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Best Parallel Clamps 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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You don’t want to be frustrated by parallel clamps failing at their simple but important job of keeping your workpiece safe and secure. The solution? Lots and lots of research. When it comes to a big purchase, like a fancy new saw, research is always a no-brainer. However, it’s also something that tends to go by the wayside for smaller purchases like parallel clamps.

You may not have time for lots of research to find the right clamp. Fortunately, we do have the time. Everything you need to know is in this guide, so read on for some parallel clamp reviews!

A Comparison of Our Favorite Products

ModelPriceSizeEditor Rating
Jorgensen Cabinet Master
Jorgensen Cabinet Master Parallel Jaw Bar ClampsTop Pick

Check Price
Bessey KR3.550 REVO
Bessey KR3.550 REVO Parallel Clamps

Check Price
50-Inch 4.6/5
Jet 70431-2 31-Inch
Jet 70431-2 31-Inch Parallel Clamps

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Yost K5024 24 Inch
Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel-ClampBest for the Money

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IRWIN Tools Parallel Jaw Box Clamp

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6 Best Parallel Clamps – Reviews 2020:

1. Jorgensen Cabinet Master Parallel Jaw Bar Clamps – Top Pick

Jorgensen Cabinet Master Parallel Jaw Bar Clamps

The Jorgensen Cabinet Master Parallel Jaw Bar Clamps took the top spot through their durable and versatile design. The 90-degree steel bar clamp features a 30% larger clamping surface and allows 10% farther screw travel. The quality build is further enhanced by a stable maple handle that will allow you a tight grip as you work.

The only thing that might keep you from going with this unit is the price. Parallel clamps usually aren’t very expensive, but this unit is definitely pricier than we usually see.

If you do decide to splurge, it will be money well spent, but budget buyers may need to keep looking.

  • Durable steel bar
  • Maple handle
  • 30% larger clamping surface
  • Screw travels 10% farther than usual
  • Pricier than most clamps

2. Bessey KR3.550 REVO Parallel Clamps – The Runner-Up

Bessey KR3.550 REVO Parallel Clamps

The Bessey KR3.550 REVO Parallel Clamps are still on the pricey side, but they will be a little bit more palatable to budget buyers.

A quick glance yields many features similar to those of the first-place clamps. The 90-degree steel alloy bar will be able to stand up well to wear and tear, while the build of the tool itself is made to be both comfortable and rugged.

The package also comes with jaw pads to prevent scuffing your work surface, and it features an impressive 1500 pounds of clamping force.

So why doesn’t a great tool like this one wind up in the top slot? Well, there is the matter of a customer complaint we’ve encountered several times. A few of the users we spoke with mentioned that their clamps broke upon first use.

Since we’ve only seen this a few times, it’s likely that this is a defect rather than something you are likely to encounter. Still, product malfunctions, even on a small scale, are never what you want to see.

Otherwise, the Bessey KR3.550 is a reliable product that will serve you well.

  • Steel alloy bar
  • 1500 pounds of clamping force
  • Ergonomic
  • Some reports that product broke after normal use

3. Jet 70431-2 31-Inch Parallel Clamps

Jet 70431-2 31-Inch Parallel Clamps

The Jet 70431-2 31-Inch Parallel Clamps are ergonomic but rugged clamps that are easy to work with. This set features a sliding system for quick adjustments that will keep you on track with your work.

It also features specially designed “no-mar” jaws that will help ensure you don’t damage your workpiece as you use the clamps. To put the cherry on top, you even get a lifetime warranty.

The only real reason this set is third on our list is because of its value. It’s a little more expensive than our runner-up but doesn’t earn the extra dollars through performance. If you like this tool but would prefer to save some money, you can do so by going with the Bessey KR3.550.

Still, if you weren’t sold on our first two options today, this unit will certainly serve as a reliable substitution.

  • Ergonomic
  • Durable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Lacks value relative to runner-up pick

4. Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel-Clamp – Best for the Money

Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel-Clamp

The Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel-Clamp is both affordable and high-quality. Granted, this tool is a little more basic. There aren’t any fancy features, but you do get a reliable lightweight aluminum design that should hold up well to normal use. It even has an ergonomic comfort grip that will be your friend during long hours on the job.

However, there is an issue in terms of durability. While most projects should go fine, you might run into trouble with high-pressure clamping. If put under too much stress, the bar will bend, or even snap, so you definitely need to be careful in how you use the tool.

  • Best for the money
  • Comfort grip
  • Very basic
  • May snap under pressure

5. IRWIN Tools Parallel Jaw Box Clamp

IRWIN Tools Parallel Jaw Box Clamp

The IRWIN Tools Parallel Jaw Box Clamp is another affordable option for buyers on a budget. The unit also earns some points for a very reliable locking mechanism that secures the jaws safely.

Unfortunately, this clamp is lacking. Its capacity is somewhat limited. It’s only able to withstand 150 pounds of pressure (one-tenth that of some of the other options we’ve seen) and the resin body doesn’t hold up so well over time.

If you’re an amateur who needs a clamp for light use, this will be fine. If not, you will probably be better served by something else.

  • Affordable
  • Jaws lock in safely and easily
  • Very limited capacity for pressure
  • Resin body won’t hold up over time

6. Bora 571140 Parallel Jaw Woodworking Clamp

Bora 571140 Parallel Jaw Woodworking Clamp

The Bora 571140 Parallel Jaw Woodworking Clamp is another affordable tool worth consideration for buyers who need to save money.

But the price is really the only selling point. There are lots of little flaws in this unit. The jaws aren’t parallel, the handle gets stuck during adjustment, and the shaft bends very easily.

For light work, this option may be suitable, but there are many better choices available for a similar price.

  • Affordable
  • Jaws not properly aligned
  • Handle gets stuck
  • Shaft bends easily

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Hopefully, our parallel clamp reviews have made your decision very easy. But if you still aren’t quite sure what option to buy, that is understandable. After all, each one of these tools excels in its own way.

We can help with a couple of recommendations. Buyers who demand the best of the best will want our top choice, the Jorgensen Cabinet Master Parallel Jaw Bar Clamps.

If your goal is to buy something that is gentle to your budget, think about our best for the money pick, the Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel-Clamp.

These are two options we loved, but you know what you’re doing now, so decide for yourself and buy the best parallel clamp for your work.

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