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10 Best Small Pressure Washers (Lightweight & Portable) – Reviews & Top Picks

Man with pressure washerSmall pressure washers are an ideal choice for home use. You want something lightweight and portable — there’s no need for a monstrous, heavy-duty pressure washer if you just want to clean patios, sidewalks, and siding.

Take one look at the market for pressure washers, though, and you’ll see that there are countless choices. We’ve made your search easier by creating this list of the 10 best small pressure washers, with reviews of each one. There’s also a buying guide to help you know what to look for.

A Quick Summary (updated in 2020):

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Sun Joe SPX3000 Sun Joe SPX3000
  • Powerful motor
  • Max amount of PSI
  • Full 2 year warranty
  • Best Value
    Second place
  • Roll-along wheels
  • 32-ounce built-in soap tank
  • 24-month warranty on pump and motor
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Karcher K5 Karcher K5
  • Durable pump
  • Water-cooled induction motor
  • Built-in detergent tank
  • Greenworks GPW1501 Greenworks GPW1501
  • 20-foot high-pressure hose
  • 35-foot power cord with inline GFCI
  • Includes soap applicator
  • Briggs Stratton 20680 Briggs Stratton 20680
  • Integrated detergent tank
  • 25 feet of flexible hose
  • Includes three quick-connect nozzles
  • The 10 Best Small Pressure Washers:

    1. Sun Joe SPX3000 – Best Overall

    Sun Joe SPX3000

    The Sun Joe SPX3000 is our best overall pick because of its many included features. It has a powerful motor of 14.5 amps, which is strong for a pressure washer not powered by gasoline. It has an automatic feature where the pump turns off when the trigger is not engaged, which saves on energy usage. It comes with five different spray tips to handle a variety of jobs, everything from pencil-tip size to a wider spray. It has the max rating of internal PSI allowed by the CSA, which is 2,030 PSI. A 34-inch extension spray wand is included, and along with the long electric cord, it has a far reach. The dual detergent tanks allow you to have two different types of cleaning solutions. Lastly, it comes with a full two-year warranty.

    The only potential problem is that the trigger must be continuously held down. That can be tiring for some people over time.

    • Powerful motor
    • Pump turns off automatically when not in use
    • Includes five different spray tips
    • Dual detergent tanks
    • Max amount of PSI
    • 34-inch extension spray wand
    • Includes rear wheels to help transport it around your yard
    • Full two-year warranty
    • Trigger has to be held down, which can be tiring over time

    2. YARD FORCE Electric Pressure Washer – Best Value


    The YARD FORCE 1600 PSI All-in-1 Electric Pressure Washer is our best-for-the-money choice because it’s powerful despite its compact size. It has a 13-amp electric motor capable of reaching 1,600 PSI, which can be used for typical tasks around your yard. We liked the built-in storage compartment for nozzles, the power cord, the hose, and the spray gun. It also has a 32-ounce built-in soap tank to make cleaning jobs easier. The trigger handle and wand have a metal quick-connect fitting. Lastly, it has a 24-month warranty that the company stands behind.

    However, it doesn’t have the pressure capabilities of our number-one pick. Because of this, it can only handle light cleaning jobs. It also doesn’t come with any hose or cord reels, which can make it frustrating to put them away each time.

    • 13-amp electric motor
    • 1,600 PSI
    • Built-in storage compartment for nozzles, power cord, hose, and spray gun
    • Roll-along wheels
    • 32-ounce built-in soap tank
    • Trigger handle and wand with metal quick-connect fitting
    • 24-month warranty on pump and motor
    • No hose or cord reels
    • Pressure only high enough for light jobs

    3. Karcher K5 Electric Pressure Washer – Premium Choice

    Karcher K5

    The Karcher K5 Electric Power Pressure Washer has an impressive amount of pressure at 2,000 PSI. Aside from its powerful motor and pressure, it has many features that put it high on our list. There’s an integrated hose reel for easy storage, a 25-foot hose, a power spray wand that allows you to adjust the spray from the handle, and a built-in detergent tank. We were also impressed with the motor, which is water-cooled to prevent overheating. The pump is also non-corrosive and maintenance-free.

    However, this is a pricey pressure washer compared to others on the list. One of the biggest problems is that you can only use Karcher parts on it, which is limiting and costly. Lastly, despite its higher price, it has plastic components, which can break easily.

