Cold Water vs. Hot Water Pressure Washing – Which One is Right for You?

Surface Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are useful in both industrial and residential settings. Whether you’re cleaning up a construction site, cleaning farm equipment, or washing down a driveway, the powerful stream of water provided by a pressure washer will make your cleaning easier. If you are thinking of getting a pressure washer you may be wondering whether you […]

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Best Snow Blower for Your Large Driveway – Reviews & Top Picks

Snow Blower driveway

If you have a large driveway, you may want a great snow blower that’s strong enough and big enough to get the job done quickly. So how do you avoid the disappointment of a subpar model and make sure you’re getting a great machine? To help you shop for a high-quality snow blower, we’ve put […]

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Best Small Pressure Washers (Lightweight & Portable) – Reviews & Top Picks

Man with pressure washer

Small pressure washers are an ideal choice for home use. You want something lightweight and portable — there’s no need for a monstrous, heavy-duty pressure washer if you just want to clean patios, sidewalks, and siding. Take one look at the market for pressure washers, though, and you’ll see that there are countless choices. We’ve […]

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Best Oil for Snow Blowers – Reviews & Top Picks 2020

Snow Blower Maintainance

Oil is critical for virtually any kind of machine with moving parts. Snow blowers have a special dependence on the right kind of oil due to the temperatures involved in cold environments. Not only do you need an oil that retains its viscosity in the cold, but it also needs to continue lubricate your engine […]

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Best Commercial Snow Blowers 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Snow Blowing Front Yard

If you live in an area where snow is commonplace, you probably laugh at the idea of calling it a winter wonderland. You know firsthand that snow is messy, slippery, and cold. Shoveling that mess is not your favorite idea for a workout. Perhaps this is the year that you want to ditch the shovel […]

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Best Snow Blower for Wet & Heavy Snow – Reviews 2020

Snow Blowing

Struggling for hours shoveling damp, heavy snow is a thought no one wants to remember. That is unless you’re thinking about it while blazing through your driveway behind a powerful snowblower that’s doing all the hard work for you. There is no shortage of well-built snowblowers available online, but where do you start when you […]

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Best Snow Blowers 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

Snow Thrower

The further north you live, the more likely you are to spend a good chunk of the year dealing with winter weather. That means paying for heat, wearing lots of clothing, and living with snow. There are a lot of different kinds of snow, from big fluffy flakes that dance their way to the ground […]

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Ejector Pump vs Sump Pump: What’s the Difference?

a Wayne sump pump

Although sump pumps and ejector pumps look similar, the roles they fill are quite different. Each one serves an important purpose, but which one you need depends on your situation because they are not interchangeable. One pump keeps your basement from flooding, and the other keeps your sewage from backing up. Let’s dive into their […]

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Best Toro Snow Blower Reviews 2020 – Top Picks & Guide

Snow Blowing Back Yard

If you’ve ever been in the market for a lawnmower, you’ve probably heard of The Toro Company. Toro hit the scene in the early 1900s and modified its manufacturing based on market and consumer needs over the years. Hitting its stride as the gold standard in lawn maintenance equipment in the early 1960s, it ventured […]

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Best Small Snow Blowers (Lightweight & Compact) – Reviews 2020

Snow Blowing

Don’t you hate having your sidewalk and driveway be covered in snow and being  forced to lug out a giant snow blower to clear it? A small, portable snow blower is the better option. You’ll still have to plow snow, but at least it won’t be a struggle from the moment you get it out […]

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