Indoors vs. Outdoors Cannabis Growing: Which’s better?

cannabis growing outdoors

Growing cannabis is not an easy job by any means. While the crop itself has been around for centuries, there have been differences in its growing method with the technological development of humankind. What could have been cultivated only outdoors before can now be grown inside your home. However, this raises the question of which […]

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Weed Growing 101: How Long Does It Take To Grow Weed?

beautiful cannabis plant

How Long Does It Take To Grow Weed? Well, this is probably the most asked question by many curious and soon-to-be weed growers. Not even the most experienced weed grower has a straight answer to it. Truth is that the amount of time taken during weed growing depends on a range of factors which tend […]

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3 Outdoor DIY Projects for the Handyman

green garden

Outdoor Bench Cost: Around $16 Materials Needed: 1 – 12 foot 1 x 4 (cut into 2 – 47″ pieces and 3 – 10″ pieces) 1 – 12 foot 1 x 4 (cut into 3 – 4-foot pieces) 2 – 4 foot 2 x 3 (cut into 4 – 17″ pieces) 2″ deck screws Clamps […]

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12 Easy and Affordable DIY Projects

cd case lamp

Use an old or unused picture frame as a bulletin board! Paste wine corks into it and keep your notes posted! Design plain mugs with Sharpee markers (preferably gold ones) by writing your favorite quote or drawing patterns on them! After drawing, make sure you bake them for 30 minutes at 350ºF to keep the […]

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11 Tool Life Hacks

Attract with a magnet. If you’re working on a project that involves a lot of hammering nails, then you obviously need to display the nails in a place that’s easily accessible. The best thing to do is to place a magnet in the front pocket of your shirt and it’ll attract the nails from the outside. […]

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6 Cool Do-It-Yourself Projects You Never Knew Existed

wooden kitchen shelves

3D Wall Art Make your own 3D Wall decorations with your laptop, printer, 6mm cardboard, and double-face tape. 3D designs are available online. You can print them out and attach them to the wall with a double-face tape or nails. Hanging Storage Bins Who wants frustrating tiny, messy things on their desk? Let’s be honest […]

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8 Smart Uses of a Pocket Knife


A pocket knife is a multitool that shouldn’t just be owned by handymen. In fact, with its many uses, even an ordinary citizen should have one. After reading this post, I’m sure you’d be convinced to get one, whether you’re a handyman or not. Because it’s handy, it can be easily used for emergency cutting. […]

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How Much to Tip a Handyman

repair man

If you’re that type of person who can’t work with tools and aren’t able to cope up with small tasks and repairs in your house, then a handyman is someone you need. Even professionals hire one at least once a year when they trust the work of a handyman more than their do-it-yourself abilities. And […]

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The Must-Have Tools of a Handyman


Tools are the best friends of a handyman. As a handyman, he should be knowledgeable in terms of his tools by knowing what to use in a given task. He may not have all the tools, but he should at least have the following: Claw Hammer This is probably the most popular tool of a […]

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4 Reasons Why Doing It Yourself (D.I.Y.) Is Better Than Hiring


You might wonder why this blog post exist. After all, a lot of your co-workers or friends might have already convinced you that hiring is better. But let me tell you this, doing it yourself has perks, too! DIY jobs can get a little expensive but there are tricks you could perform to keep the […]

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