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Bosch JS260 Jigsaw Review

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Bosch JS260

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Review Summary

A man’s handiwork is only as good as his tools; in this case, we are going to talk about the Bosch JS260: a 120-v 6 amp powered jigsaw made specifically for professionals and experts in woodworks.

Bosch is one of the top leading companies for power tools and power tools accessories in the world market, producing close to 100 new power tools each year to ensure professionalism and success when it comes to handy works, so you are in good hands.

This device was specifically designed by Bosch for handymen, equipped with a 6 Amp motor which guarantees its maximum speed, and a sensitive trigger to help control the speed variations.

This tool captures the tool-less blade change technology, which makes the Bosch JS260 easily controllable with a trigger capable of two-finger control installed over an ergonomic top handle. It also has a dust blower installed to keep the line of cut clear as possible to ensure no mistakes are allowed.

So this is just what you need if you want that your woodwork to come out looking as fine and professional as possible, but the quick release blade is made out of a plastic material making it prone to break anytime.

Bosch JS260 in action

Bosch JS260 – a Quick Look

  • This device is easy to use
  • Comes with a dust blower for easy cutting along the lines
  • Easy to change the blades
  • It comes with a powerful 6 Amp motor to ensure effective speed while cutting
  • It is very affordable
  • It comes with a tool-less blade change technology
  • The speed can be changed to ensure a professional finish.
  • The quick release blade is made out of plastic questioning its longevity


Brand Name: Bosch

Model: JS260

Color: blue

Height: 7.0”

Length: 9.0”

Width: 3.5”

Weight: 5.3lb

Amperage: 6.0

Dust Blower: Yes

Power source: corded-electric

Hertz: 60

SPM: 500-3,100

Voltage: 120 volts

Bosch JS260 cutting tiles

Tool-less Blade Change system and an adjustable dust blower

You are working and in the middle of your job, and you want to change your blade, the blades are very hot from all that friction, what do you do? Well the Bosch JS260 takes very good care of this as it comes with a fast insertion which makes changing of the blades a very easy one. This device comes with a blade ejection lever which offers the most secured clamping system to ensure the need not to touch the hot blade while changing it.

It also comes with an adjustable dust blower, this, in turn, helps keep out wood dust particle out of our way while ensuring a clean professional cut.

Suitable lightweight with ergonomically built handle and variable speed

This jigsaw weighs about 5.3lbs, making it one of the lightest ever made. It is easily moved as it doesn’t put much stress on your wrist while cutting. It also comes with an ergonomically made handle to ensure firm grip while moving to prevent it from slipping out of your hand.

This device also has a very controllable speed. The device is designed in such a way to produce two types of maximum speed, 0-500 SPM and 0-3,100. It also comes with a pressure-sensitive trigger to ensure control over the maximum speed when cutting through your project giving a fine and a quick cut.

Durability in mind

This device comes with an on-board bevel wrench storage that protects its blades, it also comes with a heavy steel footplate making this device very durable and uneasy to break (although the quick-release blade was made out of plastic).


Q: Does this device come with a warranty?

A: Well, yes it does, currently a one year warranty. It also comes with a thirty-day trial in which your money can be refundable within a month.

Q: Will it cut through pressure treated wood?

A: Yes, it does. This saw cuts through almost anything. It is a great saw to buy for DIY contractors, handymen, and professional woodworkers.

Q: Does this device come with a case?

A: Yes, it does. It even comes with a hard canvas case. You can store all your blades there, and the device can easily fit into the case making it very portable.

General user impressions

Well, what the public says about the Bosch JS260 remains pretty straight, it is a good quality jigsaw which is very affordable and cheap to its competitors. Research from user reviews and forum discussions has not only spoken much good about this product, but even claims to be better designed than the DeWalt series.

Most people loved this product because it easily cuts through virtually any wood, one customer even claims the jigsaw cuts like butter and another said that after 20 years he could finally make more straight cuts on his project. Well, the positive reviews are very promising and you can see that Bosch did a great work on this one.

However, most users say that the blade doesn’t cut straight and it comes with a crooked base. Another claimed that he had a hard time talking with the customer representative on the other end of the line.

Overall, the general consensus is that the Bosch JS260 is a device that has been accepted by a lot of people and has been recommended by most professionals and handymen. Bosch is a trusted company with an experience of over 15 years in tool-making with over 350 companies in over 60 countries in the world.

Bosch JS260 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw,Blue,6.0...
384 Customer Reviews
Bosch JS260 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw,Blue,6.0...
  • Sturdy 6.0 Amp motor – delivers up to 3, 100 strokes per minute
  • Variable-speed control – includes a dial for max speed and Accelerator trigger to control...
  • Multidirectional blade Clamp – for the superior grip of T-Shank blades (does not accept U-Shank...


Looking at the general outcome of the Bosch JS260, you would ask, is that the best out there? Well, the answer is No, there are other companies or models with higher quality jigsaws available, but one of the best features of this device is affordability. It is a very good device to get at a low price with all the features and a powerful motor Amp.

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