Best Wood Splitting Wedges 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

a wood splitting wedge

If you are in the market for wedges to split your felled trees, you may not know which wedges are best for you. There are different types of heads that you can get on them. Each one has its own advantages. We have done an in-depth review of the various splitting wedges on the market […]

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Best Aluminum Floor Jacks 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

an aluminum floor jack

After many hours of research, the eight aluminum floor jacks found on the list below have been identified as the best of the best. Due to the important nature of this tool and the heightened level of responsibility that any aluminum floor jack has, we were deliberate and thorough in our evaluations. The options found […]

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Best Bushcraft Axes 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

a bushcraft axe

Fewer people in the world cut their own firewood to heat their homes today, but those who do think that they go through a lot of wood. They can cut and burn five to ten cords per year, depending on where they live. A cord is a stack of wood that is four feet wide […]

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Best Straight Edge Clamps 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

a straight edge clamp

If you are a carpenter making your own kitchen cabinets, or if you are a homeowner building a bookshelf, having perfectly straight cuts is essential. That is where straight edge clamps come into play. A straight edge clamp seems like a simple enough tool that you could just grab any of them and be okay. […]

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Mallet vs Hammer: What’s the Difference?

hammer header

Mallets and hammers are both tools that you use to force something into a place you want it to go. For that object to move, the stopping force when the hammer or mallet hits it and stops must be harder than the object itself. The amount of force made upon impact is determined by three […]

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What Can You Use a Sledgehammer For?

what can you use a sledgehammer for

Sledgehammers are not your ordinary hammer. They are made for the most substantial jobs; those that require extra force. They have extremely head steel heads that need two hands to use and requires you to use your whole body to swing it correctly. The massive head then pulls the hammer down, with a little help […]

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Best Welding Helmet Reviews 2019 – Auto Darkening & TIG/MIG

a man wearing an auto-darkening welding helmet

Do you care more about the welding experience your helmet offers than its price? We all like to pay less for a new product, but no one wants to fork out money for something that will give them a bad experience. The cost of a bad experience always outweighs the monetary value of an item. […]

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Best Tin & Aviation Snips 2019 – Reviews & Top Picks

a tin & aviation snip

Cutting through metal can be a tough task, and that means you need a tool that can stand up to the abuse. However, not all tin and aviation snips are going to be strong enough for all jobs. Unfortunately, shopping online can make selecting the right pair a difficult task, as you get bombarded with […]

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Aviation Snips vs Tin Snips: What’s the Difference?

a tin snip

Sheet metal happens, and you don’t want to be stuck with gutters, flashing, or ducts that need cutting and the wrong tool to do it. But what do you need for the job? A good pair of aviation snips or tin snips is essential, but which one should you choose? And what the heck is […]

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Best Log Splitters under $1000 – Reviews & Top Picks 2019

log splitter under $1000

Choosing a log splitter that is right for you may not be as easy as it sounds. Reading through specs, reviews, and product descriptions can be time-consuming and a lot of effort. Log splitters vary in size and power, and they have different features that you may or may not need. Since log splitters can […]

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