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Best Travertine Sealers 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Stella SealantsTravertine is an extremely porous stone and finding a good sealer that protects your stone and is durable enough to last a year or two can be quite challenging. The shelves are full of products that make big claims, but do they work as advertised?

We’ve reviewed dozens of different stone sealers, and we believe we can help you find the best travertine sealer for your home. We have selected 9 various bands of travertine sealer to review for you. We’ll give you our honest opinion of each sealer, and you can make your own choice about the products we review.

Additionally, we’ve compiled a travertine sealer buyer’s guide to help you learn more about how stone sealers work and how they help protect and preserve your travertine stone.

Below you’ll find our detailed reviews of each travertine sealer, where we compare coverage, smell, solvent, and durability to help you make a wise purchase.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites 2020

ModelPriceCoverageEditor Rating
StoneTech Bulletproof
small StoneTech D14924225
Best Overall

Check Price
100 sq. ft.4.95/5
Miracle Sealants Penetrating
small Miracle Sealants 511QT6
Best Value

Check Price
1000 sq. ft.4.80/5
Stella Sealants Stone
small Stella Sealants Ultra Dry
Premium Choice

Check Price
3000 sq. ft.4.75/5
Granite Gold Spray
small Granite Gold GG0036

Check Price
200 sq. ft.4.45/5
Rocklinite Labs Stone
small Rocklinite Labs CECOMINOD078562

Check Price
200 sq. ft.4.15/5

The 9 Best Travertine Sealers – 2020

1. StoneTech D14924225 BulletProof Sealer – Best Overall

StoneTech D14924225

The StoneTech D14924225 BulletProof Sealer is our choice for the best overall travertine sealer. BulletProof sealer is latex-based and easy to apply. Wipe it on, let it soak in, and wipe it off. There are no harmful or flammable gasses, and it’s safe to use indoors. We did need to apply two coats, but the sealer was still good after one year, and the container says it will last five. BulletProof sealer comes in 32-ounce bottles that can cover up to 100 square feet of travertine.

  • Latex-based
  • Easy to apply
  • No Smell
  • Long-lasting
  • Took two coats

2. Miracle Sealants 511QT6 511 Penetrating Sealers – Best Value

Miracle Sealants 511QT6

The Miracle Sealants 511QT6 511 Penetrating Sealers receives our award for the best value. It’s an indoor-outdoor that can cover up to 1,000 square feet. We found it easy to apply and versatile enough to use for all of our projects, and it sealed our travertine pretty well. It does produce a strong odor, so you will need to use this product with adequate ventilation, and it doesn’t coat so well on the first try, so it might take a few applications to get your travertine to seal correctly.

  • Low cost
  • Large coverage area
  • Indoor-outdoor
  • Easy to Apply
  • Smells bad
  • Takes a few coats

3. Stella Sealants Ultra Dry 70 Stone Sealer – Premium Choice

Stella Sealants Ultra Dry

The Stella Sealants Ultra Dry 70 Stone Sealer is perfect for sealing travertine and several other types of stone, and it is our premium choice. This product is a latex-based stone sealer capable of sealing your travertine in one or two coats. It dries with a natural look that beads up in the rain. It protects against water, oil, and even saltwater.

It’s easy to apply and doesn’t have a strong odor. The only thing keeping it from the top spot is the high price.

  • Latex
  • Non-toxic
  • Natural look
  • Protects against saltwater
  • Expensive

4. Granite Gold GG0036 Sealer Spray

Granite Gold GG0036

The Granite Gold GG0036 Sealer Spray has the word granite in the name but well suited for protecting travertine as well. This product comes in a 24-ounce spray bottle, and to apply it, you spray it on and wipe it off with a soft lint-free cloth. It only takes a few coats to protect your stone, and its non-toxic ingredients make it safe around food, children, and pets.

While we reviewed this product, we felt that it didn’t last too long, and the small 24-ounce bottle is only suitable for small amounts of stone.

  • Easy application
  • Non-toxic
  • Small amount
  • Wears off fast

5. Rocklinite Labs Tuff Duck Stone Sealer

Rocklinite Labs CECOMINOD078562

The Rocklinite Labs Tuff Duck Stone Sealer comes in a 32-ounce jug and is rated to cover up to 200 square feet. This long-lasting formula can last up to five years before you need to reapply it. It’s non-acidic and won’t damage surrounding materials.

While we used the Tuff Duck sealer, we noticed that it produces a horrible smell and comes out very watery. We believed it to be more of a waterproofer than an actual sealer.

  • Long-lasting
  • Twice the active ingredients
  • Non-acidic
  • Thin
  • Bad smell

6. Black Diamond Stoneworks NG PT Sealer

Black Diamond Stoneworks

The Black Diamond Stoneworks NG PT Sealer is a non-toxic travertine sealer designed to repel water and oil in the kitchen and bathroom. It’s safe to use around food, and we didn’t think it smelled too bad compared to some of the other products on this list.

