

    Keep in mind that a higher price does not necessarily mean a better read. Components that account for price include device style (in today’s case, all of the options that we looked at were handheld) brand and features.

    Adept shoppers should have no problem finding quality at an affordable price. If that is your chief concern, we recommend that you take a look at our best for the money pick.

    Display Rate

    Display rate refers to the speed with which the read on your device refreshes. The better the display rate, the more accurate your readings are going to be.


    Brand snobbery is not something that we ordinarily advocate for, but there is something to be said for going with a known brand in the world of multimeters.

    Why? Well, there is an inherent safety component to all-electric work that needs to be heeded. The truth is that there are probably plenty of off-brand units out there that perform well, but to maximize safety you are probably going to want to think about getting something with a reliable reputation.

    Final Verdict

    And there you have it. You have read the reviews and now you are left with a challenging decision. Which of these options is going to be right for you? Well, as you might recall, we did have a couple of favorites that might make the decision a little bit easier.

    Shoppers that value quality over everything else are going to want to bring our top choice the Amprobe AM-530 home with them.

    On the other hand, if your budget is a little bit more restrictive, then you may find our best for the money pick, the AstroAI 759974998225 to be the better option.

    Of course, these are only our recommendations. Now that you have read our review and familiarized yourself with how to buy the best multimeter, you can make your own informed decision!

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