21 Free DIY Bat Box Plans You Can Make Today

Bat Box Plans You Can DIY Today

Bats have voracious appetites, eating up to 8,000 insects a night. They eat mosquitos, midges, moths, and other potential garden pests, and they produce guano, which is an excellent phosphorous and nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Unfortunately, their numbers have dwindled in recent years, but by building a bat box in your garden, you can provide them with […]

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14 DIY Free Sandbox Plans You Can Build Today

Sandbox Plans

A sandbox is typically a quick and easy build, but the amount of enjoyment your children will get out of it will be well worth the effort. Most of the time, sandboxes can be built in a few hours and for less than a hundred dollars. Certainly, as plans get more elaborate and features increase, […]

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12 Free DIY Goat Hay Feeder Plans You Can Build Today

Goat Hay Feeder Plans

If you have had goats for a while, you know what a mess they make when eating. Even worse than the mess is the fact that the hay all over the ground gets wasted. Spending money on feed to have it tossed on the ground and wasted doesn’t seem like a very efficient system. Using […]

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21 Free DIY Bookshelf Plans You Can Build Today

Bookshelf Plans

If you are new to DIY projects, building a bookshelf is the perfect place to start. Most bookshelves use square cuts and right angles, making them much more comfortable to assemble and work with. Within the broader category of bookshelves and bookcases, there are so many different styles and designs that you will come across. […]

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21 Free DIY Garage Organization Plans You Can Do Today

Garage Organization Plans

Do you have a garage that’s full of a disorganized jumble of boxes, tools, gardening implements and who knows what else? If so, it may be time to come up with a plan to get organized and sort out the clutter.   To help you take that important first step, we’ve assembled with this list of […]

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19 Free DIY Toy Box Plans You Can Build Today

Toy Box Plans You Can DIY Today

Toy boxes can provide additional storage, double up as items like benches, or incorporate chalkboards, and they may even encourage your kids to tidy up after themselves (maybe). Rather than spending yet more money on your child’s bedroom, why not build your own? Below is a list of 19 free toy box plans that combined […]

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9 Free DIY Wooden Wheelchair Ramps to Build Today

Wooden ramp for wheelchair

Most homes do not already have a wheelchair ramp installed when up for sale. If it otherwise fits your needs, maybe it is even the house of your dreams, you don’t have to be deterred. Putting together a wheelchair ramp is very doable, especially with the right plans. We have compiled a list of nine […]

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12 Wooden DYI Ice Chest Cooler Plans You Can Build Today

Heineken bottles

Summer is approaching, and that means hanging out sipping cool drinks on the back porch! But do you hate having to leave the conversation and head back indoors to grab another drink? Then a wooden ice chest cooler for your patio might be just the ticket. Cooler carts can be expensive, especially if they’re attractive […]

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6 Free DIY Lifeguard Chair Plans You Can Build Today

Lifeguard post

When it comes to building a lifeguard chair for your pool, the most important things to consider are stability and height. You want to make sure the chair is extremely stable because lifeguard chairs are considerably higher than a standard chair. Secondly, to determine the height of the lifeguard chair, you need to make sure […]

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10 Free DIY Gun Rack Plans You Can Build Today


Responsible gun owners know the importance of having quality storage for their firearms. Proper storage not only provides a safe way to house and protect your guns but also allows for quick access in the event of an emergency. However, gun racks and cabinets don’t come cheap. Traditional gun cabinets can cost a pretty penny, […]

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