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Best Rake for Pine Needles 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Best Rake for Pine NeedlesPine trees may have an attractive look, but if you have several of them residing on your property, then you know first-hand the amount of mess that they leave behind.

If you’re tired of struggling to remove those old, dying pine needles, then this article will help you find the best rake for pine needles.

We’ve dealt with this problem ourselves, so we understand your pain and frustration. Luckily, we’ve found several viable solutions that make it much easier and less time-consuming to get rid of the offending pine needles.

We’ve written up the pertinent information into the following eight reviews so that you can benefit from all the testing we did. Hopefully, our recommendations will help you even further by narrowing down the choices to the best ones.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

ModelPriceWeightEditor Rating
Amazing Rake 3-in-1
Amazing Rake RK31000 3-IN-1 Ergonomic RakeBest Overall

Check Price
2.5 lbs4.90/5
GardenHOME hand rake
GardenHOME HR1901B1 Hand RakesBest Value

Check Price
12.3 oz4.75/5
Titan straw needle
Titan Pine Straw Needle Rake
Premium Choice

Check Price
120 lbs4.50/5
Flexrake pine needle
Flexrake LAR123 Pine Needle Rake

Check Price
1.45 lbs4.10/5
Gardenite adjustable
Gardenite GT-1048 Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Check Price
2.13 lbs3.90/5

The 8 Best Rakes for Pine Needles – Reviews 2020

1. Amazing Rake 3-IN-1 Ergonomic Rake — Best Overall

Amazing Rake RK31000 3-IN-1 Ergonomic Rake

When it comes to clearing pine needles from your yard, raking them into a pile is only half the battle. The other, and arguably more difficult, part of the battle is to get those needles into trash bags or cans. Few of us have any desire to get on our knees and pick the needles up by hand to bag them. Luckily, with the Amazing Rake, you no longer have to. This great rake does more than just gather your needles into a convenient pile. Once you use it to rake them up, you can use the lever handle to close the bottom of the rake, clamping it down on the pine needles and picking them up. Then you simply turn the rake sideways to dump your needles into a waiting bag or can.

The Amazing Rake is more expensive than other rakes that just pile up your pine needles, but we think the added convenience is worth the extra cost. You no longer need to bend over or get down on your knees. Just pick up your pine needles with this ultra-lightweight device and your yard will be devoid of pine needles faster than you expect.

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Picks up pine needles for easy bagging
  • No bending over
  • More expensive than other rakes

2. GardenHOME HR1901B1 Hand Rakes — Best Value

GardenHOME HR1901B1 Hand Rakes

If using a regular rake, you’d have to get down onto your knees to pick up the pine needles once gathered into a pile. Why not just start on your knees by raking and picking up the pine needles at the same time? With the GardenHOME Hand Rakes, you can easily rake and scoop up all the pine needles within reach in one fell swoop. They fit almost any sized hands, so husband and wife alike will have no problems sharing them together. They’re also dirt-cheap, one of the lowest-cost solutions to your growing pine needle problem.

The biggest issue with the Hand Rakes is pretty obvious: no pole. But we found it can be almost more comfortable to do your raking from ground level than bending over a too short rake handle. Of course, this is all a matter of preference. It also depends on how large of an area you must rake. For a small yard, the Hand Rakes may be sufficient. For a large lawn, they probably won’t cut it. But if you want the cheapest and most effective solution to your multiplying pine needles, we think the GardenHOME Hand Rakes are the best rake for pine needles for the money.

  • Great for picking up the pine needles
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Dirt-cheap
  • No pole so you’ll have to bend down

3. Titan Pine Straw Needle Rake — Premium Choice

Titan Pine Straw Needle Rake

For people with very large yards that would take too long to rake by hand, this 3-point pine needle rake from Titan Attachments is an effective way to speed up the process and cover lots of ground in just a little time. You’ll also save plenty of energy since this rake is meant to attach to the back of a tractor. Don’t have a tractor? Then this rake isn’t going to do much for you. But if you have a tractor, this pine needle rake can take most of the effort out of yard cleanup. It’s great at collecting large quantities of needles in a single pass. Since it’s 5 feet wide, you can cover some serious ground. In just a few passes, you can remove the pine needles from acres of land.

Even if you already have a tractor, the Titan Pine Needle Rake is going to be a bit of an investment. It’s quite a few times more expensive than other pine needle rakes. But it’s hard to put a price on the amount of time that you’ll save by using this rake attachment instead of doing it all by hand.

  • 5’ wide
  • Takes all the effort out of pine needle collection
  • Can rake up large quantities of needles at once
  • Must have a tractor to attach to
  • Very expensive

4. Flexrake LAR123 Pine Needle Rake

Flexrake LAR123 Pine Needle Rake

Though it’s not very effective as a normal rake, the Flexrake Pine Needle Rake is a purpose-built device that can remove a lot of the frustration associated with raking pine needles. Gone are the clogged tongs of regular rakes. The Flexrake is designed specifically for pine needles, so it doesn’t get clogged and never needs emptying. It’s much quicker at raking up pine needles than any of the other rake designs we tried. This saves you time every time that you go to clear the pine needles from your yard.