We felt that the 16-ounce bottle is just too small of an amount to justify ordering it again and what little bit we did have often left a cloudy film unless we were extra careful wiping it off.

  • Protects against water and oil
  • Non-toxic
  • Low odor
  • Small bottle
  • Leaves film

7. Clean-eez Penetrating Sealer

Clean-eez Penetrating Sealer

The Clean-eez Penetrating Sealer comes in a 32-ounce container and can coat up to 500 square feet of stone or tile. It’s a professional-grade sealer that is easy to apply. Brush it on and wait a few minutes before mopping up.

We found this brand to have very little odor, but it needed several coats to build up a good seal against moisture, and it seems like more of a grout sealant than a product for stone.

  • Easy to apply
  • Large coverage area
  • No odor
  • Needs several coats
  • More for grout

8. Aqua Mix 30882-4 Sealer’s Choice Gold

Aqua Mix 30882-4

The Aqua Mix 30882-4 Sealer’s Choice Gold is non-toxic and formulated for use in the kitchen. When it dries, it looks natural and won’t change the color of your travertine.

We found that it does contain some chemicals that are hazardous to your health, so use caution when applying this product and follow the directions exactly. We also found that it took several coats to seal our travertine adequately, and it has a terrible smell. When we applied this product to granite, we noticed that it did leave a little bit of a white residue behind.

  • Non-toxic
  • Natural look
  • Contains some hazardous chemicals
  • White residue
  • Bad smell
  • Takes several coats

9. Serveon Sealants H2Seal H2100 Stone Sealer

Serveon Sealants H2Seal H2100

The Serveon Sealants H2Seal H2100 Stone Sealer is the final travertine sealer on our list. This sealer is fast drying and only takes one hour.  It also boasts a 450-foot coverage, which should be more than suitable most needs.

Unfortunately, we found that it took several coats to get a seal because the sealer has a watery consistency that soaked right into our travertine. It took several applications to get the sealer to prevent water from penetrating our travertine, which will significantly reduce the actual square feet of coverage we get.  We also found that this brand began to peel off after a few months, and it left a cloudy residue on other surfaces we tried it out on.

  • Fast drying
  • 450-ft coverage
  • Wears off quick
  • Leaves film
  • Takes several coats
  • Very thin

Buyer’s Guide

Travertine is a natural stone made from spring deposited limestone. Because of the slow process that forms the stone, it is very porous and contains dozens of microscopic holes per square inch. These small holes can absorb water very quickly and contribute to its unique property of being slipperier when it’s dry than when it’s wet.

When to Seal Travertine

Many people prefer the non-slip nature of wet travertine, and if you are using it in a high traffic area where traction is a concern, you might opt against sealing it. A sealer will fill and seal the tiny holes preventing the stone from absorbing water, robbing it of its non-slip nature.

Travertine stains easily, and almost anything spilled on it will absorb and remain trapped in the stone forever. These spills can come from common household drinks like coffee and soda, but they can also be environmental. Mud, acidic rain, even crushed bugs can find themselves embedded in your travertine over time. The stains will discolor your stones and be nearly impossible to remove. If you use travertine in a highly visible area with a potential for spills, you must seal the stone. Travertine sealer will fill the microscopic holes and prevent stains from working their way into the travertine. The sealer also brings out the travertine’s natural beauty and might be chosen for appearance alone.

Travertine sealers may also have other additives that can prevent mold and mildew, but the sealer will wear off, and your travertine will need a new coat every few years, depending on the brand you choose.

Applying Travertine Sealer

The application of the sealer is straightforward. It often requires using a soft cloth to apply the sealant and wiping any excess off. You need to remove any extra sealer, or it could leave a film over the travertine. Many times, you will need to wait until the sealer dries and add another coat to achieve an adequate seal over your travertine.


Like paint, you can also get your travertine sealer in different polishes from flat to a high gloss. As usual, a high gloss sealant will be easier to clean and may last longer than a flat, but aesthetics is another reason to choose one or the other. You will also feel more confident it’s working if it gives your surface a shine.

Staying Power

Most brands of travertine sealers will tell you how often you need to reapply the sealant. The longer between applications, the higher the quality.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading our reviews of travertine sealers. Hopefully, you have also learned something new about stone sealers that you didn’t know before and are a little bit closer to deciding on your next purchase. We stand behind the StoneTech D14924225 BulletProof Sealer as our top choice. This latex stone sealer will seal your travertine in one or two coats and protect it from stains. There’s very little odor, and it lasts a long time.

The Miracle Sealants 511QT6 511 Penetrating Sealers is our choice for the best value, and this sealer can cover a large area at a discount. If you have enjoyed reading and gained some insight, please share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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