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Best Pickaroons & Hookaroons 2020 – Reviews & Top Pick

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a pickaroon & hookaroon

“The ultimate back saver” is a title you could give to a hookaroon or pickaroon. These tools will indeed save your back, as they decrease the number of times you have to bend to lift or drag a log. However, the benefit comes with a catch: finding the right one for you. Not all hookaroons or pickaroons are manufactured in the same way, so you have to pick the ideal one based on a few factors. These factors may be difficult to identify, but this article will run through a few of the most important ones. Hopefully, it will give you the knowledge required to pick an efficient tool tailored to your specific needs.

A Summary of our Favorites

ModelPriceLengthEditor Rating
The Council Tool 36 in.
The Council Tool 36 in. HookaroonTop Pick

Check Price
36 inch4.75/5
Fiskars HookaroonBest for the Money

Check Price
28 inch4.60/5
The Peavey Mfg 36’’
The Peavey Mfg 36’’ Hookeroon

Check Price
36 inch4.40/5
Logrite 30’’
Logrite 30’’ Hookaroon

Check Price
30 inch4.35/5
Felled 28’’
Felled 28’’ Hookaroon Pickaroon

Check Price
28 inch4.05/5

The 5 Best Hookaroons & Pickaroons

1. The Council Tool 36 in. Hookaroon – Best Overall

The Council Tool 36 in. Hookaroon

The Council Tool 36 in. Hookaroon is truly an outstanding tool. Its appearance makes you feel drawn to it before you even get a chance to test it out. The paint job is rich and even, and the material is of high quality.

The first thing you notice about this hookaroon is that it has a thick bolt running through its head; this is to prevent the head from slipping off. The handle has a slight curve, which makes using it easier and more ergonomic. It’s what many would describe as being the ideal length, not too long or too short, so most people would be comfortable using this tool.

The head is fitted tightly to the rest of the tool, and there aren’t any loose screws. The hook on this tool needs extra sharpening because it’s relatively blunt. If we had to bet on any hookaroon, it would be this one, because it is nearly perfect in all aspects.

  • Good quality
  • Substantial design
  • Ideal length
  • Ergonomic
  • Hook needs sharpening

2. Fiskars Hookaroon – Best Value

Fiskars Hookaroon

The Fiskars Hookaroon is not only almost as brilliant as our first choice, it’s much more affordable. Its design is slightly more modern.

The handle is made of fiber comp material. This reduces the tool’s net weight, and thus swinging it will be easier. A non-slip flare has been incorporated in the handle to further reduce the chances of your hands slipping off and to give you more control of the tool.

There are teeth on the hook; this can be good and bad at the same time. It’s good because you’ll have a better grip and bite on the piece of wood, and bad because getting the tool out of the wood might be difficult.

The head is designed in such a way that it is not fitted on the handle. Instead, it’s inserted in the handle. This is a rather mediocre design because it makes the head vulnerable to slipping or falling off.

  • Lightweight
  • Strong handle grip
  • Teeth on hook for better biting
  • Affordable
  • Teeth might get stuck in wood

3. The Peavey Mfg 36’’ Hookeroon

The Peavey Mfg 36’’ Hookeroon

The first impression of the Peavey Mfg 36’’ Hookeroon is that the design is quite dull. It’s not ugly, but also not as attractive as you would want it to be. However, this is not a dealbreaker.

The ergonomic handle is 36 inches long, which is the ideal length for most people. The tool is made of durable material. It’s not heavy, so you should have no problem using it for an extended period.

The head sits on top of the handle, instead of either being fitted or inserted into the handle. This choice of design is mediocre because it exposes the head to many factors that might cause it to slip off, fall off, or break.

The hook is very blunt. You would have to take a few swings before you could pierce through wood.

  • Lightweight
  • Ideal length
  • Ergonomic
  • Durable
  • Head not properly fitted
  • Blunt hook

4. Logrite 30’’ Hookaroon

Logrite 30’’ Hookaroon

The Logrite 30’’ Hookaroon has a painted handle with a long rubber grip on one end. The rubber grip helps ensure that your hands do not slip off while handling wood. Most people prefer the traditional wooden-handled hookaroon; this one is made of fiber comp. However, the material is durable.

The hook on this tool is not flat or sharp. If you intend to use it straight out of the box, be prepared to take a few extra swings before you pierce through the wood. We advise you to sharpen it thoroughly beforehand.

The screws appear to be slightly loose and the parts are not fitted tightly. Despite being made of fiber comp, this hookaroon is heavy.

  • Strong grip
  • Durable
  • Heavy
  • Hook is blunt
  • Loose parts

5. Felled 28’’ Hookaroon Pickaroon

Felled 28’’ Hookaroon Pickaroon

The Felled 28’’ Hookaroon Pickaroon is a 28-inch-long tool made of durable metal material. The metal adds to its net weight, making the tool heavier than necessary, and thus handling it might not be a walk in the park.

The tool is relatively short. Working with it would be a nightmare if you’re tall.  The hook is not very sharp.

The handle includes a non-slip design made of plastic. The plastic end of the metal is meant to act as an anti-slip grip, but it does the opposite. Not only does the tool slip out of your hands fairly easily, but it’s also not ergonomic.

The parts are not fitted properly, so they fall off after a few uses. The overall design of this tool is not substantial.

  • Durable metal
  • Not ergonomic
  • Poor grip
  • Heavy
  • Hook is not sharp
  • It slips out of the hand

Buyer’s Guide

The following are a few of the details that influence the efficiency and quality of a pickaroon and a hookaroon.

The handle

You might have noticed that the handles on most pickaroons or hookaroons are not completely straight. Instead, they have a slight curve. This is an ergonomic design meant to offer snug and sturdy gripping of the tool. Make sure that your pickaroon or hookaroon has this slight curve. The handle should also be made of durable material.

The length

The whole point of using a pickaroon or a hookaroon is to create more comfort while handling wood. However, this will not be possible if the tool is too long or too short. For maximum comfort and efficacy, make sure your tool is the appropriate length for your height.

The head

The head of a pickaroon is the metal piece with a protruding pike. The pike is the most important aspect of the head. An efficient pickaroon or hookaroon’s pike should be sharp, to pierce easily through the wood, allowing you to pick it up with ease.

The pike on these tools usually has a slight bend towards the end, creating a small hook. The bend on a hookaroon is steeper. If the small hook created by the bend on the pike is too steep or too sharp, your pickaroon might not slip out of the piece of wood as easily as you’d want it to.

The weight

If you intend to use your tool for an extended period, you’ll want to be sure that it is not too heavy.

The overall design

Other small things will add to the tool’s efficacy. These details include the way the parts of the tool have been fitted, and whether there are any loose screws. A pickaroon or a hookaroon should have a bolt running through the head horizontally. This is added so that the head does not come off after piercing through a chunk of wood. You should also consider the differences between hookaroons and pickaroons.


The Council Tool 36-in. Hookaroon is our most highly recommended tool. It satisfies all the important factors in the buyer’s guide, and it is very efficient. The Fiskars Hookaroon is in second place because of a single factor: the teeth on its hook make it difficult to remove the tool from a log. However, if you’re one to keep track of your budget, this is the tool for you, since it’s significantly more affordable.

Hopefully, navigating our reviews of the tools mentioned above will enable you to make the ideal choice of hookaroon or pickaroon for your needs.

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