Our Brief Cannabis Growing Guide

  • August 7, 2017

If you have developed a desire for growing cannabis at your home but are clueless as to how to proceed, let us help you. Be it as a hobby or for professional purposes, you would want your yield to be nothing less than perfect. It is important that you keep the following things in mind.

Choose a space

Finding the correct room to grow your cannabis is very important. If this is your first time, you can start with a relatively smaller space so that you do not incur huge losses due to mistakes. However, the area should not be very cramped as they plants will need growing space and you have to fit in artificial equipment too. The room should be:

  • Simple to clean and sanitize.
  • Absolutely light-tight.
  • Easy to monitor.
  • Cool and dry.

Find the perfect grow lights and air source

The type of lighting that you can provide for your plants as a replacement for sunlight plays a major role in determining the quality of growth. Always opt for the best grow lights available within your budget. The most commonly used are:

You should also provide an air source like an exhaust fan to overpower the heat from the light and maintain a steady temperature in the room. All plants need adequate wind to grow well. Different types of lights create different amounts of heat, so adjust accordingly.

Monitoring system

There is advanced control equipment for lights, temperature, humidity, and CO2 level. At first, you need a simple 24-hour timer and an adjustable thermostat switch. Maintaining the proper light/dark cycle is essential when growing cannabis.

A combination of a hygrometer and a thermostat which records high/low temperatures will be very helpful. Keep a pH meter or test kit.

Grow Medium and Water

You can use organic pre-fertilised soil to grow the cannabis. You can also go soilless and use a hydroponic medium to grow premium marijuana. The plants can be grown in plastic or cloth bags, or ‘smart pots’ if you want to spend a little more. There should be a proper drainage system in place. Overwatering can be disastrous as cannabis is prone to fungal infections.

The best way to learn something is practical experience. Get started, and you will gain your foothold.

Note that it will take some time before your cannabis will be ready for harvesting. So put on your patience socks!

About the Author Adam Davis

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