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Bosch JS470E Jigsaw Review 2020: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

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Bosch JS470E

Editor Rating: 4.7/5


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Review Summary

When we think of power tools, all we think of is Bosch, that’s why they have decided to give us a very powerful tool, the Bosch JS470E model with a 7 Amp powered motor to ensure high-quality professionalism.

This device is one of the best tools built by this company for people who appreciate high quality and maximum professionalism. Most professionals, and DIY contractors want that industrial tool style and Bosch have come to answer their prayers. Although this tool is being used by homeowners and normal folks, it is mostly built for the job site and it won’t let you down no matter the job at hand.

This power tool company is known for its long service in the construction world. Providing contractors with power tools for years, more professionals have concluded that tools made by this company can be well trusted to give you your money’s worth.

However, no tool is perfect; we have come to the realization through our thorough research that this particular tool has its own few cons. It took us time to actually fish it out, but the almost perfect tool has both its ups and downs. Let’s look into the review to find out if this tool is worth it.

Bosch JS470E cutting tiles

Bosch JS470E – a Quick Look

  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to change the t-shank blades
  • Suitable for site jobs to ensure professionalism
  • It comes with a powerful 7 Amp motor making it more powerful than others
  • Very good quality and low vibration
  • Suitable for DIY contractors and professionals
  • The speed can be changed due to the amount of pressure applied to the trigger.
  • It doesn’t accept U-shank blades just like the other models
  • It does not come with LED Lights.


Brand Name: Bosch

Model: JS470E

Color: Blue

Height: 8.43”

Length: 14.0”

Width: 4.0”

Weight: 5.6 lbs

Amperage: 7

Dust Blower: Yes

Power source: corded-electric

Hertz: 60

SPM: 500-3,100

Voltage: 120 volts

on the woodworking table

Design and Build

Made for mostly your comfort while in use, the top handle of the Bosh JS470E is built in such a way that it ensures stability and very strong grip preventing it from slipping away from your hand while you work. With this powerful and ergonomic design, the handle also makes sure that cutting can be done at any angle conveniently.

This piece of perfection also comes with a tool-less blade ejector, which can push out blades just with a touch of a button. Although this is not powerful enough for you to point it at your enemies and shoot them from a distance, it is still powerful enough to help you eject a blade for changing during the middle of a job while ensuring your fingers are well protected from the hot steel blades.

Power and speed

This model of Bosch has a very powerful 7amp motor which is one of the highest Amp in the market for a jigsaw. This produces enough power for a maximum amount of time making this suitable for projects that last for a long period. The powerful 7 Amp also produces a dual set of maximum speed, 0-500 SPM and 0-3,100 SPM which is suitable for cutting through any material it comes across.

Like all other models, this model also comes with a pressure-sensitive trigger, this increase or decreases the speed due to the amount of pressure applied to the trigger. The variable speed helps the user start the cutting from a very slow, stable speed to a faster speed, ensuring that it is consistent, producing a very fine finish without much vibration from the tool.


When buying a power tool, durability is one of the most important aspects to look after. With the tool being a jigsaw, it is very important to first inspect the areas made up of various materials. For this jigsaw, it is made up of a very hard plastic and rubber coating around the relevant areas. The cord is of high quality. This looks like something you are going to use for a long period.


Q: How much does it weigh and how long is the cord?

A: The tool itself weighs just about 10-12 pounds and the cord is about 12 feet long.

Q: Does this device come with a hard case and a plastic base cover too?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: what is the warranty on this Bosch model like?

A: The Bosch Company gives a full one year warranty and a 30 day fully refundable return.

General User Impressions

The public is generally happy with this product, which is reflected in its overall ratings on various websites. This is a must get because you would be satisfied with its functions just as the users who also reviewed the products.

A user said he loved the product because of the quality; it is made up of very high quality compared with the other jigsaws of this level. Another said he loved the power at with this jigsaw gives off, and he was also happy he got the Bosch JS470E at a very reasonable price with its high performance.

Well, we found out people also hard negative impressions about this device too. Most people complained about the plunger breaking off, another complained this device was made up of cheap plastic finish and it had much vibration. One even complained that the tool had so much power that it loses blade control.

However, Researching about all what the public said about this device, a majority said that this device can meet all your expectations and probably surpass them.

Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws - JS470E Corded...
669 Customer Reviews
Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws - JS470E Corded...
  • Convenient: Featuring a tool less blade change system and fast insertion with a blade ejection lever...
  • 4 in 1: 4 orbital action tool settings provide different blade strokes for smooth to aggressive cuts...
  • Control: Variable speed dial sets maximum speed and accelerator trigger controls operating speed;...


Well, with the amazing features of this device, this is where we say that the budget is going to be a deal-breaker for this tool.

But in this case, it is not. The power tool company tried as much as possible to provide a jigsaw that is very affordable and beats other jigsaws of the same nature at price.

There is no negativity about this tool when it comes to its performance, but with the little downsides, Bosch needs to step up their game. Apart from that, this is a highly recommended tool you should get.

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