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Bosch CS10 Circular Saw Review

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Bosch CS10

Editor Rating: 4/5

Build Quality

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Review Summary

Bosch is a big name in the power tool game. People already familiar with this industry will probably associate the company with top-tier quality that is comparable to other tool giants like DeWalt.

If you are looking for a really good commercial quality circular saw, Bosch is a good place to look.

We will take a deep look at this tool as the article progresses, but for now, we can point a few things out that will give you a good idea of what you are dealing with.

This saw will probably appeal to people who are looking for a high level of quality, without the really expensive price tag that often comes with it.

While most people would probably not consider this a budget saw, it is very well priced for its class.

Your money buys you a lot of power, a high-quality build, and a user-friendly interface.

Of course, we wouldn’t say it’s perfect. It is a little challenging to keep the blade on line with plywood, and this can definitely affect your work.

Judge how you feel about the tool yourself as we dive into the review!

Bosch CS10 – a Quick Look

  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • Lightweight build
  • Very durable
  • Reasonably priced for a tool of its class
  • Blade wanders a little on longer cuts


Brand Name: Bosch

Model: CS10

Power Rating: 15-amp

Rotations Per Minute: 5800

Power Source: Corded

Tooth Count: 24

Weight: 10.8 pounds

Important Features

We will now take a look at some critical features of this tool to help inform your buying decision.


When it comes to circular saws, power is often one of the main selling points, and the CS10 has plenty of it.

This tool’s 15-amp motor is well suited to handle most tasks that non-professionals put before it.

While the saw’s 5800 rotations per minute may not be an industry-leading figure for a tool of this caliber, there is nevertheless still plenty to like.

Essentially, the faster the blade spins on a circular saw, the faster and smoother your work will be. More speed generally means higher quality work, which is why it is nice to see that this Bosch saw comes equipped in this department.


The inclusion of a blower component is progressively more common in high-quality circular saws (though it certainly is not a given), and it is good to see one here as well.

The way the blower works is pretty simple. A small fan is mounted near the blade, and it blows air continuously to keep your cutting line clear.

The purpose of this feature is essential to improve the accuracy of your work. While it isn’t exactly a make-or-break feature, it is nice to have, and it may help compensate slightly for the fact that the blade tends to stray a little on longer cuts.

Great Bevel Capacity

This tool features a bevel capacity of 56 degrees, along with positive detents at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees. These components should further improve your ability to tackle a wide range of work. You’ll definitely want to have them at your disposal.


At only 10 pounds, this saw is pretty lightweight. There are lots of advantages to having a lightweight tool, especially when that tool also has the benefit of being powerful.

Users will appreciate that this tool is easy to transport, and that it leaves them less fatigued at the end of a long day of work.


Is this tool for left-handed users?

No! This unit is designed for right-handed use only. However, Bosch does have a similar tool, the CS5, that features the same specifications and is designed for left-handed users.

Does the tool come with a case?

While the CS10 does not come with a hard carrying case, it includes a durable zip bag that should give you a way to transport it. Sturdier cases can be purchased separately.

You mentioned an accuracy problem. How bad is it?

Accuracy is obviously critical, and you certainly don’t want a tool that doesn’t have it. While the blade attached to this unit does tend to wander, the problem is fairly minimal.

Users that don’t have much experience may not even notice it.

What the Users Say

Feedback from people who use this tool regularly is generally very positive. People appreciate the comfortable build, the reasonable price tag, and the high level of power.

Most users report that the CS10 does well handling the basic, home use tasks that it is designed for.

The biggest issue that people have, and indeed, the problem that we continue to return to, is that the blade does seem to consistently have trouble staying on line for longer cuts.

People with experience are much more aware of this issue than those that are newer to their work.

Still, if you want the most accurate saw out there, this one isn’t it.

Bosch CS10 7-1/4-Inch 15 Amp Circular Saw
  • Powerful 15-amp motor for fast, smooth cuts
  • Adjustable bevel and depth levers for a variety of cut angles
  • Unobstructed cut line visibility for precision accuracy


As you can see, there is a lot to like here, but the tool also has its flaws. The fact that the blade wanders a little as it cuts may not sound like a huge deal now, but the effect it can have on your work is no joke.

However, this tool is affordable, powerful, and very well built.

As with any other product, there are things to like, and things to avoid. We won’t try to tell you what buying decision to make, but we hope we have made the shopping process a little easier.

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