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Best Wrench Organizers 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

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a wrench organizerIf you’ve used wrench organizers before, you likely know the frustration of getting a model that doesn’t hold the wrenches well or doesn’t stay on the surface on which you mounted it. It’s always frustrating to open a toolbox or walk int a shop and see your wrenches scattered and disorganized. If you want something better, rest assured that there are great models out there on the market.

However, it’s not always clear which models are great, and which will leave you picking up after them. We’ve done the hard work for you, creating these reviews of some of the best wrench organizers of 2020, so that you can skip the frustration and get back to work in record time. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide so that you can learn how to get a great deal on wrench organizers before you buy.

Our 3 Favorites of 2020:

ModelPriceCapacityEditor Rating
Olsa Tools MWHB
Olsa Tools Wrench Holder Organizer MWHBBest Overall

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Torin Lock-A-Wrench Rack
Torin Lock-A-Wrench Rack

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Ernst Manufacturing Gripper 5089
Ernst Manufacturing Gripper 5089Best Value

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The 3 Best Wrench Organizers:

1. Olsa Tools Wrench Organizer MWHB – Best Overall

Olsa Tools Wrench Holder Organizer MWHB

The Olsa Tools Wrench Holder Organizer MWHB is a great choice for people who want a wrench holder that can be mounted without tools, and which they may want to reposition from time to time. This holder is magnetic, which means you can stick it to any magnetic surface in your shop. A big toolbox, a tool cart, or even a metal wall are all options. The wrenches are held firmly in place via friction, so this model can only be used in the upright position. It works with both metric and SAE tools, so you’re covered no matter which kind you use.

The price of this model is also excellent, so if you’re looking for a great model that isn’t too expensive, this is a good choice for you. It also comes in both blue and red, so you can get the color which best fits your shop. Because it’s magnetic, it doesn’t come with any other mounting options, which means you can’t attach this wrench holder to a wooden pegboard. However, this is still one of the best wrench holders overall, and great for people who already have a metal surface in mind.

  • Magnetic
  • Fits metric and SAE
  • Wrenches stay in place
  • Price
  • Can’t mount to a wooden pegboard

2. Torin Lock-A-Wrench Organizer Rack

Torin Lock-A-Wrench Rack

The Torin Lock-A-Wrench Rack is a good choice for someone who knows that their rack is going to be on the go or needs a model that they’re confident will keep their wrenches in place when not in use. It has a higher capacity than similarly-sized wrench racks, holding 12 wrenches, to many other racks’ 10. Sliding the wrenches into a slot and turning them locks them in place and keeps them there until you turn them back the other direction to free them. It comes with a magnetic mount which makes this a good kit for mounting in a large toolbox in on a motor vehicle.

It’s compatible with both metric and SAE tools, which means you could put a set with either, or a mixed set of both in this rack. In theory, this is probably a better model than the one we have top on our list. However, this model suffers from quality control problems, with the most common of those relating to the locking system, which can break. The design is good, but the manufacturing is not consistent, so this model falls to second on our list.

  • High capacity
  • Locks in place
  • Magnetic mount
  • Fits metric and SAE
  • Quality control issues

3. Ernst Wrench Organizer Gripper – Best Value

Ernst Manufacturing Gripper 5089

The Ernst Manufacturing Gripper 5089 is our choice for best for the money. It comes with a very high capacity, supporting up to 15 wrenches, which means you can carry more wrenches with you when you’re on the go. It comes with a carrying handle, which makes this one of the best wrench carriers for people who travel from worksite to worksite, and since it fits both metric and SAE wrenches, you can always have the variety you need on hand.

However, the best thing about this model is that it is inexpensive. The black and red versions are very cheap, while the high-visibility fluorescent yellow model is a few dollars more, but still less than the other entries on our list. The only real problem is that if you have a wrench set that is thicker or thinner than average, you may find that they slip out of the carrier on their own. Most wrenches don’t have this problem, but the ones on the extreme ends of thick or thin tend to fall out. However, if you’re looking for the best value you get on the market for your money, you can’t go wrong with this model.

  • Very high capacity
  • Includes carrying handle
  • Inexpensive
  • Fits metric and SAE
  • Thick and thin wrenches don’t fit well

Buyer’s Guide

When buying a wrench organizer, you should consider the storage capacity, mounting system, how well it holds the wrenches, and how much it costs.

There is no real metric for pricing out wrench organizers based on how many wrenches they can hold on a per-wrench basis, which means you’re going to find models that hold more wrenches that cost less than models that hold fewer wrenches. That’s a weird situation to find yourself in, but that means you can get a great deal on capacity if you’re willing to do a bit of searching.

You also need to know whether you’ll be mounting it at all, or carrying it around in a toolbox, as different models were designed with different applications in mind. If you have a magnetic mounting surface, there are a lot of great magnetic mounting options on the market.

It’s also a good idea to read some reviews and see if the organizer holds wrenches well. You don’t want to have to pick up after it, and it would be awful to lose a wrench because it fell out of the organizer somewhere along the way.

Finally, price is an important factor. You can often get the same features for less money, so make sure you shop around before you buy. Keep in mind that some color options might be cheaper than others, too.

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The Olsa Tools Wrench Holder Organizer MWHB is magnetic, fits metric and SAE wrenches and comes at a good price, earning it the top spot on our list. The Torin Lock-A-Wrench Rack is a good choice if you want a rack that securely holds your wrenches in place, but due to its inconsistent quality, it falls to second. The Ernst Manufacturing Gripper 5089 is a great for value hunters and includes a large capacity, carrying handle, and the ability to transport both metric and SAE tools.

We hope that our reviews and our buyer’s guide have given you a clear view of what features to value and which to avoid when shopping for wrench organizers. You should now be able to use this knowledge to find the model that is right for you.

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