    • 2,000 PSI, 1.4 GPM water flow rate
    • Integrated hose reel for easy storage
    • 25-foot high-pressure hose
    • Vario power spray wand
    • Durable pump
    • Water-cooled induction motor
    • Built-in detergent tank
    • Expensive
    • Can only use Karcher parts
    • Plastic components

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    4. Greenworks 1500 GPM Pressure Washer

    Greenworks GPW1501

    The Greenworks 1500 PSI Pressure Washer can be used vertically or horizontally, which makes it easy to transport and use. It has a fairly long 20-foot high-pressure hose and a 35-foot power cord. This gives you longer reach without having to use an extension cord. It includes 25-degree and 40-degree quick-connect nozzles, as well as a soap applicator.

    Compared to other options, the Greenworks Pressure Washer delivers poor pressure. The handle breaks easily, and the motor sounds strained when working, so the quality is questionable in this model.

    • Can be used vertically or horizontally
    • 20-foot high-pressure hose
    • 35-foot power cord with inline GFCI
    • Includes 25-degree and 40-degree quick-connect nozzles
    • Includes soap applicator
    • Poor pressure
    • Poor quality
    • Handle breaks easily

    5. Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer

    Briggs & Stratton 20680

    Briggs & Stratton is a well-known name in the home improvement world, and their pressure washer has a significant amount of power, much like the engines they’re famous for. The max PSI of this model is 1,800, and it has a sturdy, welded-steel frame, a built-in detergent tank, and three quick-connect nozzles. The hose is 25 feet long and flexible, so you have farther reach.

    However, we noticed that this one leaks at the hose attachment, which may compromise the pressure. It’s not the sleekest model and takes up a great deal of room in your garage. The pressure also seems to drop over time. Lastly, it comes with a 12-month limited warranty, which isn’t as good as other models’ 24-month warranties.

    • 1,800 max PSI at 1.1 GPM
    • Welded-steel frame
    • Integrated detergent tank
    • 25 feet of flexible hose
    • Includes three quick-connect nozzles
    • Leaks at hose attachment
    • Not the sleekest model
    • Pressure drops over time
    • 12-month limited warranty

    6. Karcher K1700 Electric Pressure Washer

    Karcher K1700

    Karcher has another quality pressure washer, this one with 1,700 PSI and a water flow rate of 1.2 GPM. We liked the on/off footswitch, which is easy to use. It’s lightweight and portable, weighing less than 20 pounds. A large, removable bin is included for the accessories, and the pressure washer has three nozzles: a turbo nozzle, an all-purpose nozzle, and a detergent nozzle. The power cord is stored in the handle, which is a unique feature.

    Unfortunately, this model has quality issues. The trigger leaks over time, which causes the product to lose pressure. Because of the placement of the wheels in proximity to where you connect the hose, it’s difficult to attach a hose to the pressure washer.

    • 1,700 PSI, 1.2 GPM Electric pressure washer with on/off footswitch
    • Weighs less than 20 pounds
    • Includes three nozzles: turbo nozzle, all-purpose nozzle, and detergent nozzle
    • Unique power cord storage on the handle
    • Large removable bin for accessories
    • Trigger leaks
    • Loses pressure over time
    • Quality issues
    • Hard to connect a hose

    7. Sun Joe SPX3200

    Sun Joe SPX3200

    The Sun Joe SPX3200 has a powerful 14.5-amp motor with a max PSI of 2,030. This model is portable with its 360-degree easy-glide wheels that enable you to pull it along behind you without worrying that it’ll tip over. It comes with five quick-connect spray nozzles and a 27-ounce detergent tank. It also has a system that automatically switches off the pump when the trigger isn’t engaged.

    Despite the maneuverability of the easy-glide wheels, the Sun Joe is made in such a way that the cord and hose can easily become tangled. Also, the PSI advertised is 2,030, but the manual says the pressure washer can only reach 1,400 PSI. The spray nozzles do not spray with even pressure, which forces you to go back over the same area several times. Lastly, the pressure weakens over time.