The handle on the Flexrake is a bit too short. It’s 54 inches, which sounds like plenty of length, but our taller testers found themselves bending over enough to be uncomfortable. It’s also a very expensive rake, several times the cost of a regular plastic yard rake. Though it’s very effective for raking pine needles, these two flaws prevented it from achieving one of our top three recommendations.

  • Tines don’t get clogged
  • Effective at clearing pine needles
  • Reduces the time it takes to clear your yard
  • Short, weak handle
  • Overpriced

5. Gardenite Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Gardenite GT-1048 Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Featuring a unique design with an expanding head, the Gardenite Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake is a useful device that’s just not the best at removing pine needles specifically. It’s got an extra-long handle that’s 63 inches, making it comfortable for even our tallest testers. The head expands from 7 inches to 22 inches, and it can cover a wide swath or you can collapse it to fit into tight areas. It’s also all zinc coated to prevent rust and corrosion.

While we like the expanding head on this rake, it also presents a bit of a weak point. When fully expanded, the tines don’t have much support, so they bend rather easily. We even had a few of them break after several months of use. Since it’s more expensive than most standard yard rakes, this was a disappointment. We also weren’t thrilled with the hard-plastic grip that has finger holds molded into it. After an hour or more of raking, this grip prevented us from finding a comfortable way to hold the rake and became quite irritating.

  • Expandable from 7”-22”
  • Extra-long handle
  • Easily hits tight areas
  • Zinc-coated to prevent corrosion
  • More expensive than other rakes
  • Uncomfortable plastic grip
  • Not the most durable design

6. Midwest Rake 11036 Screening Rake

Midwest Rake 11036 Screening Rake

Available with a wide-head up to 48 inches across, this screening rake from the Midwest Rake Company can cover plenty of ground very quickly. It’s built to commercial quality, featuring all-metal construction with extra bracing built-in for strength. The teeth are rounded so they’re non-gouging, but they’re a bit too far apart to be great for raking pine needles. Many of the needles slipped between the tines, and they also tended to clog up with needles pretty quickly. This is also a very expensive rake, several times the cost of other solutions. Though it’s a great rake overall and it’s built very sturdy, we don’t believe it’s the best choice when it comes to raking up pine needles.

  • Can get with a 48” wide head
  • All-metal design is very durable
  • Teeth are too far apart and allow needles to pass through
  • Much more expensive than other options

7. Field Tuff Pine Straw Rake

For large yards that are swamped with pine needles, this Pine Straw Rake from Field Tuff is a tractor-mounted solution that can drastically reduce your clean up time. It’s five feet wide, so you’ll be able to cover lots of ground with each pass. This means it takes a fraction of the time to clean up those pine needles as it would to rake them by hand.

We had two issues with the Field Tuff Pine Straw Rake. First, it was missing parts on arrival. Several locknuts were nowhere to be seen and we had to head to the hardware store for replacements. We also noticed that the tines bend very easily and don’t return to their original shape. The tines are replaceable, but we’d rather see a more durable rake with longer-lasting tines, especially at this high price.

  • 5’ width covers lots of ground
  • Saves time over manually raking
  • Need a tractor to attach it to
  • Missing parts when it arrived
  • Tines bend very easily

8. Yard Tuff Pine Straw Rake

Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR Pine Straw Rake

Covering the same 5-foot spread that the other pull-behind needle rakes do, the Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR can cover lots of land in just a little time. It’s much easier than raking by hand, but you’ll need a tractor to attach it to. But in our opinion, this one lags behind some of the other tractor-pulled models that we tested. Assembly of the Yard Tuff rake is difficult and time-consuming, and it became quite frustrating. Plus, the included chain broke the first time we used this rake, so we had to replace it before it was a usable tool again.

When we were dragging it behind the tractor, the tines only loosely hugged the ground and it didn’t do a great job of collecting pine needles. We had to add some extra weight to hold it down enough so it would effectively rake the needles. At this high price, we don’t expect to see so many issues. If you’re looking for a tractor-mounted pine needle rake, we suggest the Titan Pine Straw Needle Rake in our third position.

  • Covers 60” each pass
  • Much easier than raking by hand
  • Assembly is difficult and time-consuming
  • Included chain is weak and broke
  • Not heavy enough to keep tines down
  • Requires a tractor


There are many different ways to remove the fallen pine needles from your land, and they require different degrees of effort and investment. We’ve tested tools of all kinds to see which ones were best at raking up those pesky pine needles, and our reviews should have helped you narrow down the field. For us, the best overall solution was the Amazing Rake. This ultra-lightweight tool saved us time and made it easy to clean up the pine needles. More than just a rake, it also picks up the collected needles and makes it easy to bag them without the need to bend down or touch the needles at all.

For the best value, we suggest checking out the GardenHOME Hand Rakes. They let you rake and scoop the pine needles at the same time, making it easy to bag them up and get rid of them. The Hand Rakes are also dirt-cheap and small enough for easy storage. For a premium offering, we recommend the Titan Pine Straw Needle Rake. It’s designed to pull behind a tractor, saving you time and effort while making the entire job much quicker thanks to its 5-foot width.

Featured Image Credit: GardenHOME, Amazon

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