The Essential Tiling Tools List: 16 Different Types & Their Uses


Tiling can be a difficult and tedious job, but there are tools that will make it easier for you to do. We have assembled a list of 16 tools to help you be successful in laying your tile, whether it is on a wall or a floor. All these tools are equally important, so we […]

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The Essential Construction Tools List: 25 Different Types & Their Uses

construction tools

Building things take a lot of work and a lot of different tools. We have listed what we believe to be the top 25 different types of tools that are used in construction and what they are used for. 1. Pencil A pencil is every construction worker’s best friend. There is a saying, “measure twice, […]

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The Essential Plumbing Tools List: 11 Different Types & Their Uses

plumbing tools

If you are looking to be a plumber, or if you are a do-it-yourselfer and want to do your own work at home, there are quite a few tools you will need before you get started. We have compiled a list for you of the top 11 tools that you will need to have on […]

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What’s the Best Wood for an Axe Handle?

best wood for an axe handle

When you are out in the wilderness chopping trees down or cutting them into pieces, you want one that you know won’t let you down. The head is made of steel, so you don’t have to worry about that too much. It is the handle that is the most fragile. Whether you are buying an […]

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Splitting Axe vs Maul: Which Should You Choose?

splitting axe vs maul

If you heat your home with a wood stove, or even just enjoy having campfires in your backyard, you are going to need firewood. It is possible to burn whole tree trunks, but that would be very difficult to start and would make a massive fire. That is why people split the tree trunks into […]

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How to Sharpen an Axe Easily: Tips & Tricks

how to sharpen an axe

It is vital for your ax to be sharp to cut through your wood effectively. They do get dull with use, though, so how can you save the expense of having a professional to sharpen it for you? Do it yourself. There are several different ways to sharpen an ax. We will guide you through […]

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Siding Nailer vs Roofing Nailer: Which is Best for Your Needs?

using a nailer

The differences between siding nailers and roof nailers can be very small. If you’re embarking on a new project and aren’t sure which tool you need, that’s not a surprise. However, they do work differently, and that means that you need to know which one you need to get the job done. Siding Nailer Siding […]

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Joint Compound vs Spackle: What’s The Difference?

joint compound vs spackle

If you have a wall building or repair project on your hands, you might find yourself in need of some joint compound. Or, some spackle. The problem is determining which option is right for your needs in a given moment. They are actually both very useful, and can even be used interchangeably in certain scenarios. […]

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Parts of a Drill (Explained with Pictures)

parts of a drill

The drill is a great tool for any homeowner to consider acquiring. You can use them for anything from hanging up a picture to redoing your home. But, if you are new to the world of drills, they might be a little bit intimidating. That is why today we will be looking at all of […]

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Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench: Which is Best for Your Needs?

frozen lug nut

There is nothing more frustrating than a nut frozen in place. All that is keeping you from reaching your goal is a piece of metal usually no bigger around than a quarter. But there it is, frozen in place and invulnerable to the straight-up torque of a traditional power driver. Depending on how big it […]

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