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Best Roofing Tool Belts 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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When you’re re-shingling a roof, the last thing you want to do is make multiple trips up and down a ladder to get a tool. That is where tool belts can save the day. There are different styles of tool belts and a huge variety of features among them. How do you know which one you’ll need?

The answer is determined by the tools and supplies that you need it to carry for a particular job. We have reviewed quite a few belts so we can give you a quick rundown of the ones that we like the best, in hopes that you may get a better idea of what you need.

A Breakdown of our Favorite Choices in 2020

ModelPriceMaterialEditor Rating
Occidental Leather 9855
Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit FatBest Overall

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CLC Custom Leathercraft 175274
CLC Custom Leathercraft 175274Best Value

Check Price
Heavy-duty leather4.45/5
Bucket Boss 2
Bucket Boss 2 Bag Tool Belt in Brown

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Poly ripstop/600D poly4.35/5
Style n Craft 76-425
Style n Craft 76-425 11 Pocket Tool Belt

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600D polyester4.25/5
Task Tools T77265
Task Tools T77265 Carpenter's Apron Leather Belt

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Durable oil-tanned split leather4.00/5

The 5 Best Roofing Tool Belts

1. Occidental Leather 9855 Roofing Tool Belt – Best Overall
Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat

The Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat has a waistband that can be adjusted to fit a 32-inch waist, up to a 41-inch one. It’s a waist toolbelt, but it has preinstalled D-rings that allow it to be used with the Occidental Stronghold Suspension System.

The main bags are 10 inches deep and have 24 slots for tools. Some of the slots are for specific tools, like hammers or tape measures. Even though 24 sounds like a lot of slots, when you’re roofing, they aren’t enough. Part of the problem is that some of the tool-specific slots aren’t placed appropriately. The tool doesn’t fit as it should, so you must put it someplace it isn’t meant to go.

  • Fits 32-inch to 41-inch waist
  • D-rings to use with Occidental Stronghold Suspension System
  • 24 specific tool holders
  • 10-inch-deep main bags
  • Not enough slots for tools
  • Some poorly placed slots

2. CLC Custom Leathercraft Roofer’s Toolbelt – Best Value
CLC Custom Leathercraft 175274

The CLC Custom Leathercraft 175274 is a heavy-duty leather tool belt with two hammer loops and 12 pockets. Four of the pockets are big enough to hold tools, while the other eight are smaller to carry smaller tools, nails, and any other needed supplies. The waistband is adjustable to fit waist sizes from 29 to 49 inches. It’s challenging to adjust, though.

This tool belt has a pouch for a tape measure. It fits the average homeowner’s tape well, but it’s too small for a professional-sized tape measure. This toolbelt is also not friendly to left-handed people.

  • Heavy-duty leather
  • Two hammer loops
  • 12 pockets
  • Fits waist sizes from 29 to 49 inches
  • Challenging to adjust
  • Measuring tape pouch too small for professionals
  • Not for left-handed people

3. Bucket Boss 2 Tool Belt

Bucket Boss 2 Bag Tool Belt in Brown

The Bucket Boss 2 Bag Tool Belt in Brown features two adjustable pouches with two hammer holders and 12 pockets to store all your tools and supplies. It fits waistbands up to 52 inches.

With all the pockets, there is nowhere to carry a square, which is a useful tool when roofing. Some of the pockets are in awkward positions, making it challenging to organize your tools efficiently.

  • Adjustable pouches
  • 12 pockets
  • Two hammer holders
  • Fits up to 52-inch waist
  • Some pockets are awkwardly placed
  • No square pouch

4. Style n Craft 11 Pocket Roofers Tool Belt

Style n Craft 76-425 11 Pocket Tool Belt

The Style n Craft 76-425 11 Pocket Tool Belt has a two-inch-wide belt that adjusts to fit waist sizes between 26 and 46 inches. However, we found it difficult to change.

Even though this belt is smaller than other comparable belts, it includes 11 pockets and two hammer holders. The hammer holders are poorly placed, though, making carrying hammers awkward.

  • 11 pockets
  • Two hammer holders
  • Fits 26- to 46-inch waists
  • Difficult to adjust
  • Smaller than other comparable belts
  • Poorly placed hammer rings

5. Task Tools T77265 Apron Leather Toolbelt

Task Tools T77265 Carpenter's Apron Leather Belt

The Task Tools T77265 Carpenter’s Apron Leather Belt has a heavy-duty two-inch-wide belt made of saddle leather. It also contains 12 various-sized pockets and two hammer holders.

The belt on this apron is too long and doesn’t adapt to fit smaller waist sizes. Though it’s made of leather, it is lower quality leather, so it isn’t as durable as other belts.

  • Two-inch-wide saddle leather belt
  • 12 various-sized pockets
  • Two hammer holders
  • Doesn’t fit smaller waists
  • Belt is too long
  • Not very durable

Buyer’s Guide

Things to look for in a tool belt

1. Quality

The quality of the material the tool belt is made of determines how long it will last. High-end ones are leather. Nylon or polyester fabric are also good choices. They are more economical, yet durable.

2. Waist size

The best tool belts have adjustable waist sizes. Make sure your waist fits within the given range. If the belt is too tight, it will be uncomfortable and restrict your movement. If it’s too loose, the weight won’t be distributed evenly and can cause you back problems.

3. Weight

The weight of the belt when it’s empty is the only constant in how much you’ll carry for each job. Different jobs require different tools, so the added weight can differ from day to day.

4. Pockets

The number of pockets determines how many tools and other supplies you can carry up to the roof. Having enough of them can save you from making multiple trips up and down.

5. Durability

All types of tool belts need to be durable. They will hold tools, as well as nails, staples, and many other sharp objects. The material must be strong enough to stand up to those edges without getting damaged.

6. Design

There are two different design types of tool belts: harness and waist.
Harness belts work best when you’re working in high places, while waist belts are useful in any situation.

7. Comfort

A properly fitting belt doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be comfortable. Find one with padding, especially if you have heavy harness straps. The padding will give you a soft cushion, so the rough material of the belt doesn’t rub against your skin, causing scrapes or chafing.

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Tool belts can save the day when you’re re-shingling a roof. You need to know what size job you’ll be doing, and how many tools you need, to choose the right belt. We reviewed many of them and have run through five that we think may fit your needs. Now you need to write down a list of what you need a belt to carry, and then find your perfect one.

1. Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Fat – Top Pick
2. CLC Custom Leathercraft 175274 – Best for the Money
3. Bucket Boss 2 Bag Tool Belt in Brown
4. Style n Craft 76-425 11 Pocket Tool Belt
5. Task Tools T77265 Carpenter’s Apron Leather Belt

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