10 Genius Re-Purposing Ideas for Your Wine Rack

wine rack

Everyone loves a good wine rack, but what if you already have one for your wine and see one you just adore at a thrift store for a really great price? Well, you buy it, that’s what you do. Here is a brief look at some of the things you can do with it that […]

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16 Tools Every Apprentice Electrician Should Own

There are many tools that an electrician needs to get when first starting out. The company that you work for will supply some of the tools; others you can pick up along the way. We have compiled a list of the top 16 tools that you will need to start as an apprentice electrician. 1. […]

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The 25 Best Gift Ideas for the Handyman In Your Life

Handyman gift ideas

Whoever the handyman is in your life, you want him to feel special. We all know another pair of socks or a nerdy tie aren’t what he wants. He wants style. Substance. Something to make him feel recognized for the superhero he is. We’ve crafted this exclusive guide to help you find the best gift […]

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Framing Nailers vs Finish Nailers: What’s the Difference?

framing nailers vs finish nailers

Framing nailers and finish nailers are both nail guns in the same way that pick-up trucks and sporty convertibles are both cars.  In a broad sense, they do the same jobs, but most users would not consider them entirely interchangeable.  So how are they different? Framing Nailer = The Pick-up Truck The framing nailer is […]

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Orbital Sander vs Palm Sander: Which is Best for Your Needs?

orbital sander vs palm sander

Sanding the finished product is one of the final steps in any woodworking project, and because an error at the end can break your heart a lot faster than one early on, it’s something that you want to do correctly. That means getting the right tool for the job. The problem is that unlike other […]

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Electric vs Gas Weed Eater – Which is Best for You?

a man whipping weeds

When it comes right down to it, the question of whether to buy a gas- or electric-powered weed eater rests on how much you hate noise. We’ll break down the relative pros and cons of each here shortly, but ultimately the issue that matters when you’re using it is whether you can put up with […]

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16 vs 18 Gauge Nailer: Which is Right For Your Needs?

a man using a nailer at the ceiling

Getting the right nailer for finish projects probably sounds simple. Go to the store, find the highest-rated nailer for the right price and take it home. It’s never as simple as it sounds, however, and buying the wrong nailer can end with split tongues or baseboards that come away from the wall. It starts by […]

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Die Grinder vs Angle Grinder – Which is Best for Your Needs?

an angled grinder use on metal

Most DIY work at a small level is tied to finesse, being able to get the right tool to the right place and deliver the right results. That might sound really obvious, but when the job is smaller it just simply requires more precise work around less material. A foul-up working on something big is […]

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Cut-Off Tool vs Angle Grinder: Which is Best for Your Needs?

cut-off tool vs angle grinder

The choice between using a cut-off tool versus an angle grinder comes down to a pretty simple question of size. How big is the metal that you need to cut? How big is the operating space? Cut-off tools A cut-off tool is a small, one-handed cutting blade mounted perpendicularly to the drive shaft. They can […]

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Best Wood Planers 2019 – Reviews & Top Picks

a wood planer

Planing your own lumber can be a very satisfying task when you have the right tool. Unfortunately, shopping online for that tool can be anything but satisfying. Product descriptions written by sales executives can make it hard to tell if you’re looking at a great tool or one that will leave you regretting your purchase. […]

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