    • 2,030 PSI, 1.76 GPM
    • 360-degree easy-glide wheels
    • Five quick-connect spray nozzles
    • TSS (Total Stop System) automatically switches off the pump
    • 27-ounce detergent tank
    • PSI overstated
    • Spray nozzles do not spray with even pressure
    • Weak pressure
    • Cord and hose become tangled easily

    8. Karcher K3 Electric Pressure Washer

    Karcher K3 Follow-Me

    The Karcher K3 Follow-Me is called as such because you can pull it along behind you as you pressure wash. It has 1,800 PSI and a 1.3 GPM water flow rate. This model includes an adjustable-spray wand that allows you to change the spray strength. It also has a built-in detergent tank and a 35-foot GFCI power cord. The pump is durable, non-corrosive, and maintenance-free.

    Unfortunately, we found a few problems with this pressure washer. One is that it leaks over time. Another is that it loses pressure after multiple uses. During assembly, it’s difficult to attach the wheels properly. Overall, there seem to be quality issues with this product.

    • 1,800 PSI, 1.3 GPM
    • Four wheels
    • Adjustable-spray wand
    • Durable pump
    • Built-in detergent tank
    • 35-foot GFCI power cord
    • Quality issues
    • Leaks
    • Loses pressure
    • Difficulty attaching wheels properly

    9. AR Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer

    AR Blue Clean AR2N1

    The AR Blue Clean AR2N1 Electric Pressure Washer has a max PSI of 2,050. It includes a mobile cart and onboard storage, which helps keep the accessories organized. Like many other models, it includes a safety feature that automatically switches off the pump when the trigger is not engaged.

    For the price, however, there are quality issues. The wheels are too small, so it topples over frequently. The pressure is much weaker than stated, and parts that come into contact with water corrode easily.

    • Mobile cart included
    • 2,050 PSI
    • Onboard storage
    • TSS (Total Stop System) automatically switches off the pump
    • Expensive
    • Wheels are too small
    • Weak pressure
    • Quality issues
    • Parts corrode easily  

    10. Ryobi Electric Pressure Washer

    Ryobi RY141612

    The Ryobi 1600-PSI Electric Pressure Washer has a compact, lightweight design that makes it very portable. It comes with three quick-connect nozzles and has 1,600 PSI.

    However, it’s at the bottom of our list for a reason. It’s not sturdy and flips over easily. It also lacks wheels, so you have to move it around yourself. Many of the parts are plastic, making its quality questionable. The pressure weakens over time, and the hose is difficult to maneuver and unwind.

    • 1,600 PSI and 1.2 GPM flow rate
    • Includes three quick-connect nozzles
    • Compact, lightweight design
    • Not sturdy
    • No wheels
    • Has plastic parts
    • Weak pressure
    • The hose is difficult to maneuver and unwind

    Buyer’s Guide

    If you’re wondering what features you should be looking for in small pressure washers, then wonder no more. This is a list of the most important pressure washer features, to make it easier to quickly recognize the best products available. Here’s what to seek out.


    For a pressure washer to stay lightweight and portable, electric is the best choice. This limits you on PSI, but for light jobs around the house and yard, this shouldn’t be a problem. You want to look for a PSI between 1,300 to 1,900.


    Electric pressure washers have their power measured in amps, and you want to look for 12-15 amps to have a strong enough motor to produce good PSI.


    Many of the pressure washers on our list should include a set of nozzles, but if not, you can buy additional ones. They come in several different degrees (or strengths):

    • 0 degrees is the most concentrated nozzle.
    • 15 degrees is used for heavy-duty cleaning.
    • 25 degrees is used for general cleaning.
    • 40 degrees is used for surfaces that might get damaged, like boats, cars, or patio furniture.
    • 65 degrees is low pressure and used for cleaning along with a detergent.

    Special Features

    Certain pressure washers include extras like an automatic energy-saving feature that shuts off the pump when the trigger isn’t engaged, the ability to adjust the spray at the wand, or an extra-long power cord.

    Included Accessories

    Most pressure washers include nozzles, but some may have a wider variety than others. There are many on the list that include one or two detergent tanks, which makes it easier to pressure wash with soap. Some even come with a bin to hold all the accessories, which can make cleanup and organization easier.


    The Sun Joe SPX3000 is our best overall pick because of its powerful motor, which is capable of reaching 2,030 PSI. It includes an assortment of spray tips, an extension spray wand, and dual detergent tanks.

    Our best-for-the-money pick is YARD FORCE 1600 PSI All-in-1 Electric Pressure Washer because of its compact size and included features. It has a built-in compartment for the power cord, hose, spray gun, and nozzles.

    We hope our buying guide and reviews have helped you narrow down your own list so you can find the best small pressure washer for your needs.

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