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Best Paint Sprayers for Chalk Paint 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

painting with chalk paintPicking out and choosing the perfect paint sprayer that suits your needs in terms of being able to paint chalk can be a difficult job. There are thousands of paint sprayer for chalk paint reviews out there that can often blur the lines between what you should or shouldn’t try. It can be especially difficult if you’re a beginner and just starting out in the industry because there are so many different models to choose from, even though they don’t look very different with their design, they can have completely different functions and features. We have put together a list of the best paint sprayers that are compatible with chalk paint and will make your life a lot easier. We hope that we can make the difficult task of finding a paint sprayer a lot less stressful and that because of the article your choices are narrowed down. You need a paint sprayer that suits your needs in particular and that’s why it’s important to find out everything you can before you purchase it.

Comparison of our 3 Favorite Choices:

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Wagner 0529033 Wagner 0529033
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Variety of patterns and sprays
  • Second place
    HomeRight C800971 HomeRight C800971
  • Beginner friendly
  • Professional finish
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Best Value
    Third place
    HomeRight Finish Max C800766 HomeRight Finish Max C800766
  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • Ideal for small to medium projects
  • 3 Best Paint Sprayers for Chalk Paint:

    1. Wagner 0529033 Paint Sprayer – Best Overall

    Wagner 0529033

    This compact and easy to use paint sprayer has a various amount of spray patterns and can change the spray volume very easily. If you choose to use it on a lower setting you will be able to do even the finest of artwork and if you’re wanting to use the maximum you will be able to paint large areas. The container is simply just a paint cup that you can fill up and spray with right away with virtually no hassle. Since the design is so simple and put together precisely it is super easy to clean, sometimes certain paints can be very hard to clean out of paint sprayers but this one makes it easier than ever. It can also spray other materials too such as latex, sealers and oil-based materials so you can use it over and over again for different jobs you may need to do. It is ideal for beginners and is lightweight too means you can use it for as long as you see fit without having an ache in your arm or hand from the use of it.

    • Lightweight
    • Affordable
    • Easy to Clean
    • Variety of patterns and sprays
    • Compact
    • Not ideal for professionals

    2. HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer

    HomeRight C800971

    For those who are looking for a professional grade finish and need their spray painter to have interchangeable tips for more versatility then the HomeRight C800971 is the best model to opt for. It controls paint through 2 air-caps and allows the spray pattern to change from around 1 inch to as big as 12 inches by simply adjusting the control button. If you’re using a thicker material, there is very little thinning required for this paint sprayer to work and it has around 450 watts of power. It also includes a 39-ounce container capacity allowing for a lot of paint to be sprayed before a top-up is required. However, it is on the more expensive side of models and may be out of some people’s budget. The design of the model isn’t the easiest to clean either, despite the manufacturers claiming that it is an easy to clean sprayer it could do with an update in terms of taking it apart to ensure it looks brand new after cleaning.

    • Beginner Friendly
    • Adjustable spray patterns
    • Long-lasting performance
    • Professional finish
    • Expensive
    • Difficult to Clean

    3. HomeRight Finish Max Paint Gun – Best Value

    HomeRight Finish Max C800766

    The HomeRight Finish Max C800766 is ideal for anyone looking to do a small to medium project (such as crafts, cabinets or wardrobes). It has various different spray tips and 3 different spray patterns which allows the user to change up their style if they need to do so. This is probably the best model for the money, it is affordable and is still good quality, it can even go up to 6 inches wide in the spray patterns. It only has 400 watts of power making it slightly less powerful than other models. Due to it being a budget model you do have limited features and there aren’t many extras included but this is understandable if you’re paying a cheaper price. It also only has a 27-ounce container capacity too meaning that it is less than its counterparts. It does however, provide a professional finish even if you’re only a beginner and don’t know how to handle it properly.

    • Ideal for Small to Medium Projects
    • Affordable
    • Good Quality
    • Limited Features
    • Small Paint Capacity
    • Not Ideal for Professionals

    Buyer’s Guide

    Qualities of a Good Paint Sprayer

    It’s important to know what a good paint sprayer looks like and what qualities it has to make it stand out from the crowd. You may be confused with the sheer amount of different reviews on the internet, whilst some are positive the others can be negative. We know what a good paint sprayer looks like and we want to share that knowledge with you so that you know what to look out for whenever you’re on the hunt next time or even right now.

    • Versatility – you want to ensure the paint sprayer you purchase it worth the money taken out of your bank account, you can do this by ensuring it is versatile. By this we mean that it has multiple features and can be adjusted. In terms of a good paint sprayer you want to make sure the model you invest in has different spray settings and is adjustable according to the project you’re doing. A typically good paint sprayer will have 3 or more settings it can change too.
    • Easy to clean – this will make your life a lot easier and it will also help out the shelf life of the paint sprayer, you want it to last as long as possible and if you’re able to easily clean it then you won’t have any problems keeping the paint sprayer for a few years. If you can easily clean the machine, then it should look brand new after you clean it.
    • Lightweight – especially for those people who are getting a paint sprayer for odd jobs around the house and don’t want to use it for professional use, this is an essential quality. If your paint sprayer is lightweight it will mean you can use it for as long as you wish without it making your hand or arm start to hurt.

    Tips to Consider When Buying

    You may also need to consider somethings before you buy your paint sprayer to ensure that it suits your needs and does everything you require. There are so many different models out there available, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on a paint sprayer that won’t do what you want it too.

    • How often you will use it, there are some models that can be used regularly whilst others are only practical for semi-regular use. Either way you will have to review how often you think you will use it personally and whether you need a more professional grade machine or something that is suitable for beginners.
    • The price versus quality of the product, ensure you read as many reviews as possible to check the quality of the product before you buy it as sometimes the price of the paint sprayer doesn’t reflect how good or bad it will perform. There are hundreds of budget paint sprayers for a cheaper price but are still great quality but there are equally a lot of bad quality, highly priced paint sprayers available too.
    • It’s compatibility with other paints, you may initially just want to the paint sprayer for chalk paint but eventually you might want it for other paints too and it is even better if you don’t have to fork out more money for another paint sprayer when you already have one. In the description of the item there is normally a section explaining what it is compatible with.


    After considering all the reviews of paint sprayers for chalk paint and putting our own knowledge to the test, we would suggest the best model to go for would be the Wagner 0529033, this is because it is not only affordable and lightweight, but it cleans really easy and is compatible with many paints. This is ideal for anyone looking to do small or medium sized projects around their home but professional can choose to use it too if they wish.

    We hope that this article has narrowed down some of your choices and has assisted you in buying a great quality paint sprayer so that you’re never stuck for options again. We understand how difficult it can be when you’re on the hunt for a good paint sprayer but that’s why we created this list, to ensure you have a stress free shop and enjoy your time looking for a new tool.

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