Best Small Shop Vacs 2019 – Reviews & Top Picks

a shopvac for woodworking

If you’re unfamiliar with shop vacs, you may be picturing a towering monstrosity of a tool that you just don’t have space for. However, many people don’t realize that there are tons of smaller shop vacs that are suitable for home use. Of course, it’s not always easy to shop for these products online. Manufacturers […]

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Hookaroon vs Pickaroon: What’s the Difference?

hookaroon vs pickaroon whats the difference

Whether you’re a professional logger or a homeowner who regularly works with wood, you’ve probably used a pickaroon or a hookaroon. If not, then you’ve probably heard of these tools. You might be wondering whether they can be used to perform the same function, or if one has an advantage over the other. It’s possible […]

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Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jacks: Which is Better?

a floor jack

Anyone who works on cars, whether at home or in a shop, needs a heavy-duty floor jack to lift vehicles. Two of the best are the Arcan and Pittsburgh brands. There is a debate among mechanics about which one is better, so we are going to tell you the differences between them today. Arcan Floor […]

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Best Spokeshaves 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

a spokeshave

Spokeshaves are tools that have been around for centuries, and although they have endured many modifications, their fundamental use has not changed. Various spokeshaves have emerged over the years, each with its own useful feature. Whether you’re an experienced woodworker, or you are just starting out in this field of work, finding the ideal spokeshave […]

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Spokeshave vs Drawknife: What’s the Difference?

spokeshave vs drawknife whats the difference

Most, if not all, woodworkers would agree that having to choose between a drawknife and a spokeshave is the woodworking equivalent of deciding whether to have Coke or Pepsi. Even though the tools have similar functions and can be used interchangeably, the belief that one is better than the other still lingers. By identifying exactly […]

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Best Drawknives 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

a drawknive

A drawknife is perhaps a woodworker’s most important tool. One of the most important tasks of a woodworker is finding the ideal drawknife. It may seem like a no-brainer, but this task can prove to be rather time-consuming and frustrating, if it’s not done properly. Although picking a suitable drawknife purely depends on the person’s […]

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Best Manual Hand Drills 2019 – Top Pick & Reviews

a manual hand drill

A manual drill’s abilities are probably the most underrated in a handyman’s scope of work, as a result of the invention of electric drills. While an electric drill is faster, its manual counterpart allows more control over the applied pressure, thus making it the ideal tool to use on delicate material. Finding a manual drill […]

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Best Japanese Saws 2019 – Pull & Hand Model Reviews & Top Picks

a japanese saw

One of the tricks of modern life is that we sometimes see a power tool and automatically think it’s the right one for the job at hand. However, manual tools still work, and in some situations, they’ll be faster or more accurate than the power tools that replaced them. Of course, it can be hard […]

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Best Pickaroons & Hookaroons 2019 – Reviews & Top Pick

a pickaroon & hookaroon

“The ultimate back saver” is a title you could give to a hookaroon or pickaroon. These tools will indeed save your back, as they decrease the number of times you have to bend to lift or drag a log. However, the benefit comes with a catch: finding the right one for you. Not all hookaroons […]

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Best Wood Splitting Wedges 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

a wood splitting wedge

If you are in the market for wedges to split your felled trees, you may not know which wedges are best for you. There are different types of heads that you can get on them. Each one has its own advantages. We have done an in-depth review of the various splitting wedges on the market […]

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